65+ Best Animal Puns and Funny Quotes

Animals are of equal importance when compared to humans. They are beautiful beings and life cannot sustain without them. Puns about all kinds of animals are pretty popular and are enjoyed by all.

Animal Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Which is the animal that you keep in your car? A car-pet.
  • Why can you not expect the crab to share anything with you? Because he is known to be shell-fish.
  • What did the fish say while seeing off his friend? It said, “Let minnow when you reach home.”
  • What did the cat say when it could not believe its ears? It said, “You must be kitten me.”
  • What did the huge aquatic mammal say after it was proved right? It said, “Whale, whale, whale. I was right, wasn’t I?”
  • What did the bird say after it had an embarrassing moment? It said, “This is hawk-ward.”
  • What did the mink say during the summer? It said, “It is getting otter here.”
  • What did the seal say after his friend made a stupid comment? It said. “That is the sealiest thing I have ever heard.”
  • What did the lonely owl say? He said, “I have to do owl this work by myself.”
Animal Puns
  • What did the giraffe say to his kid who was troubling her? She said, “You are giraffing me mad.”
  • What did the tortoise say to apologise for his mistake? He said, “I did not do it on purpoise.”
  • From whom did the shellfish borrow money? From the prawn broker.
  • What does a whale say when it needs precise information? It says, “Can you be a bit more pacific?”
  • What do marine animals greet each other? They say, “Whale hello there.”
  • What do you call the feline mammal who never plays fair? A cheat-ah.
  • What do you say to the king of the jungle when he is not being truthful? You say, “You are lion.”
  • What does a zebra want the most? He wants to be herd by all.
  • What is the bio on the tinder profile of a flamingo? It says, “Single and ready to flamingle.”
Animal Puns
  • What did the pony say after it had run for a long distance? It said, “Will I get water? I am a little horse.”
  • How does a bear threaten his enemies? He says, “I have the ability to kill you with just m bear hands.”
  • What would you call a hippo when he calls his friend fat? You call him a hippo-crite.
  • Where do elephants store all their belongings? In their trunk.
  • What happened to the frog who did not follow the traffic rules? His car was toad.
  • What did the animal from Peru say before going on a picnic? He said, “Alpaca lunch.”
  • What did the father of the buffalo day to him while he was going away for a few days? He said, “Bison.”
  • Why is a koala termed as a bear? Because it has all the koalafications to be one.
  • Why do old puns about giant animals never get popular? Because they have now become irrelephant.
  • What did the cat do the video he was watching when his friend came over? He paws-ed it.
  • Why can you find hooves under the legs of cows? Because they lactose.
Animal Puns
  • What did the rodent say to his colleague after they had finished work? He said, “Do you want to go for a drink?”
  • Why was the cow crossing the road in a hurry? He had an important business on the udder side.
  • Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use a honey comb.
  • What do you call a sad bird? You call it a blue-bird.
  • Why did the people not want to hear the puns about pigs? Because they found them boar-ing.
  • Which subject did the snake like the most in school? Hissss-tory.
  • Which movie do dogs like the most? The Harry Paw-ter series.
  • Which Harry Potter movie is the most popular among dogs? The one about the Sorcerer’s bone.
  • Why is the octopus always laughing? Because it has ten-tickles.
  • What would you call a bear which does not have any teeth? A gummy bear.
  • Why was the leopard bad at playing Hide and Seek? Because it was spotted.
Animal Puns

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