65+ Catchy Alpaca Puns and Funny Quotes

Alpacas are beautiful creatures, native to the continent of South America. They move about with grace and hardly come into a conflict with humans. They are great with children and are fun to be around. Puns about alpacas are also very funny just like the animal itself.

Alpaca Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Where does the alpaca enjoy a boat ride? In the can-alpaca.
  • What do you do to improve the performance of an alpaca? Boos his mor-alpaca.
  • What do you call an alpaca who never listens to what you have to say? A rasc-alpaca.
  • What is the family of the king of the alpacas called? The roy-alpaca family.
  • which film is most liked by the alpaca? Alpaca-lypse Now.
  • What does an alpaca say before going on a trip? It says, “Alpaca bag now.”
  • What do you call the alpaca which sits on the judge’s bench at a court? A sury.
  • Where did the alpaca go for his honeymoon? To Mis-Suri.
  • What is the method used to care for alpacas? Make suri he does not eat plenty of bananas.
  • Which is the favourite country of an alpaca? South Cria.
Alpaca Puns
  • What do you call the imaginary world of an alpaca? Eupho-cria.
  • Where does an alpaca go to have Italian food? To the pizze-cria.
  • Which religion did the alpaca follow in the United States of America? Sante-cria.
  • What did the female alpaca do on seeing his partner? She hembraced him.
  • In which month are most alpacas born? In Dec-hembra.
  • Which is the favourite month of the alpaca? Nov-hembra.
  • How can you say that the female alpaca has a good memory? It rem-hembras everything.
  • What did the male alpaca order at the movie theatre? Machos.
  • What would you call a masculine person who has a pet alpaca? A macho man.
  • What did the male alpaca say to the person interfering in his business? He said, “It is macho problem.”
Alpaca Puns
  • Do you have any idea what liberal alpacas are called? Peru-science.
  • What does the alpaca need to travel from one country to another? A-peru-val from the concerned authorities.
  • What does an alpaca need to wear before going to the battle field? A bullet-peru-f jacket.
  • Why was the alpaca confident about his success? Because he had a full peru-f plan.
  • What did the teacher of the young alpaca advise him? She asked him ti im-peru-v his writing skills.
  • Why was the alpaca punished? For his im-peru-dence.
  • Why could the alpaca not be proved guilty in court? Because of the lack of peru-fs.
  • What is the favourite dessert of an alpaca? A Banana spit.
  • How did the two alpacas share the profit among themselves? They split it 50-50 among themselves.
  • What problem do you find in an alpaca? Spit ends.
  • How fast can an alpaca cover a long distance. Within a split second.
Alpaca Puns
  • How did he alpaca belittle the efforts of his friend? He said, “I cud do it with my left leg.”
  • How did the alpaca spend quality time with his partner? They cud-dled.
  • How did the alpaca learn about the plans of his adversary? He over-herd them.
  • How does an alpaca greet his friend? He says, “Hay! What are you up to?”
  • What does the alpaca say before going to bed? “I am off to hit my hay.”
  • What does an alpaca say when he passes by your house? He says, “I just pasture house.”
  • Why did the alpaca refuse to do the job? Because it was against his wool.
  • What does an alpaca say when you ask him how he is? He says, “Jolly wool.”
  • Which is the favorite proverb of an alpaca? “All’s wool that ends wool.”
  • Where did the alpaca lose all his money? At the wool street.
  • What did the alpaca do when it was angry It banged its head against the wool.
  • What did the alpaca say while breaking up with his partner? He said, “It was good wool it lasted.”
  • Which animal does an alpaca fear the most? The wool-f.
Alpaca Puns

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