100+ Alien Puns to Throw You out In the Space

The idea has gained a lot of traction due to the numerous alien-themed movies that have been produced. Additionally, spacecraft have been seen in the past.

While the existence of aliens has been a hotly debated topic, so has the popularity of alien puns. Enjoy these alien puns that will undoubtedly send you off into space. So, let’s get spacing out!

Alien Jokes

Even while the idea of aliens may be serious, making alien puns undoubtedly can ease the anxiety. A lot of geeks are drawn to alien puns, space travel puns, and UFO puns because they can readily relate to them. These alien puns are in high demand. The list below contains some of the funniest alien puns.

  • How do aliens gather their crops? By utilizing tractor beams.
  • How can a baby alien be put to sleep? You rocket the baby.
  • Why don’t aliens come to Earth very often? Since only one star was given to it.
  • Why do aliens not dine at the space restaurant? Due to the absence of an atmosphere.
  • Where do aliens prefer to relax the most? They use the space bar.
  • What spoke the alien to the cat about? Bring me to your litter.
  • What kind of money do aliens have? They use Starbucks.
  • Which books do aliens enjoy reading the most? Comet books.
  • Which musician is the most beloved by aliens? They love Bruno Mars
  • Why was the alien studying anti-gravity in a book? He simply was unable to put it down.
  • In what way do aliens keep their jeans up? With the help of asteroid belts.
  • How do aliens plan a gathering? They planet.
  • What keeps clowns off the alien menu? They taste funny, which is why.
  • When you encounter a green extraterrestrial, what is the first thought that pops into your head? To say, “Wait until it is ripe!” 
  • The alien’s companion was talking, so why couldn’t he listen to him? He was spaced out, thus.
  • Why wasn’t the alien extremely well-liked by his friends? Because he was not down to earth.
  • Why is it challenging to keep up a positive relationship with an alien? Because he needs to be in space all the time.
  • Why is it so challenging to communicate with aliens? They lack the gravity of some circumstances.
  • What is an alien’s preferred libation? They prefer Gravi-tea.
  • Where did the alien pupils travel for their educational excursions with the alien teacher? They go to the planetarium.
  • What do space aliens think of measuring spoons? I need to go to your liter.
  • What do space aliens do with skillets in the kitchen? To fried unknown items for food.
  • What do extraterrestrials like to put in their hot chocolate? Martian mellows.
  • Which animal do aliens consider to be the only one? Cows, since they are the only animals that may be seen leaping over the moon.
  • What is the name for an alien with muscles? A flexa terrestrial.
  • Where do extraterrestrials usually go to get on a train? They go to the space station.
  • Why are aliens so drawn to kidnapping cows in particular? They are the only animal to jump over the moon.

Funny Alien Jokes

These amusing alien puns are far above the rest! Without a doubt, funny alien puns will rock your world. This collection of the greatest alien puns can brighten your day and make you respect the universe even more if you’re seeking some of the best and most hilarious ones.

  • Where does an extraterrestrial put her children to get smarter? Up to the sun.
  • Why would an alien choose a light year over a regular year? There were fewer calories in it.
  • How does an alien leave his spacecraft for the day? His method is a parking meteor.
  • What does an alien say when they truly enjoy something? It is out of the world.
  • What is the price of the moon to an alien? One dollar, because it is equal to four quarters.
  • When an extraterrestrial gets enraged, what should you do? He gets some room from you.
  • For a Halloween party, what does alien wear? The space suit.
  • What do aliens use to keep their tea cups upright? The UFO phenomenon.
  • Where do extraterrestrials go to study in college? To the universe-ity, please.
  • When an alien has to contact Saturn, what does he do? He will probably give Saturn a ring.
  • What unit of measurement does an alien use? With the aid of a meteor parking.
  • How do aliens communicate with one another? They employ a Space Book.
  • Which gum do aliens prefer to chew? Orbit.
  • What do you call a really incredibly slow alien? A snailien.
  • How is an alien’s hair cut? They eclipse it.
  • Why is the sun envious of aliens? Since the sun has a million different degrees.
  • Which type of chocolate do aliens prefer? The Mars bar.
  • What does an alien name his former love? A SpaceX
  • Why did Mickey Mouse require the alien’s assistance? His goal was to locate Pluto.
  • What was spoken to his girlfriend by the alien? Our relationship is plutonic.
  • What would result if you crossed a cute alien with a fluffy, white, and pleasant creature? a marsh-mallow
  • What is an alien’s preferred libation at the bar? A sate-llite beer.
  • The newborn alien’s mother was asked what he said. “Mom, you are the center of my universe,” he exclaimed.
  • Why don’t aliens always get along with each other? As a result of their erratic nature.
  • Why does the English alphabet only have eighteen letters? Due to the C.I.A.’s chase of E.T. after it took off on a UFO.
  • What was the irate alien’s response to his wife? You do not comprehend the gravity of this circumstance!
  • When alien dogs arrive on a new planet, what do they say? Show me your litter, please.

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