55+ Best Accident Puns and Funny Quotes

Accident is a tragedy that happens unintentionally or unexpectedly, which has an outcome of injury and damage of someone or something. Send funny some accident puns to your companions to share some good laughs. Given below is a list of some accident puns.

Accident Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I am apologizing for being the airborne of your wood. It was just an accident.
  • An individual was hospitalized with six plastic horses up his butt. His condition was described by the physician as stable.
  • My ex-lover got into a terrible accident lately. I told the physicians the incorrect blood group. Now he will certainly realize what refusal feels like.
Accident Puns
  • Accidents made by kids in the backseat and kids made by accidents in the back seat.

_What is received by Jenny for her born day after the four-wheeler accident?

An amputation.

_The creation of women by God was an accident. But God meant to create a man, but then “WHOA-MAN.

_My father and mother told me that my existence started from the freeway.

Clearly most of the accidents happen on the freeway.

_My daughter said the food burnt by her accidentally so it was told me that she was an accident.

_ The death of Stephen Hawking was clearly an accident. Power off pressed by him instead of sleep mode.

_Never park when drunk. Accidents cause individuals.

_How did sally remain alive after the car accident 

An ambulance was hit by her.

_Cops arrested me for consuming a lot of crack on accident.

_Your existence started from the highway because the maximum accidents happen on the highway.

Accident Puns

_why did you come to this world? because accidentally it was asked out by me to your mother. 

_Do you know about the person who is blind but saw the accident and the person who is not alive but heard it.

_when your boyfriend accidentally choked by you to death and then understand that it’s your brother so no one gives a damn.

_Stop making jokes about 9/11 incident, my dad expired because of a plane crash

Best flyer in Saudi Arabia.

_What was said by Stephen Hawking when his electronic device crashed?


_A Helicopter was crashed by a blonde. When cops inquired about the incident, she answered because it got cold, and the fan was turned off by her.

_What is taken care of by you after the car accident?

 The witnesses.

_What is the reason for the craziness of the twin towers?

Pepperoni pizza ordered by them but they got plain pizza.

_A new high-priced car crashed by a man into a tree. He was clueless about how the Mercedes bends.

_What it requires to cause an accident of a train?

A bad track record.

_I hate 9/11 jokes because of their tendency to crash and burn.

_How did the Catholic who was unable to see get in a car crash? 

 Jesus was asked by him to take the wheel.

_Individual 1: Did you hear the 9/11 pun? 

Individual 2: Nope. But it will possibly crash and burn.

_My soul is like an aircraft. Because it crashes every time.

_A AMG was bought and crashed by a guy. Now the guy realizes how the Mercedes BENZ.

_Where people called Me and my sibling the twin towers, my sibling was fine enough after the plane crash.

_It is hard for me to comprehend the 9/11 plane crash, my father was an incredible pilot.

_What was the reason for the plane crash in the ocean? The pilot saw the flight attendant undercut.

_What did the four Wheeler say after it crashed? 

That is Wheely bad luck.

_I was gonna make puns about the 9/11 incident, but I am fearful that the pun will crash and burn.

_That day my electronic device crashed. Fortunately there weren’t any damages.

_Today deodorant was accidentally sprayed by me in my mouth.

_Today my numbers and letters were accidentally mixed up by me.

_When I went to Paris I experienced a horrible accident.

Eiffel off a tower.

Accident Puns

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