110+ Bath Puns to Make Your Bath Super Funny

Bath puns are usually a hit with youngsters, and some could even make adults laugh. You can share these 110 of our favorite bath restrooms and toilet puns with friends and family to make them all chuckle. 

We have a wide selection of the best bath puns, from knock-knock puns to bathroom puns, to keep you amused whether you’re at home or on the move. If you enjoy these, you should also read our selection of the funniest bath puns for young technology enthusiasts or our amusing tennis puns for kids listed below.

Funny Bath Puns

Not everyone enjoys bathing. But we are sure that you will definitely love our bath puns since they are for everyone to make your bath a bit easier and fun.

  • My acquaintance realized he wasn’t a very good burglar as he was having a bath. 
  • What prompted the burglar to take a bath? He intended to flee without a trace. 
  • Putting Spider-Man in the bath and watching as he tries to escape is the greatest method to defeat him. 
  • He landed a job sweeping streets. Just need to free Mike Skinner from the tub. 
  • My dolphin was going to stay in the bath, but it’s not suitable for porpoises. 
  • A sign selling bath plugs was seen. I was unaware that mine was electric. 
  • I returned home to see that the bath mats and all the carpet remnants had been stolen. Police believe rug junkies were responsible. 
  • I lost my phone in the tub now I’m alone. It is synching. 
  • My bath’s whole supply of soap has been stolen. It might have been my rubber duck. 
  • I bathed my pet leopard daily. He is now pristine.
  •  I recently purchased a new bathtub, but we don’t need to discuss that right now. 
  • You have more bathroom space but fewer bathrooms when you purchase a larger bathtub. 
  • Batman says, “Alfred, fill up the tub.” Robert: “Sir? What is a bathtub? 
  • Why did the Amazon box awaken in an ice-filled bathtub? Mostly because it was returned.
  • In the bathtub, my identical preschool sons were having fun with foam letters. 
  • A toy stacking cup I was holding had the letter T in it by chance. He refused it when I tried to give it to him. So I turned to my other kid and remarked, “Hmm, maybe it’s not his cup of T.” 
  • No three-year-old. When is it acceptable to take a nap in the bathtub? Whenever you’re exhausted. 
  • Buckets pale in comparison to a bathtub. 
  • When I asked the doctor if the milk in the bathtub was pasteurized, he replied, “No, only up to your neck.” The doctor had advised me to do this to relieve my sunburn. 
  • My friend enjoyed taking her time in the bathtub while sipping wine. He was dreadful. Just chlorination is done in swimming pools. Although it might not be clear in English, the phrase “chlorine is utilized in pools, which are essentially big bathtubs” has remained in my head. 
  • What is a leper in a bathtub called? Stew.
  • When a husband returns home, he discovers his crying amputee wife lying in the bathtub with the shower running. When he sees it, he is moved to ask, “What’s wrong, love?” She continues, turning to face him, “I can’t stomach taking a shower without my legs.” 
  • My phone fell into the bathtub. It’s synchronizing right now.  
  • What do you call a duck that raids the bathroom for soap? A thieving duck
  • I recently purchased a bottle of Draino to clear the clog in my bathtub. I’m about to throw $7 down the drain. 
  • What’s it like to be in a bathtub? My child inquired about the bathtub. It stated it’s kind of taxing. Dad, A penny was in the bathtub. That is illogical. Me: That generates one penny rather than zero. 

Bath Puns

For children of all ages, teenagers, and adults who don’t want to grow up, you’ll discover a terrific variety of amusing, ridiculous, and corny bath puns right here. These amusing bath puns, riddles, and puns are clean, suitable for kids of all ages, and friendly. These bath puns are sure to make kids laugh out loud! LoL!

