65+ Best Beer Puns and Quotes

Beer is perhaps the favourite drink of most people. They love it like crazy and it is not difficult to find a man who keeps thinking about it all day. People who are fond of beer are very passionate about it and always appreciate a good pun about it. Keeping in mind the various things associated with beer it is not difficult to make a pun.

Here are some beer puns:

_From where does Moses source his beer? He-brews it.

_What is the Beatles song that you hear after you have had a few bottles too many of beer? Let it pee.

_Which playwright wrote “To beer or not to beer, that is the question”? William Shakesbeer.

_Why does a beer drinking man never fail to appreciate beautiful things? Because beauty lies in the eyes of the beer-holder.

_What do you call a beer which is good with handicraft? You call it a craft beer.

_Which is the favourite Pink Floyd song of a beer drinker? It is Wish You Were Beer.

_What beer should you drink in a room which does not have any lights? A light beer.

_Why is beer a good medicine? Because it cures all kinds of ale-ments.

beer puns

_What kind of beer does someone with red hair brew? He brews ginger ale.

_Which is the favourite beer of a kangaroo? Hoppy beer.

_What did the man from Ireland say after a hard day at work? He said, “Irish I had a beer.”

_Which is the favourite film of a beer loving person? The pursuit of hoppy-ness.

_What would Bob Marley say after a few bottles of beer? He would say, “Don’t worry, be hoppy.”

_What forced into beer addiction? Beer pressure.

_How does a table full of chilled beer look? It looks pitcher perfect.

_What did a beer bottle say to his lover? Love is ale we need.

_What is the best pick up line for a beer? “Hey there, hop stuff.”

_What does someone who cannot live without beer say to it? He says, “Without you, life is un-beer-able.”

_How do you wish a beer on the day of its birth anniversary? You say, “Happy Beer-day!”

_How does a beer bottle say thank you? It says. “Thank brew very much.”

_Which actor does a beer like the most? Kean-brew reeves.

_Which is the favourite pastime of a beer bottle? Netflix and chill.

_What does an enthusiastic person say about beer drinking plans? He says, “Ale Yeah!”

_What does a beer say to his friends to calm them down? He says. “Chill stout!”

_What does a beer have while sleeping? Wheat dreams.

_How does an event which involves the drinking of beer end? It has a hoppy ending.

_How do you put off someone over the phone while having beer? You say, “Alcohol you later.”

_Which Guns n Roses song does a beer like? Sweet Child of Vine.

beer puns

_What advice did the older beer give to the younger one? It said, “Live with Purpoise.”

_Why was the beer bottle sad? Because no one beer-lived it.

_What did one beer call the other angrily? It said, “You are the wurst.”

_Always drink safe. Going beyond the pint from when you can hardly return is so risky.

_What do you call hosting a party with unlimited beer? You call it a cele-beer-ation.

_What is the best thing about Christmas? It is the most happening part of the beer.

_Why did the neutron get a beer for free? Because the bartender said, “No charge for you.”

_How did a man manage to get five beers by just raising two fingers? He was Roman.

_What is the best way for beer lovers to live? Lager than life.

_With what do you dust a beer pub? With a brewmstick.

_The weather is just vine to enjoy a pint of beer.

_Back to the brew-ture would have been a hit motion pitcher for beer lovers.

_The bottles were chugged in the clink of an eye.

_Every matter needs to be seen from both suds.

_What do you call a mark on the shirt from beer? A stein.

beer puns

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