96+ Among Us Puns to Make You Giggle While Playing Among Us

Among Us may be summed up by saying that it is a 2018 multiplayer game that takes place in space. Most of its participants are seen as “crewmates” on a spaceship, but a small number are seen as crafty, murderous “impostors.”

The true tragedy is that no one is certain who is who. The goal of the crew is to keep the ship afloat without dying, and the goal of the impostors is to kill the crew members covertly.

The game Among Us has significantly dominated the internet. After all, we’re all meant to be isolated in our individual quarantines and practice social isolation.

What better way to bond with our buddies than to start killing each other in a game? You know, that’s really the essence of what friendship is all about. Naturally, this 2018 game has inspired a plethora of jokes. 

Funny Among Us Puns

While the focus of Among Us is social media memes and jokes, you have to ponder which is the funniest. What will make you giggle inconveniently, so the other crew members won’t think you’re weird? You’ll be giggling uncontrollably while seeing these Among Us puns until the crew throws you out of the airlock. So, let’s have a look:

  • That new game that everyone is playing these days has a copycat. There is a fake among us. 
  • When a dog or cat plays with us, they both want to be the impawstor. 
  • Who in the music industry is continuously accused of being a faker in Among Us? Dr. Sus. 
  • “Hey dad, you want to play Among Us?” a son asks. Sure, but what game are we playing? 
  • Why do Chinese players adore the game Among Us? They can only cast their votes there. 
  • I just needed to let it out for a minute because I was playing with the group, and someone accused me of being an impostor. 
  • Do you want to learn more about the ghost chat in Among Us? Typically, it’s quite dead.
  • Many people are LGBTQA, Like; I didn’t request the Among Us code. 
  • Mike Pence couldn’t participate in Among Us. For him, there is too much stress for Pence. 
  • I apologize; I just had to rant about Among us to among us. 
  • Playing in Among Us are Ryan Reynolds, Randall Park, Birdy, Daisy Ridley, Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Swift, and Donald Trump. Guess what? They all whine in their language. 
  • You are aware of what your father and Red have in common (among us). They both escaped via the vents. 
  • With my kid, I watched a murder mystery movie. She stated: “Hey! They simply lifted this concept from Among Us!
  • The imposter is, in my opinion, the most relatable. We also pretend to be working at our jobs so that we might avoid being noticed and arousing suspicion in people around us. Big mood, you imposter.
  • What weapon does a fraudster choose to use? A Switchblade from Nintendo. 
  • What do you call Among Us now that it’s so big? The Hu-mong People.
  • When Blue inquired as to why he was found guilty, what did the judge respond? You come out as a little weird. 
  • What about playing Among Us makes people feel powerful? Having a false identity.
  • Hey, were you in the navigation system among us because I found you? I swear, I didn’t vent, but if you were there, I would have because I was the impostor.
  • I feel like a corpse in electrical that goes unnoticed for a very long time without you. 
  • Damn you, girl, are you sabotaging the reactor? Mainly because you make me swoon. 
  • Unless it locks the two of us in the same room among us, I would never shut the door on you. 
  • If I was being called sus and you were the impostor, I would take the expulsion for you. 
  • “Are you really delighted to see me, or is that a pistol in your pocket?” 
  • When there is so much electricity between us, we don’t need to fix the electrical system. 
  • What the scan cannot reveal is the impostor lying in bed.
  • She killed my interest in others, as I witnessed. She is an impostor.
  • Can we find the bedroom on this ship? The impostor needs to pee too.
  • You are raising your shields as I attempt to breach the wall. If this is the situation, then the impostor might have fallen off.
  • All I captured on camera was that lovely body moving around in my head like spirits among us.
  • You look wonderful with that pet, but what would look even better? You with an impostor. So since it is just the two of us, let’s play in MIRAHQ. 
  • Someone needs to convene an urgent meeting! I believe I have finally located the person who has my heart.
  • Would you be willing to link your heart’s cables to mine? 
  • Are you in charge of swiping cards? Since I would swipe right on you. 
  • If getting you alone in the room with me meant sabotaging the doors, I would do it because the impostor has finally fallen in love with someone.
  • Is it because you destroyed O2 or because I’m deeply in love with you that I can’t breathe? 
  • What must I do to become more than just your crewmate—to become your soulmate? You won’t be spending all of tonight on just one rocket ship. 

