56+ Best Batman Puns and Funny Quotes

Batman is one of most iconic made-up superheroes of comic books of the US released by DC Comics. This fictional character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Share some hilarious and funny jokes about fictional character Batman with your companions to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some humorous batman puns.

Batman Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What separates Batman and a shoplifter?

Shoplifters can never be able to move into a shop without Robin.

  • What would a beat-up Batman be called?

A bruised Wayne.

  • What was done by Batman when he visited stores for shopping?

Got ham.

Batman Puns

_When Batman is inspecting an offense, the most likely justification is that it was done by Joker.

That is Arkham’s Razor.

_My companion told me if I want to hear a truly good Batman impression?

I told him to continue.

He cried out, “NOT THE KRYPTONITE!”

_What is put by Batman in his drink?

Just ice.

_What would you get if you mix Robin with a Vita-Mix? The Boy Blender Robin.

_Why no one can ever harass a pig dressed in black?

Because Batman promised that he will always keep goth ham safe.

_Why doesn’t Batman wear bright colors?

Because he doesn’t want to get shot.

_What situation arises when Robin and Batman were went over by a gas roller?

They evolved into Ribbon and Flatman.

_What would it be called if Batman do not go to church?

Christian Bale.

_What Chinese dish likes the most?

Kung POW chicken.

Batman Puns

_Why is two faced one of the reasonable evil characters?

Because two faced is not half dreadful.

_What part of a gag Batman likes the most?

The “PUNCH” line.

_What is worn by Batgirl to bed?

Dark Knight dress.

_What would be done by Batman if he was poor?

Batman would be Robin.

_What position was played by Bruce Wayne on his baseball squad?

Bruce Wayne was the bat man.

_When was Poison Ivy’s underwear changed by her?

When they get dirty.

_Where does Batman pee?

The batroom.

_What is done by Batman when he’s not winning at cards?

He utilizes his Joker.

_Where do the goldfish of Batman stay?

In the Bat tub.

_How many caped fighters does it require to tighten in a light bulb?

None. They prefer the dark.

_Why did Bruce Wayne’s date go terrible?

He had bat breath.

_I sent a mail to Netflix and inquired if they always had Batman.

It was said by them, just up to the end of June.”

_What situation arises when Batman notices Catwoman?

The Dark Knight appears.

_How does Batman prefer his coffee?

Black. Like the dark.

_Why did Batman run to the Bat underground chamber?

Because Batman needed to go to the Bat Room.

_What was said by Batman to Robin during the time of entering the Batmobile?

Get in the Batmobile, Robin.

_What drink Batman likes the most?

Fruit punch.

_It was asked by my girlfriend if I assumed she was putting on a lot of makeup.

I told her it depended on the choice if she was making an effort to murder Batman or not.

_Why did Robin and Batman stop going to catch fish together?

Because Robin ate all the worms.

_How does Batboy evolve in Batman?

Batman has a Bat-Mitzvah.

_Joker: Hello, Batman, would you like to hear a gag?

Batman: Yes definitely.

Joker: Okay.  parental fondness.

Batman: I don’t understand.

Joker: Exactly.

_Why does Batman cover his face with a mask?

Because the individuals of Gotham are not stupid like those dumbheads over in Metropolis.

_What is the difficult portion about living the life of Batman?

Understanding that you can never be able to fill your parent’s hearts with gratitude.

_What tea is drunk by Batman?


_What is the dissimilarity between Batman’s mom dad and a newly wedded Danish pair?

One pair are Dead waynes and another pair are wed Danes.

_When is a homicide not planned by joker?

During the time of riding his Harley.

_What fruit Batman likes the most?

Ba na na na na na na na na na na grapefruit.

_What separates a unicorn and Batman?

Nothing. Both are made-up characters.

Batman Puns

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