80+ Angel Puns to Make Your Day Pious

In European literature and mythology, Angels have appeared in a broad range of shapes and sizes. Some Angels had a lovely grace to them. Others were disgusting to look at. Others are still a blend of characteristics.

While other entities that were once regarded as varieties of Angel but don’t fit this description tend to go by more particular names, the term Angel is now most frequently used to describe lovely, feminine-looking fairies that typically have the wings of a butterfly or other flying bug. 

Funny Angel Puns

Here is our collection of amusing puns about angels. There are some unheard-of Puns from the omniscient angels that are sure to make you laugh aloud. 

Take your time reading any puns or riddles where the setup or punchline is a question with answers. We wish and hope that you will find these jokes on angels and devils witty and humorous enough to share with your family, friends, and well-wishers.

  • Why do Hells Angels wear leather so frequently? to hide from the police by hiding!
  • How are angels armed? The HARPoon.
  • On the pier the other day, I was chatting, or you can say blabbering, with two of my neighbors. One of them had a cooler with food and drinks inside. He opens a bag of chips, pulls out a beer, pops the cap, and says, “My wife’s an angel.” I said, “You’re lucky; mine is still living.
  • On his Christmas tree, my father had a figurine of Elvis Presley dressed as an angel. I questioned my father about tiny Elvis not having any pants on. Because he passed away on the toilet, he responded.
  • How are candles lit by angels? A union formed in heaven.
  • What additional spice does the Angel add to his salsa? Jalapenos.
  • So God was conversing with an angel. He declared, “I’ve given the earth 24 hours of alternating light and darkness.” What are you going to do at this point? The Angel asked. …God responds, “Oh, I suppose I’ll call it a day.”
  • How did Helen Keller know an angel was looking out for her at all times? It smelled like heaven.
  • Nowadays, I detest it when children write “angle” instead of “angel.”They’re merely attempting to appear edgy.
  • Why do Angels not use umbrellas? Because they’re too religious.
  • My son pulled this one on me the other day while we were getting soaked in the rain. Not only was it a good joke, but I was proud that he was laughing in the midst of what could have been a cold and uncomfortable experience.
  • What do angels sing during the Christmas season? No way, no how!
  • What kind of cigarette does an angel light? It’s a match made in heaven.
  • What type of cigarettes does he smoke? Oh my goodness!
  • Old man number one: My wife is an angel!Old man number two: You’re lucky mine is still alive!
  • What is a fountain without an angel? A serif font without serifs.
  • Would you say halo for me if you saw an angel, “I’d like to buy a Christmas tree,” says an angel as he walks into a hardware store.
  • “Are you putting it up yourself?” inquires the cashier.”Yes,” says the Angel.
  • An angel’s hair falls out every time a dad joke is born.
  • I recently returned from Vatican City, where I came to the conclusion that angels are real. I accepted one of them to show me the way to heaven. She, regrettably, billed me 50 euros for the consultation. 
  • Christians score in the football game between Christians and Muslims. God laughs while sitting in paradise surrounded by angels. 
  • The Muslims eventually score a goal. Again, God is joyful. The angels are currently perplexed. They inquire, “Whose side are you on, Lord?” God responds, “Neither. I’m simply taking it easy.”
  • Without wings, what do you call angels? Friends. 
  • What about a pal who *has* wings? one of the KFC staff. 
  • What do gay guys and supporters of the Angels have in common? Both of them adore Pujols.  
  • If “Charlie’s Angels – Coming Soon” had been the film they told me it was, I wouldn’t have felt quite as duped. I killed three pedestrians when I slipped on the ice. 

Best Angel Puns

We hope you are enjoying these aforementioned Angel puns. However, Angels are pious, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make puns about them. 

I mean, kids should learn with fun. And all of us enjoy witty, sarcastic puns, so why not of Angels, then? Let’s dig into this more.

  • Girls as Ghostbusters? What about Charlie’s Angels for men? 
  • Since all the guardian angels hide their eyes during masturbation, I’ve discovered why there are so many injuries related to masturbation. 
  • Of all the angels, one Angel questioned God after he had created twenty-four hours of alternate and intense darkness and light: “What are you going to do now?” God uttered, “I believe I will end it for the day.” The other day, I created three snow angels. I killed three pedestrians when I slipped on the ice. 
  • The angels in heaven questioned God about his next holiday destination. Not on earth, God declared. They still talk about how I got a girl pregnant the last time I visited there.
  • In which stores do angels shop? Saintsburys.
  • God of Cheesecake: (creates cheesecake) In front of the angels, God stuffs his face and exclaims, “Oh wow!” This is fantastic! Angel: Don’t you think you ought to tell people about that? God: (creates lactose intolerance) I created snow angels this holiday season. 
  • In my car’s slip on the ice, I ran over three pedestrians. What’s inside a bar in Nanaimo? Strippers, cocaine, and Hells Angels.
  • When Canada was being created, God stated to his angels, “This country will have unparalleled beauty, an abundance of natural resources, and its population will be the happiest and nicest in the world.” 
  • Aren’t you blessed with this country a little TOO much? The angels question God. God responds, “Wait until. “You can see who is next door to them. 
  • God was making the nations when Brazil’s turn came. God: There will be plenty of natural resources in this country, as well as attractive women, no hurricanes or tornadoes, and lots of woods. Isn’t this a touch too good? The angels questioned God, believing this was a bit excessive. God said coolly, “Wait for their politicians.” 
  • Please excuse me, is this pool being agitated by angels and endowed with healing powers? I’m sorry, Sir, but this typeface is sans-Seraph.
  • In Mark 12, Chapter 12, Verse 25, Jesus states, “There is no marriage in paradise.” There are no humans here; only angels. So, is it comparable to Berkley? No.
  • Why do arc angels appear to be so beautiful in Muslim art? There was a cap on the number of eyes. 
  • Los Angeles changed the name of the city to Spanish to avoid identification with its baseball team, the Angels because they are so ashamed of them. The Dodgers are their current additional team. 
  • How are leftovers heated for angels? On high in the microwave.
  • I constructed snow angels last winter. I veered off course and struck three pedestrians. 
  • The purpose of angels’ wings In order to avoid tripping over all the fetuses. 
  • What do you name someone who kills angels and spirits and has a lisp? Ethereal killer 
  • After 24 hours of alternate darkness and light, one of the angels asked God, “What are you going to do now?” God said, “I think I’ll call it a day.” 
  • God Wants A Holiday Venus-related interests: Angelic declaration. 
  • God declares, “No! There is just too much heat; I need to move somewhere else.
  • Why do some choose to use angels as Christmas tree ornaments?
  • Why are angels so fragrant? Because they smell amazing. 
  • Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden shared a near-death experience. When they encountered God and his closest angels, they were informed that the angels were in awe.
  • What beverage does an angel like to drink? Sprite. 
  • I just paid for a boat journey to a Renaissance fair with a magic theme. The cost was affordable. The boat fare was reasonable. 
  • Who made the fish’s wish come true? The elf codmother. 
  • Why don’t angels reside beneath tadpoles? Due to the absence of mushrooms. 
  • What is a philosophical angel referred to as? ThinkerBell.
  • It is not an angel tale, Rapunzel. It’s a scary story.
  • At the age of 95, Cinderella. She had a happy life with the now-dead prince, and now she sits contentedly in her rocking rocker on her front porch, enjoying the company of Bob, the cat.

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