Hilarious Among Us Puns

As long as you acknowledge that your friendship with your pals will never be the same, Among Us is the ideal game to play with them. The impostor position in Among Us is a tremendously entertaining method to betray those who are closest to you, whether it is by lying in emergency meetings or by undermining their work. Here are a few memes referencing Among Us, the most talked-about video game right now. Enjoy!

  • Oh, it appears that this time around, we have an angel among us. And you kind of look weird.
  • I’ll email you the game’s code. Nonetheless, I must state URAQT first. 
  • Although I didn’t see you kill someone, you are still sus… since it is obvious that you have my heart.
  • Oh, you were just kicked out of the game? I guess I should alter my color now. Because without you, I’m so Blue. 
  • We are grateful to have you on board… But would you like to change that and become screwmates? 
  • Are you one of my jobs, by chance? I really want you to do so. 
  • Hello, do you vent? Since I am the impostor, I would want to enter you. 
  • Finding the impostor is difficult, but I have something more difficult. 
  • I wish I had your hat because you have become the recipient. 
  • Hello, are you booked for later? I want to study your bottom engine.
  • Can I be the imposter if we play between ourselves? I want to take you out, so
  • Are you simply pleased to see me, or do you have a racing gun in your pocket? 
  • Are you “Among Us,” girl? I’m prepared to play with you for a month before letting you go. 
  • Can we play together? Except that you are the vent, and I am the imposter. 
  • Are you a fake person? Because you’ve just completely destroyed my psyche.
  • I detest the way people react when they are informed they “can’t go any farther” while playing among us. It’s almost as though they believe the world is ending. 
  • Among us, gamers avoid taking hot baths. They enjoy taking hot ones. 
  • Despite being deeply in love, my partner and I were unable to be together. We did not have the same standing among us.
  • My girlfriend informed me that our relationship had ended because I was playing among us far too much. I believe my breakup with her over Destiny 2 may have contributed.
  • Among us, I attempted to enter a bar. Because they don’t serve miners, the bartender wouldn’t allow me to order a drink. 
  • You are sent to a website with among us games after playing online for more than 10 hours. It’s a sight to behold. 
  • The best teammates are garbage guys. They frequently transport garbage like spirits among us. 
  • While he was playing among us, my pal was eating spaghetti. Boys, he said, “Spaghottem!” 
  • A guy was asked by my mother if playing among us had any real-world health consequences. She enquired how he knew after he said “yes.” He informed her of his suspicion. 
  • The presence of streamers at an Impostor death party may always be used to determine its target audience.
  • I split from my console. It’s now my ex-box. Nothing personal; I just thought it was time for a change. Now I am planning to become an Impostor.
  • After a disagreement with my brother, I enjoyed playing among us. It gives me comfort. 
  • I inquired as to a Frenchman’s among us game-playing habits. Wii, he said. I don’t want to play through among us games in reverse. It takes forever. 
  • I get pretty annoyed if I don’t play among us for a week. I must comfort myself. 
  • My friend attempted to create a brand-new online community for gamers, but he had no idea what he was doing. It was an ugly scene. 
  • Pirate players like playing games among us as all are impostors.
  • No matter how hard you try, an Impostor just cannot be blindfolded. Inspector always receives it.
  • I asked a Nintendo enthusiast to assist me in replacing a lightbulb. He didn’t do anything to help; all he did was keep fiddling with the switch since he has the knack of playing among us. Ah! What a fuss.
  • Because he has essential among us business to take care of, he makes sure that his impostor wears a tie. 
  • William Shakespeare was the first person to ever play video games. He had a Dreamcast game called among us.
  • Among us is a greedy person’s preferred video game. 
  • Impostors are avid readers. The Great Ghastly is their favorite pick-up.
  • Some of my favorite video game jokes were spoken to by an impostor, but he didn’t enjoy them. He claimed to be unaffected. 
  • During a game among us, I attempted to go to the left. It was incorrect on all levels. 
  • The other day, I came across an among us space banner that was completely illogical. Truly, I had no idea what that meant. 
  • Wouldn’t it be great if an impostor ended his name with an E? 
  • The other day, I attempted to persuade three killers to board a bus. It was difficult; ultimately, I had to poke them. Spirits among us have given me a very important lesson in life. If you blend in, you will vanish.

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