100+ Funny April Puns and Jokes That Will Actually Make Laugh

April is as well all know, the name of the fourth month of the year. In addition, this month is considered to be the second month of the spring season.

In addition, the month of April is considered the beginning of the Financial year. Mentioned below are some best April puns and quotes, which you can actually always use. 

Funny April Puns

  • Are you using that APRILLING machine 
  • I will be preparing APRILLED chicken today 
  • I will be APRILLING the chicken today for dinner 
  • Would you like to have APRILLED fish 
  • He is doing APRIL Engineering right now 
  • He wants to be an APRIL Engineer 
  • Do you really want to be an APRIL Engineer 
  • He is preparing for the APRIL services exams 
  • Do you know that she is APR – ILL for the last two days 
  • I would like to tell you that she is APR – ILL and thus she won’t be able to attend this
    meeting today  
  • As that employee was APR – ILL do she won’t be able to give her presentation today 
  • I want to leave for the next two days as I and APR – ILL
  • She has to attend this meeting MAND – APR – ILY today 
  • He has to complete this task by today NECESS – APRILLY 
  • APRILLY do you love me 
  • I APRILLY love you more than any one else in this entire world 
April Puns
  • She lives YEAR to me
  • Today he was sitting very YEAR to me and so finally we spoke today for the first time
  • He did all this VOLUNT – APRILY and none of us forced him to do this 
  • I just love eating all the fruits and specifically I like YEAR
  • Have I really made myself YEAR to you as I don’t want any kind of confusion later on
  • I really think that a strict DISCIPLIN – APRILY action must be taken against his act of
    violating university’s rules as well as regulations
  • Just YEAR all this shit in your room
  • He does animal YEARING in his farm
  • Didn’t you know that he works as the animal YEARERS
  • My uncle does animal YEARING on his farms
  • She is very YEAR to both me as well as my family
  • He was killed that YEAR and got arrested by the police
  • He did all this work EXTR – APRILILY than anyone else could actually do it 
  • Didn’t you YEAR to what I just told you to do
  • DISCIPLIN – APRILY action was actually a must to be taken against what she just did
    to set a precedent for others 
  • Can’t you YEAR? Are you mad!
  • He VOLUNT – APRILY contributed for that social cause and no one amongst us
    forced him to do this 
  • I have been talking to you for so long and you were not even YEARING to what I
  • I want to make one thing very YEAR to you that we don’t have any future together
    and so you will always be only a good friend to me and nothing else.
  • Can you FOUR some water in my glass 
  • I saw a YEAR in the zoo today
  • She had done her reservations through some FOUR AND Travels services 
  • I really really want to see a polar YEAR at least once in my life
  • It is the FOUR technique of this project 
  • Polar YEARS really look so so cute and amazing, all white they are
  • All this happened just MOMENT – APRILY and I think it was no one’s mistake 
  • I just want to tell you that all this just happened MOMENT – APRILY and it wasn’t your fault at all 
  • It was such a TH – APRILLING moment for all of us 
April Puns

Best April month Puns

  • All this actually TH – APRILLED me so much 
  • Have you heard that song by Michael Jackson TH – APRILLER 
  • I really love that song by Michael Jackson TH – APRILLER 
  • That movie is an Action TH – APRILLER 
  • You must watch that Action TH – APRILLER movie as it had a great storyline 
  • IMAGIN – APRILY all this just came to my mind 
  • This phone is out of service TEMPOR – APRILY 
  • This ATM is TEMPOR – APRILY out of service 
  • This is the LI – YEAR equation 
  • Do you know how to solve the LINEAR equation 
  • Have you learned those LI – YEAR equations in your mathematics subject 
  • The move which he made was done ARBITR – APRILY and I do apologize from his
  • I hate his habit of taking all the decisions ARBITER – APRILIA 
  • I think your NOST – APRILS is actually blocked and due to this reason you are unable
    to breathe properly 
  • FOUR some more water in my glass 
  • This was a completely FOUR  decision 

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April Puns
  • Do you know FOUR cousin brother’s address 
  • Have you ever been to that hotel FOUR Seasons 
  • All of us stayed at FOUR Seasons Hotel 
  • I know it was all FOUR mistakes and not of anyone else 
  • I really love FOUR voice and you actually sing so well 
  • I really A – FOUR you 
  • Do you know how much I A – FOUR you 
  • Can I please borrow FOUR drilling machine 
  • Could you please give me your APRILLING machine 
  • Could you please APRIL this sandwich for me 
  • Get me one APRILLED cheese sandwich 

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April Puns

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