105+ Funny Ball Puns and Joyful Jokes

Ball is very well known to all of us and also we would have actually played with it some time or the other in our lifetime. It is basically a sphere or a globe-shaped thing. Balls are of various sizes like the cricket ball, also like the football and the basketball. Mentioned below are some best ball puns and quotes which you can always use. 

funny Ball Puns

  • Victoria water BALLS are the largest water BALLS in this entire world 
  • Your child is BALLING on the floor from here to there 
  • When infants learn to walk then they just keep BALLING from one place to another 
  • You look so pretty just like a Barbie BALL 
  • You are my Barbie BALL
ball puns
  • She wants a Barbie BALL and a BALL house too 
  • I BALLED you last night but you did not received my call
  • Why you have been GAMING her for your losses
  • I was BALLING you so urgently but your number was off 
  • I was so much in need of money so I BALLED you yesterday
  • Did you gave me a BALL on my number last night 
  • Why did you gave me a MISSED BALL on my number 
  • It is the time for election BALLS 
  • Have you ever learnt about the A – BALL corals in geography 
  • I am going to BALL for shopping 
  • I actually purchase all my groceries from the BALL which is at a walking distance from my house 
  • You must actually be A – GAMED of you acts 
  • You are just such a GAME – LESS person 
  • How could you just behave so GAME – LESSLY 
  • I have never ever seen a GAME – LESS person like you are 
  • He gifted me that Photo GAME on my birth day 
  • I still remember that day when he gave me this PHOTO – GAME with a picture of both of us fitted in to it 
  • Could you please turn off the GAME 
ball puns
  • I guess you have started being so arrogant after you got all that GAME 
  • Congratulations for you have now become so GAME – OUS in the country 
  • I feel so happy to see that you are so GAME – OUS now and also the entire nation is so proud of you 
  • All these deodorant as well as all of these perfumes are in – GAMEABLE 
  • Do you know all these perfumes which we use are actually in – GAMEABLE 
  • This would be my BALL in this flat 
  • I bought a flat which is one bedroom BALL and kitchen 
  • I studied about the Great BALL of China in my history books 
  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a BALL
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great BALL
  • Her hands are so so BALL and thus they seem to be more cute 
  • You are BALLER than she is 
  • I just like BALL as well as hand some guys 
  • Do not forget to put the Punctuations and also those EX – GAMEATION Marks in the paragraphs which you are going to write
  • I am really happy that both of you got married as you both make the perfect CATCH 

Funny Ball Quotes

  • You made all of us feel so a – GAMED with what you have done 
  • All of us must have some or the other GAME in our life and thus we must focus completely on it 
  • He CATCHED my gold chain from me while I was going to market 
  • How come both of us bought the dress of GAME colour 
  • We both have the GAME shade of this maybelline lipstick 
  • What is your first GAME 
  • What is your FATHER’S GAME?
  • He Be – GAME an IAS Officer 
ball puns
  • My cousin be – GAME doctor 
  • You are getting BATTER and BATTER day by day 
  • I am going to file the complaint against those chain CATCHERS who actually pulled it from my neck
  • What is the whole BAT – TER 
  • Are you prepared with that pan cake BAT – TER for making pan cakes 
  • For making pan cakes first we need to prepare its BAT – TER 
  • Jawaharlal Nehru SPORT trust is in Mumbai 
  • BALL of you assemble on the play ground 
  • Where do BALL of you want to go for an excursion 
  • I hate those SPORT of people who just depend on others for their own decisions 
  • I would like to request you all to kindly SPORT me in my initiative 
  • I want the SPORT of all my friends for it is some thing big which I can not do with out your help 
  • My parents always SPORTED me in what ever I wanted to do in life 
  • No one can actually get such SPORTIVE parents like I have in my life 
  • She GAME close to me and said that she loves me 
  • He GAME close to her and told her that he hates her 
  • You are so SPORT in height 
  • How come you are so SPORT in height when your parents are so tall 
  • How do you FIELD when some one ask you about your ex – girlfriend 
  • Did you FIELD that box from all the sides 
  • All of us should always remain HIT
  • We must never HIT
  • Do you want to HIT this game at this moment
  • I want to HIT this puzzle right now 
  • HIT down and take a deep breath 
  • First HIT down and have water, then tell me exactly what all happened with you 
  • He HIT all the truth from you for so many days
  • He HITTED his job today after his boss shouted at him
  • Do not HIT on the road, in order to keep your roads clean
  • SWING a cup of tea for me 
  • Could you SWING some salt for me 
  • What SWINGS did you bought for me from Singapore
  • I just wish to have SWINGS so that I can just fly high like a bird freely in the sky
Ball Puns

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