55+ Best Astronomy Puns and Funny Quotes

At present, millions of individuals across the globe have been affected positively by the advancements made in the field of astronomy.

In fact, astronomy has been a collaborative effort and astronomers today travel across the globe to learn from each other, take part in conferences, and answer many “big” questions. For example, how had been the universe created? Here are some interesting astronomy puns.

Astronomy Puns and Funny Quotes

  • My son is interested in astronomy and he once asked me the way in which the stars die.

I told him that it is typically an overdose.

  • Have I been shadow-banned from the field of astronomy?

Nobody is giving in reply to my comets.

Astronomy Puns
  • Even though I was of the notion that it is not possible for religion and science to mix, my astronomic teacher is always stating that angels happen to be quite sexy.

Even we had a whole chapter regarding celestial bodies and interestingly, some of those are really hot.

_For what reason do vegans not like astronomy?

The near earth objects happen to be somewhat meteor when it comes to their tastes.

_I was fired from my job in astronomy at the observatory.

Even though I tried my best to remain focused, I was not able to do it.

_According to my wife, she is departing from me since she believes that I am quite obsessed with astronomy.

What she’s on by the way?

_I was quite disappointed when I came to take part in the astronomic competition last time, however they nevertheless presented me with a map of the stars simply for participating.

It had been a constellation prize.

_How can you differentiate astrology from astronomy?

Approximately 50 IQ points.

_How is the government able to remember the difference between astrology and astronomy?

It is quite simple.

Similar to “Eco-“, there is no need for you to consider it as his signs in case it concludes with “-logy”.

_Four years were spent by me at the college studying astronomy; however, I was not able to learn much.

I think you might say that I took up enough space.

Astronomy Puns

_According to my astronomy teacher, it was feasible for a white diminutive man to become a red giant.

After that, I instructed him to pull back his pants up.

_How can you differentiate astronomy from gastronomy?

Astronomy happens to be regarding things which are quite large to wrap around your head; on the other hand, gastronomy is regarding things which are quite small to wrap around your head.

_I was told by my astronomy professor that I had been his star student.

_I was becoming interested in astronomy, and therefore, I ended up installing a skylight.

Individuals who reside above me have become furious.

_My buddy did not succeed in astronomy.

I also did not succeed in case it is any constellation.

_I took part in an astronomy contest yesterday and although, I did not come first I succeeded in getting a constellation.

_Even though I’m not at all interested in astronomy, I actually dig Uranus.

_Where have all the females in amateur astronomy gone?

At the telescope’s other end.

_When you are wishing upon a star, you are really several million years late as per astronomy.

The star happens to be dead similar to your dreams.

_A Higgs boson enters a church and the priest tells him that Higgs bosons are not allowed here.

The Higgs boson replies that there will be no mass without him.

_Once a photon enters a pub and places order for a drink. The bartender asks him whether he wanted a double. In reply, the photon tells no he is traveling light.

_How many string balls will be required for getting to the moon?

Only one and it must be very large.

_For what reason is the taste of moon rock better as compared to that of the Earth rock?

This is because it happens to be a small meteor.

_Following his initial lunch on the moon, the astronaut belonging to the 22nd century told that the food was obviously good but there was no atmosphere in the place.

_After bumping into one another, one atom told the other that he has lost an electron. The other atom asked him whether he was sanguine. The first atom told that he was positive.

_How is the man located in the moon able to cut his hair?

By eclipsing it.

_It will find black holes most often in the black socks.

_For what reason did the Dog Star not laugh at the pun?

Because it had been extremely Sirius.

_And what time do astronauts consume lunch?

During launch time.

_What type of songs are preferred by the planets for singing?


_For what reason was the astronaut not able to book any room on the moon?

Since it was absolutely full.

_Once a neutron enters a bar and orders for a beer. The bartender replies, “No charge for you”.

Astronomy Puns

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