  • When my wife and I got home, our bathtub was filled to the brim. When I saw her terrified face, I said, “Oh, dam it.” 
  • I ought to launch a business that produces sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc. It will be known as Rub A Tub Tub. 
  • Two elephants are bathing together. The elephant upfront queries. The person is invited by the elephant at the front. Passing the soap to the back. The tiger in the room says, “What do I resemble? a keyboard?” You suddenly reveal this to your audience as they look at you in astonishment. 
  • When you get a larger bathtub, you have more bathroom space but fewer bathrooms overall. You have more bathroom space but fewer bathrooms if you get a larger bathtub. 
  • When you awaken in an ice-filled bathtub, one of my friends recently remarked that I frequently offend people by invading their personal space. It ruined our bath and was an incredibly hurtful thing to say. 
  • How many surrealists are required to install a lightbulb? Three, one to place the clocks in the bathtub and one to hold the giraffe. 
  • Instead of calling my restroom the John, I’ve chosen to call it the Jim. When I tell them I see Jim every morning, it sounds better. 
  • What distinguishes a nun in a bathroom from one in a church? While the other has soap in her hole, one has hope in her soul. 
  • A three-year-old boy was bathing and looking at his testicles. He questioned, “Mom, are these my brains?” Not yet, was her response. 
  • Not a joke, simply a cautionary tale with a warning about delivering puns… What do you do when an epileptic is having a fit in the bathtub? It Was the punchline of a joke I heard a few weeks ago. Throw away
  • Consequently, a German builds a bath around his workstation. BADUMTISCH.  
  • When your mother wants to take a bath, she first fills the tub with water before turning on the faucet. 
  • What distinguishes a girl taking a bubble bath from a girl who is praying? While the other has soap in her hole, the former has optimism in her heart. 
  • When my girlfriend and I were having a makeout, I felt an odd tap. I despise having itching in the bathtub on my shoulder. I have soaked in virgins’ blood! I bled while taking a shower. 
  • In my dream, Martin, one of my friends, ruled all bath sponges. He went under the name Martin Loofah King. 
  • Ages 92, 94, and 96, sisters share a home. One evening, the 96-year-old takes a bath. She pauses after putting one foot in. she shouts as she descends the stairs. I don’t know, the 94-year-old responds loudly. I’ll visit and check. She pauses before continuing up the steps. She shouts, “Was I going up the stairs!” at that point. 
  • At the kitchen table, the 92-year-old woman is sipping tea while listening to her sisters. She shakes her head and says, “I definitely hope I never get that forgetful.” She gives the wood a good rap just to be safe. As soon as I see who is at the door, I’ll come up and help you both, she replies. 
  • My wife requested that I purchase “bath things” for Christmas. She should appreciate her toaster, I hope.
  • Why was Seven frightened of Six? Since Seven killed all the other numbers after consuming nine grams of bath salts. 
  • Bathroom humor is not funny. Although it’s a close second to my fave, it’s still funny. 
  • My six-year-old kid attached a wet foam letter to my back as he was taking a bath. My youngster said, “Dad, I peed on your back!” as I peeled the letter “P” from my flesh.
  • A young boy and a young girl were bathing in a bathtub. Can I touch it? She questioned the boy as she suddenly gazed down at him. “No way — you already broke yours off,” he retorted. 
  • I’ve been sober for 60 days. Daily bathing has been challenging, but at least I had heroin to get me through it. 
  • In the same way that I am arachnophobic, I am homophobic.
  • Even if I didn’t despise homosexuals or spiders, I would still scream if I saw one in the bathroom. 
  • I could tell my parents didn’t like me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio. 
  • I asked my husband for a bath bomb for Christmas, but he brought me a toaster instead. 
  • What should you do if a person with epilepsy has a seizure in the shower?
  • A pig with swine flu visits the doctor. The doctor directs him to go right away to a therapeutic spa and hands him a flyer for it. He is told to lie down in a small salt and sugar bath when he arrives. He laughs. What’s this meant to accomplish, cure me? He giggles to himself. 
  • Two monkeys went into the tub. Monkey 1: “Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah” Monkey 2: It’s not so hot, so calm down. 
  • Johny took a bubble bath. Let me now tell you a crude joke. Bubbles are the guy next door. 
  • When your wife or girlfriend gets angry next, cover her shoulders with a cape (or a bath towel) and tell her, “Now, you’re Super Angry!” You might pass away, or maybe she’ll laugh.  
  • In the bathtub, a 3-year-old child looked at his testicles. Are they my brains? He inquired. No, she responded. Yes, you must use caution while telling a bath joke.
  • You probably remember this joke, which one of my friends was delivering when we were in the pub: What happens if an epileptic suffers a seizure in the bathtub? You add your laundry. 
  • Then a man stormed over and yelled, “Sorry, but it doesn’t make me laugh. As a young child suffering an epileptic fit, my sibling passed away in the bathtub. My pal remarked, “Oh, I apologize so much. Did he perish?” The man responded, “No, he choked to death on a sock.” 
  • A snake charmer and an undertaker got married. “Hiss” and “Hearse” are written on their bath towels. 
  • The Nun was taking a shower when there was a knock at the door. That person. She was there. “It’s the blind man. May I enter,” the voice in response responds? After giving it some thought, the Nun replies, “Yes, that’s fine. The man says as the door opens. Nice to meet you; where should I hang the blinds? 
  • A woman phones her neighborhood dairy and requests enough milk to have a milk bath. You desire to pasteurize the milk, just up to my tits, no more. 
  • My friend and I were riding the bus when he told me this joke. If you notice an epileptic having a fit in the bathroom, what should you do? Run away.
  • Behind us, a man leaned over and said, “I find it repulsive. My son passed away during a tantrum in the bathtub.” Both of us turned white and apologized.

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