92+ Hilarious Ambulance Puns to Crack Your Funny Bone

Although these amusing ambulance jokes and puns are entertaining, try not to laugh so hard that you split your sides. Otherwise, we’ll have to call an ambulance for you. So, let’s enjoy these amazing ambulance jokes.

Funny Ambulance Puns

Here is our selection of humorous ambulance jokes. Some ambulance jokes will have you laughing aloud. Read these puns and riddles slowly, and then relax and have fun. We sincerely hope that you’ll find these ambulance jokes to be amusing enough to share with others.

  • When an ambulance collides with the side of a hospital, what do you call it? A breakthrough in medicine.
  • What game console is a favorite of an ambulance driver? Wii U.
  • What do a yoga class and an ambulance have in common? Stretchers are in both of them.
  • What do a porn actress and an ambulance have in common? When they arrive, they both make a lot of noise.
  • I had to call for an ambulance a few days ago. I don’t want to be a burden, but I do hope they show up soon.
  • What has an American who used an ambulance in common with the Patriots? The bills weighed them down.
  • What do you name a victim of a bombing who is Arab? You racial slur: call an ambulance!
  • An ambulance is where a man awakens. “Where are we going?” you asked. To a funeral home, please! But I’m still alive! Well, we haven’t arrived yet!
  • A zookeeper dialed 911 and complained that a crocodile had torn off his leg. Oh my god, which one? The EMT exclaims. “I’m not sure,” the zookeeper adds, “those bastards all look alike!”
  • Oh no! At Nintendo’s corporate offices, someone suffered serious injuries. Make an emergency call! Wii U… Wii U… Wii U…
  • The pricey ambulance drive to the health center infuriated the leper. He had to pay an arm and a leg for it.
  • What do a pizza delivery guy and an ambulance have in common? The delivery is ruined if one of them arrives late.
  • “Did it hurt?” I asked.
  • She was perplexed, so I kept talking. Do you remember how it felt to fall from heaven? Please… call… an ambulance, she said, lifting her head a little. I looked up at that point and saw that she had indeed fallen out of a window.
  • A Jewish guy is struck by a vehicle. Are you comfortable? The paramedic queries the patient in the ambulance’s back as they go to the hospital. Shaking his head, the Jew. “I have a job.”
  • A man dials 911. “Ambulance, please! My wife is expecting a child!” Is this her first child? the operator instructs, “Just calm down.” You moron, it’s her spouse, not me.
  • What do you call a man who has an ax, a knife, and an arrow in each of his backs? the ambulance
  • Are you aware that Rosa Parks died as a result of her refusal to ride in the ambulance’s rear seat?
  • How loud is the Nintendo ambulance? Wii-u-Wii-u-Wii-u-Wii-u-Wii-u.
  • Dad, hurry and dial an ambulance for me! All right, ambulance.
  • I entered my breakfast diet into my new fitness app, and it immediately dispatched an ambulance to my apartment.
  • What do people with epilepsy call ambulances? Irony in Motion
  • Caller: Okay, I’ll drag her to 3rd and Oak, and the ambulance will be dispatched there.
  • What is the world’s top vegetable delivery vehicle? The ambulance.
  • What noise does an ambulance create when an abuser of children is hurt? PE – DO – PE – DO!
  • A cooler earlier came from the back of an ambulance as I was following it. A foot was inside when I paused and inspected it. So I made the decision to dial a toe-truck.
  • What do you name a young man who finally confronts his tormentors? the ambulance
  • I gave the ambulance’s medical staff my ex’s incorrect blood type. She will now be able to relate to rejection.
  • What distinguishes an ambulance from a bra? The injured are taken care of by an ambulance, and the fallen are attended to by a bra.

Ambulance Puns

Despite how funny these ambulance jokes and puns are, try not to laugh so hard to hurt your belly. Enjoy these hilarious ambulance jokes now. We genuinely hope that you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll want to tell other people about these ambulance jokes.

  • Why are ambulance drivers generally accompanied by a partner? They are medics in a pair.
  • My girlfriend claimed she wouldn’t marry me unless I gave up my obsession with ambulances. Getting down on one knee is something I cannot wait to accomplish!
  • Father (suffering a heart attack): Call an ambulance, son. Son makes a real ambulance call. Dad suffers a tragic death.
  • What do you call a man who has a shovel lodged in his head? I need an ambulance now!
  • I gave the emergency crew my ex’s incorrect blood type. She should now comprehend what it’s like to be rejected.
  • How many passengers can an ambulance carry? Just a couple of doctors.
  • In a crowded street, a man passes out. Someone in the throng yells, “Call an ambulance for him!” You’re an ambulance, a voice cries out suddenly.
  • What do you call a man whose leg was just amputated by a lion? You call an ambulance for him.
  • My wife doesn’t seem to like me all that much. She requested an ambulance when I had a heart attack.
  • It’s absurd. The next moment you know, you’re in the backseat of an ambulance after one minute of being as wasted as a skunk. I shouldn’t be a paramedic, honestly.
  • One day a man calls 911 and begs them to send an ambulance. 
  • Man: “My 14-year-old kid tripped over his toe on the door while he was going into the mine to look for coal. Quickly, send for an ambulance!” 
  • 911: “I apologize, but there is nothing we can do to help. We don’t handle such little matters.”
  • I lost my job at the ambulance on my first day there today. I have no idea what occurred, but when they asked how I deliver babies, I said “FedEx.”
  • Husband: Quickly dial 911! My heart is about to stop…
  • Wife: (Taking his phone): “Quick!! Tell me the key phrase!”
  • Husband: Everything is OK; I feel better now!
  • What makes 999 different from 911? 911 commences by asking for the mailing address, while 999 asks for the place to send the ambulance to.

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