45+ Funny Avocado Puns that Really Guac

When you think about food, avocados are the most healthy and best option when it comes to snacking. There are many instances where avocado is used in every possible food for the fitness freaks. It is usually considered an acquired taste in food just like puns are considered an acquired taste in humor and when avocado and puns get a union it definitely can be a laugh riot.

Avocado Puns

  • Hey you want to catch up with me and head to the gym together? Umm, no forget lifting weights, its avo-cardio day 
  • I am not very sure about the food I prepared today; do you think it will go well with the folks? Ofcourse it will, you have the perfect avo-can do spirit!
  • The party was so lit and the food that we had was so amazing, we went avocontrol.
  • I am prepping for the dinner tonight want to join me? Umm sure, have avo good one!
  • I mixed my salad with avocado and they lived happily avo after 
  • How was the guac yesterday? Omg, it was amazing, avocadon’t get me started!
  • I bought you your favorite food, want to join me for supper? Obviously , you were everything I avo wanted ! 
  • I had nacho and guac for dinner on my birthday, all of them wished to avo a great birthday 
  • Are you sure I can use these avocado’s for the dish today? Yes, I am sure that things are allripe now!
  • I got the best avocado for you, want to have a taste? Hell ya !! you just guac my world!!
  • What does an avocado becomes when a priest blesses it ? It turns into a holy guacamole.
    • Can I have the last bite of that avocado toast? Avocadon’t you even dare!
    • Are avocado’s good for your heart? Yes, they make up for the best avo-cardio 
    • Can I have those avocado that you are having for dinner? Guac no ! you don’t deserve it !
    • What justification you have for eating that last piece of avocado from my salad? I know what I did was arong , but it fell so ripe!!
    • What did the salad and nacho say to the guacamole? You are all I avo wanted!
    • A pair of nachos and tortilla decided to form a band for the food world 
    • They named it avoca-bros!

    Avocado Jokes

    • I went for the supper with her yesterday Wow, did you avo good one?
    • My love is planning to cook for me tonight, it’s a Mexican cuisine by choice 
    • Well, you will receive a lot of avocuddle then!
    • Are you defending the tortilla’s that were served to us yesterday? Yes, I am the devils advocado !
    • Hey, you took  a huge risk with the dinner tonight !
    • I am sure I should be awarded with the tiltle of Bravocado then!
    • You got so turned out with the food last night , I am sure it was some avoca-hoe !
    • How are you planning to have that guacamole done? I will get it done by using avocado’s consent!
    • The food was slow to prepare, it must have been some avo-cato!
    • What happened when you spilled the whole guacamole on the floor infront of all those guest?
    • It became avokward as hell !
    • I love the idea of cooking together 
    • Lets , avocuddle after the dinner 
    • The presentation of the food was so excellent that it lookes avocadorable !!1
    • What happened when you bought so many avocado’s ?
    • I felt like I hit guac bottom!
    • The food was so good and the tortillas was so tasty that all the people that came for dinner went avo-control!!
    • I am worried if all the work on the dinner night did not go well and the guacamole is not ready on time , things will definitely go avocontol!
    • Are you sure you want to have that guacamole, I just want you to avo good time!
    Avocado Puns

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