56+ Best Ancient Egypt Puns and Funny Quotes

When we talk about Egypt, we can picture the pyramids, the Pharaohs, River Nile, Mummies etc. But who new one day you would be able to make stupid puns on them which will actually turn out to be funny? Oh yes! Here is a compilation of such funny puns on Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Some of my friends claimed that they received a mail from the famous Prince of Nigeria and even I too got one the next from an Egyptian Pharaoh. Only I found out that this was all a part of the pyramid scheme.
  • The wife of the Pharaoh divorced him because he got involved in a pyramid scheme.
  • After discovering the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, the archaeologist opened it to find that the entire mummy was covered in chocolate. Later they named it the Pharaoh Roche.
Ancient Egypt Puns

 _The only way by which an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh became rich was after running the pyramid scheme.

_People used to say in the ancient times, that the famous Pharaohs would never fart until it started to hurt him. It was because they believed it to be the curse of Toot uncommon.

_In the ancient times the people would name the Pharaohs who frequently farted, the toot uncommon.

_The brave Egyptian people wrote with hero glyphics.

_What did the Pharaoh shout out to the people after seeing the pyramid? He shouted, “Look, it is mummy’s home.”

_Name the place where the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs loved to eat. In the pizza tut.

_The little kid from Egypt got confused when people started calling his daddy, mummy.

_When the people from ancient Egypt hurt their back, whom would they go to see? They went to see the cairo practor.

_Whenever the mummies from the ancient Egypt made coffee, they always made a de-coffin-ated coffee for themselves.

_The favourite type of music that the mummies loved to listen was the wrap.

_During ancient times, the pharaohmones of the king made them irresistible.

_What type of noodles did the ancient Egyptian kings loved to eat? Ramen.

_Who said that the pyramids are the tallest structure in Egypt? They are just between pyra-highs and pyra-lows.

_People of Egypt of live in denile always lies about everything.

_Egyptian people who live in de-nile, are never ready to shift to any other place.

_Women belonging to ancient Egypt got attracted to the men really fast because of their pharaohmones.

_What is main source of water in Egypt? De-nile river.

Ancient Egypt Puns

_As soon as the ancient Egyptian kings come to know about the pyramid scheme, they stopped building monuments immediately.

_A physiotherapist from Egypt is also known by the name of cairo practor.

_I got a job as an archaeologist in Egypt but after joining it, I realised they  have appointed many others too. I found out that it was all a pyramid scheme.

_How did the dog learn to read the hieroglyphics? Because it was an egypt-chien.

_The people belonging to ancient Egypt had a bad habit of not admitting to their faults. It seemed that they were always in denile.

_The ancient Egyptian people knew how to prepare delicious jams. It was only because of their skill of preserving things.

_In the olden days, people in Egypt suffered from a serious bowel problem. They called it, toot in common.

_I preferred to visit the cairo practor to treat my back problem while I was in Egypt.

_People in ancient Egypt were good at multi casking since they would always bury the bodies of the dead Pharaohs in layers of coffin.

_Suppose you live in Egypt and refuse to admit to anything. Would you be kept in a state of denile?

_I became rich while staying in Egypt because of the pyramid scheme.

_King Tutankhamen was one of the famous Egyptian king who suffered from a serious bowel problem.

_What was the similarity between an elephant and the Egyptian kid? Both of them had a toot in common.

_When I asked the Egyptian kid about who lived in Egypt. He replied, mommy.

_The Egyptian doctor told the woman that soon she would become a mommy.

_Pharaoh Roche was the most favourite chocolate of the kids who lived in the ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Puns

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