101+ Funniest Banana Puns and Jokes for Kids

How do you feel when your friend or someone slips off over a banana peel? You will probably laugh hard. Isn’t it? In the same way, Banana puns are high-laughing medicines. So, be ready to explore some best banana puns that will enforce you to think differently for Banana.

Funny Banana Puns

Bananas go out in a yellow submarine.

Beethoven’s favorite fruit is Banana..na. 

I peel it in my heart. 

Wohoo! This cover creates some peel inside me. 

By hearing your suggestion, I’m peeling better now.

Peel the flames and prevent from it.

Peel off quickly from the remaining parts of the car.

She is quite peal-ing in front of others.

You have less time to peel this big decision.

I need to make a final peal to the court.

She is one of the fine bananas as compared to others.

There are bunch of stupids here in the class.

Get ready! We’re going to the Banana.

Banana is home joy and gifts for kids.

Let me peel this moment!

Look, peel and attract!

Due to high fever, peeling little unwell.

I peel nervous at the time of interview.

Yellowover the loudspeakers. We’re unable to hear you.

Things will be better in the ripe time.

One step in ripe direction has a power to make your situations better.

She is the ripe one for you.

Banana Puns

You’re ripe; I should go for it.

To raise the voice, ripe first. 

Don’t be ashamed to shout for ripe things.

My mother is ripe. She already discussed about it.

Cavendish since ages!

If you want to look great. You must Cavendish nature.

Although, I’m not trained enough, still, I’m Cavendish shot.

Choose what is ripe for your loved ones!

Already Cavendish plenty of time to understand this subject. But, all go in vain.

I’m Cavendish book to you. Please read it for the better future.

I already Cavendish gift to my friend on his last birthday.

The answer of the question is  Cavendish in the first chapter.

I’m planning to make my mind fresh with Cavendish.

Let’s split the profit in an equal ratio.

Hey lady! That gold ring looks ravishing on your finger.

Spilt yourself with this hardcore laughter!

Bananas don’t snore because they don’t want to disturb another bunch.  

Bananas are covered with sunscreen as they peel.

A banana smoothie that quite famous among all the girls!

While walking down, I come across with banana peel. And, then I notice I’m covered with Slipknot t-shirt.

Bananas must answer phone calls by saying ‘YELLOW’

Banana Puns

Banana Jokes

And, Principal called plantain to his office. He was busy into bananas during lectures.

Bananas couldn’t yell up as it could only be YELLOW.

Bananas learn in Sundae school only.

Monkey loves Banana because of appeal.

No need to yellow over kids for the games. As games makes them durable.

I think Banana cake will be the best for today’s party.

Without Banana style you can’t enter in the office.

High Banana value may attracts kidney injury.

Because of the banana peel, you will be flat over the floor if don’t be in C sharp.

Ghost like Boonanaa most.

Banana is sick. Sadly, it is suffering with yellow germs.

My wife yellow over little things daily. 

Banana Puns

Even, I’m ripe, she still, yellow over my driving skills.

Unfortunatly, he lost his job on the banana farm. Ofcourse, He used to throw bent bananas.

Al Gore-illa prefer bananas

A key called ‘MONKEY’ unlock a banana.

Banana and ice cream spilt with each other. That’s because they cancel the order.

Do you know what points north in yellow? That’s a magnetic banana.

Sheeps loves Baaaaa-nanas.

Banana greet each other by saying ‘Yellow, So nice to see you here’.

While Tour de France, Banana was enjoying over peel-oton.

Due to sweetness, Banana is quite famous in Valentines.

Banana Republic is the cloth store for bananas.

Jokes bananas do exchange with each other are Side-splitting ones.

With blue Banana, you should cheer it up.

Banana used to go with a prune because he couldn’t find a date.

Monkey get down by banana-ster from the stairs.

Bananas never feel lonely as they live with its bunches.

Banana skins- a pair to slip off.

Banana Puns

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