100+ Hilarious Asthma Puns

You won’t believe how hilarious these asthma puns are! As you read them, you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll be coughing. These are really hilariously beautiful. So, take a deep breath and laugh aloud at these hilarious asthma puns.

Funny Asthma Puns

Here is our selection of humorous asthma puns. There are some hilarious puns about asthma wheezing that will have you laughing aloud. Spend some quality time laughing at these asthma jokes and puns. We hope you’ll find these puns on asthma to be amusing enough to share and get folks to chuckle.

  • Do you want to hear something amazing? Asthma.
  • Which species of fish are asthmatic? A Puffer Fish
  • What do you call an asthmatic vampire? Vlad the Breather.
  • Which seabird is the only one that has asthma? A puffin.
  • I attended a fashion show that raised money for asthma education. The girls were all stunning in every way!
  • Two women get together for coffee. The first lady queries if she rode the bus. “Yes, but I made it out to be an asthma attack,” the other responded.
  • Although you can flee, you cannot hide. To tell this to an asthmatic child is humorous.
  • What is the term for a gamer fighting another player? An episode of asthma.
  • In which state is asthma the worst? Loui-wheeze-iana.
  • Why do some who have asthma choose to be cremated after passing away? Since they despise coffins.
  • What do you name an asthmatic French girl? Louise.
  • How do you prove that Kermit wasn’t asthmatic? Because being green doesn’t make you wheezy.
  • My mother sent me to a camp for children with asthma after learning that I had it. Singing an all-around humidifier song was so much fun.
  • Today while I was walking to work, I got an asthma attack. From a thicket, three asthmatics leaped out and began striking me.
  • What makes Yellowstone an asthma trigger? Amazingly beautiful.
  • What name, if any, would Jesus have if he had asthma? Wheeze-us, Jesus.
  • My buddy believes that I have a lung condition. I should see an asthma specialist.
  • I once believed I was a good bed partner prior to learning that my partner had asthma.
  • What band is a young asthmatic’s go-to? Wheezer.
  • What do a one-legged mountaineer and an asthmatic smoker have in common? Both of them struggle to get high.
  • What do you name an asthmatic rapper? Tiny Weezy
  • What distinguishes an asthmatic from a person with a European fetish? While the other is a sick breather, one is a Brit seeker.

Asthma Puns

You will be wheezing with laughter as you read these funny asthma jokes. These are truly hilariously breathtaking. Here is our collection of funny jokes about asthma. You’ll be laughing out loud when you hear some of the humorous jokes about asthma wheezing. Relish your break laughing at these breathtakingly funny asthma jokes and puns.

  • My asthma medical report is about to arrive. With bated breath, I’m waiting for the outcome.
  • Adolf Hitler had terrible asthma and lung problems his whole life, a little-known truth about him. Even more so, he briefly described it in his diary entry titled Mein Cough.
  • What musical group will someone with asthma prefer? Wheezer.
  • I prefer women with severe respiratory issues over those with large breasts. I have asthma.
  • What makes me laugh so hard that it’s difficult to breathe? Jokes referencing asthma.
  • I’ve always felt that my sex skills were good. Then I learned that all of my ex-partners had asthma.
  • What helped David Lee Roth prevent asthma attacks? Eddie Vanhaler
  • When you discover your wife has asthma, rather than being as “passionate” as you once believed after 25 years of marriage, you are said to be “living in an illusion.”
  • When fighting Vaal Hazak, why did the Monster Hunter bring their inhaler? I have asthma.
  • What do you call an asthmatic African American? Black Panter.
  • Why do some who have asthma prefer to be cremated after passing away? Because they despise confinement.
  • I feel sorry for those who suffer from asthma. Because breathing is the worst thing, you could ever be lousy at.
  • People with asthma can be very violent. This female continued to kick and hit me while gasping and making moans. I merely used her inhaler, that’s all.
  • What causes asthma in people? Breathe normally.
  • Yo, momma’s nut allergy is so severe that when I tea-bagged her, she got an asthma attack.
  • What do you call an asthmatic dinosaur? The bronchiosaurus.
  • You remind me of my asthma. You make me gasp for air.
  • If King T’challas had asthma, what would he look like? Black Pants-tha
  • What resembles a person with asthma more than Hitler? They are unable to complete a race.
  • A breathtaking view can always be found when trekking with asthma.
  • I occasionally tuck my wife’s inhaler away. When they overhear her gasping loudly and begging for it back, the neighbors think I’m a stud.
  • I took a child’s inhaler today. Awe-inspiring was the experience.
  • We lament the passing of the man who created the inhaler today. The funeral did not include a coffin.
  • I assume my friend gave me an inhaler as he lay dying on the floor because he wanted me to have something to remember him by. Strange, huh?

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