98+ Hilarious Bathroom Puns to Laugh the Shit out Of You!

Bathroom puns are usually a hit with youngsters, and some could even make adults laugh. Why not take a smell at our hilarious bathroom puns after washing your hands of these? Presenting to you these hilarious bathroom puns will make you laugh out loud and relieve stress.

Funny Bathroom Puns

These bathroom puns are appropriate for children, so if that describes you or you’re not quite a child but still have a great sense of humor, dive right in! We have a wide selection of the best bathroom puns and puns to keep you amused, whether you’re at home or on the go. Take a breath of these foul bathroom puns—we do have a phew!

Why were balloons there in the restroom?

There was a birthday potty going on!

Why was Eeyore in the bathroom sink?

He was looking for Pooh, after all!

The toilet rolled down the hill for what reason?

To find the bottom of the truth!

When Woody has severe gas, what does he say?

Stupid tootin’

Have you heard what happened to the movie “Constipated”?

It was never released!

To create a better toilet, I was experimenting with iron, carbon, and aluminum. I’ll compose an essay about my findings. I have decided to name it ‘FeCAl matter’.

“Man, you look bad!” the bartender exclaims. “Why is that?”

“Nothing at all,” according to the toilet paper. “I’m just wiped out.”

You shouldn’t drink from the toilet for two reasons. Number one and number two!

Why were the police unable to apprehend the toilet thief?

They had no other information!

Why do people slumber in the bathroom?

The log of the captain!

Patient: “Please, call a doctor! My bladder appears to be infected.”

Doctor: “Urine problems, I see!”

I keep a book in my bathroom where I record my emotions and private thoughts as I use the restroom. I refer to it as my diarrhea!

I just purchased a toilet brush. To cut a long tale short, I’m returning to toilet paper!

Why did the plumber get a call from three witches?

Toilet difficulty, huff, huff!

Why was the toilet paper unable to cross the street?

It became impaled in the crack!

What exchange did the fart and the poo have?

You blow me away!

Who hangs out in the bathroom while saving the world?

Flush Gordon

Why does Spider-Man flush the toilet every time?

Because that is his doody!

What has a bell-like sound and is brown?


What resides in a forest and is brown?

Its name is Winnie’s Pooh.

The reason why ninja farts are so hazardous is that they are silent but they are lethal.

How can you know when a clown has farted?

They will start smelling funny.

How many eggs must be bad to make a stink bomb?

Quite a phew!

When should you stop making puns about farts?

If everyone agrees that they are awful.

What will you call a fairy in the bathroom?


Who among the superheroes hangs around in the restrooms to save the world?

Flush Gordon.

Are you aware of the news? At the neighborhood police station, every toilet cover has been taken. The police still don’t have any information about what happened two weeks ago.

What is a dog in your toilet known as?

a poodle.

What are you supposed to do if you find a grizzly bear that accidentally got into your toilet?

Of course, be courteous and wait for him to finish.

Why does a pterodactyl not scream when it uses the restroom?

Because the P is deafeningly silent.

Why did Tigger spend so much time when he used the restroom?

As a result of his search for Pooh!

Are you familiar with the differences between a shower curtain and toilet paper?

I see, so you are the one who has been messing up my bathroom!

What was inside the toilet of the Enterprise spaceship in Star Trek?

The Captain’s log.

You should never drink toilet water for two very excellent reasons. Number One and Number Two.

When I used the restroom this morning, I forgot my cell phone. On the bright side, I discovered that our bathroom has 394 tiles.

I made the decision to get a toilet brush for our home after noticing that it was always present at dinner gatherings at other people’s homes. Since I’ve had it for a week, I believe I prefer toilet paper, but everyone is entitled to their own preferences.

I had to start using old newspapers last week because I ran out of toilet paper. I’m just able to remark on how difficult The Times is.

It was both terrible and enlightening to observe the early pandemic shortages of toilet paper. When it comes down to it, they proved that the typical individual simply has their own interests in mind.

