55+ Funniest Bear puns and Funny Quotes

Bear in wild in nothing but scary. But sitting at home you can have a little laugh with using this bear as puns. You can be called funny and make other laugh too with your sense of humor. Here are some bear puns for you. 

Bear puns

  • He was very rude to me. I could not bear all that anymore. 
  • I am not bearing this kind of behaviour anymore. 
  • I was having a very sad day. I needed a bear hug. 
  • She is no more going to bear those tantrums anymore that they are throwing at her. 
  • Why should I even bear all this non sense! 

_ After a point of time he gets unbearable. So I do not talk to him much. 

_ After his death he was bear-ied close to his loved one. Ut would have been a sin to keep them apart even after death. 

Bear Puns

_ Between me and him there were a lot of bear- iers. And we had no idea how to overcome those. 

_ Child bearing is not any easy process. And I am not sure if I will ever be ready for it. 

_ I can take any type of behaviour. But his bear faced lie broke my heart and then there is no coming back from it. 

_ I did not go to the forest trip with them bear-claws I am scared of animals

_ I do not go out with him in public. He is such a em-bear-asment to be around with. 

_ I do not want to bear-er of the bad luck of this family. 

_ I forgot the bills that I was asked to bring in the meeting and was scolded badly by the boss. I was so em-bear-ased.

_ I had to go to the party. But due to the rain, I could not go. I bear-came sad. 

_ I left in hurry but my bearings are still at his place. I will go and get them in a week or so. 

_ I see that I am bear-coming this kind of person who is not liked my many people and I am kind of okay with it. 

_ I wanted to sleep bear-claws I was tired. 

_ Shakes-bear said that woman who says no too much makes him wonder about her. He was full of sarcasm. 

_ She is bearing a child. It is a full day responsibly. She is exhausted most of the time. 

_ The body was bear-ied deep in the forest that no one will ever go and see it. 

Bear Puns

_ The kind of behavior he display was very bar- bear- ic. I could not stand him long. 

_ There was so much work and pressure that she was bear-ied in that she got not time to look after herself. 

_ They say I have bear-come fat. I do not think so. 

_  Those bear-ies looked so good that I bought them in a large amount. 

_ We sat by the woods. I was bearing her since a very long time. It was time to let it go. 

_ We walked for miles and came down to this small village to spend the night. We bear – ly knew the place but we had no other option. 

_ When she introduced me to  him, I bear- ly knew him. It took me lot of time to come in my comfort zone and understand him. 

_ When they told me that he was cheating on me. I could not bear-lief those words until I saw it with my own eyes.

_ You have to understand that he becomes unbearable after alcohol and then being with him is suffocating. 

Bear Puns

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