51+ Best Apple puns and Funny Quotes

The old and classic saying goes that an apple a day keeps a doctor away , but just imagine an apple pun a day can keep the melancholy away, puns are the most sarcastic way of expressing humor and satire. Food puns are usually the most interesting form of puns that any one can have  quite an impact on the reader. Here are some interesting puns on apples

Apple puns and Funny Quotes

  • What do you think about the new stalk of apples?

Well, I found them a-pee-ling!

  • What do you propose for the dinner tonight?

I am wishing for some apple tart, I bet once you have it. you will live appl-y ever after 

Apple Puns
  • Hey your apple fun made quite a stir in the public

I accept that, I’d like to apple-ogize for that pun 

  • Thank you for those baskets of apples that you gave last night 

You don’t have to thank me for that you know I love you to the core 

  • What is the best remark a person can give?

If you were a fruit, you would definitely be a fine-apple!

  • Those apples were not all ripped yet are you sure we can keep them?

Don’t worry, I have got all the in-cider information about it 

  • How to did you manage to get these amazing apples?

I personally picked up all my friends!

  • What did I do to deserve you?

If best friends were apples, you know I would always pick you 

  • I am very nervous for the cooking class, I heard they will be making apple pie 

Well, even if they are making that you don’t have to give up , you have to apply-ly yourself

  • I hope you liked the dessert and that apple curd did not go too sweet 

Not at all, that curd was amazing, I apple-laud your efforts 

Apple Puns
  • Thank you for the treat, I apple-solutely love you!
  • You make an amazing friend, you are awesome to the core!
  • How can I imagine to live without you , you are the apple of my pie 
  • Is she a good cook and does she teaches you good cuisines ?

Ohh yes, absolutely I would have not been able to picked a better teacher !

  • How do I feel up for that baking class?

You have to nothing but just fill the apple-ication form! 

  • I love baking and cooking desserts, I am just not certain if I should apple-y
  • How did you manage to bake such an amazing apple pie?

I managed to pick the best ones for that 

  • Where shall we go for vacation this fall?

I think we can go to apple orchards!

  • I have seen you wondering in the kitchen for long, what are you looking for ?

I am looking for the apple of my pie 

  • What would you say to the apple who just got fresh out of a basket?

You must be the pick from the orchards 

  • I should stop making puns on apples now, orchard I ?
  • Those baskets of apples looked to amazing, I was smitten to the car 
  • What critique would you give to the dessert?

I surely loved it , it was apple-licious !

  • How long will it take to realize that I chose to pick you?

I am certain if I have you we will live appley ever after 

  • I was so worried if I could cook a decent dessert for them last night 

You were an amazing last night the food was delicious, they surely did apple-laud your cooking 

  • Do I really add to much suger in the apple tart in the lunch?

Oh no I was just joking, the tart was amazing.  I was just apple-ling your leg 

  • Hey, I took a lot of efforts to pick those apple from the orchards, what do you say about it ?

I think you did a great job, I applepriate your efforts 

  • What did the two intellectual apples play all day to spend the time?

They played applebee and picked up the best ones to play with all day 

Apple Puns

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