Why do love relationships resemble Asian food so much?

They always start out hot and spicy, but by the time they’re over, someone is crying on the toilet and begging, “Why me?”

If you live alone, there is no one thing that will wake you up more quickly than a chilly toilet seat. one that is warm.

When I recently went to my neighborhood store, I was astonished to see Arnold Schwarzenegger there! He replied, “Aisle B, back,” when I inquired him where the toilet paper was.

A bar of soap was once dropped down the toilet to produce a realistic plop when I had to appear to be using the bathroom. I named it sham-poo.

Bathroom Puns

Bathroom puns are one of the few forms of comedy that has impressively withstood the test of time. Even though they might not be the most sophisticated puns you’ll ever hear, joking about numbers one and two is guaranteed to make people of all ages laugh for their absurdity and simplicity. Why not spice up your toilet experience with some bathroom puns the next time you’re looking for something to read while attending to your needs?

Why do people doze off in bathrooms?

Because the restroom is another name for it!

What caused the toilet paper to tumble down the slope?

In order to reach the bottom!

What prevented the toilet paper from crossing the street?

It became impaled in the crack!

Why was a toilet seat covered in candles?

Because a special birthday toilet was present!

When you discover a dog in your bathroom, what do you call it?

a poodle!

Why did Tigger enter the restroom to look around?

To locate Pooh!

What was the fart saying to the poop?

Wow, you amaze me so much!

Why were the police unable to catch the toilet thief?

Since they had no other thing to go on!

What are you doing in the restroom if you’re an American in the living room?


What sport does the toilet enjoy most?


What is the name of Superman’s toilet?

The Big Game!

Where do bees go to relieve themselves?

Within the BP gas station!

What is the name of a fairy who uses the restroom?


The infant put quarters in its diaper for what reason?

It required modification!

How does it feel to tumble into the toilet?

So either you stink or you swim!

When is it appropriate to make vegetable soup in the bathroom?

when a leek is included!

Where do sheep enjoy playing?

In the baaaathroom.

What do octopuses do when they use the restroom?

They wash all of their hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand.

Why do elephants use the restroom so frequently?

since they consume far too many peanuts.

How many persons are required to smell the restroom?

Quite a phew!

Turning to a roll of toilet paper, a man says “You appear terrible. What’s the issue?”.

I’m simply feeling wiped today”, the toilet paper responds, “Nothing much.”

What conversation did the two bathrooms have?

Wow, you seem to have a little blush on today.

Though they aren’t my favorite, poop puns are unquestionably a close second.

You never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone, and toilet paper is a prime illustration of this.

This toilet paper is genuinely rip-rible.

He brought paper towels to the gathering. He really spoils the fun.

Someone asked a Frenchman whether he would like to use the restroom. “Oui, oui,” he murmured.

Why entered the men’s room the elephant?

He was craving nuts.

Denzel Washington, when must you spend out with Rugrats?

Day of Potty Training.

What are thirty feet long and urinate-scented?

A nursing home line dance.

Why was the toilet paper unable to cross the street?

It became impaled on a crack!

Why did the officer go to the restroom?

To fulfill his doodies.

Why is there toilet paper at the party, you ask?

Mainly because he is a party pooper.

Why are you not allowed to hear a psychiatrist when he is in the restroom?

Due to the silent “p”.

What has a Q in the middle and a P in the end?

A long line at the bathroom at a music festival.

What actions should you take if you become caught on the toilet?

Send the squat team in.

What do bathrooms look like in heaven?


When the young boy missed the bathroom while urinating, what did the mother say to him? urination issues, young man!

Last week, I purchased a toilet with the ABBA logo. What a toilet!

What distinguishes a graveyard from a toilet?

Nothing at all; when the time is right, you just have to let go.

Who in the army is in charge of the restrooms?

A loo tenant.

No more puns about the bathroom, please. They always stink!

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