51+ Best Biology Puns and Funny Quotes

Biology deals with living creatures. It deals with their various processes. It is branch that requires in depth study in order to acquire full knowledge of the subject. To lighten up the mood one needs to add a little bit of humour with biology so that it does not get boring. Here are some biology puns that you can use. 

Biology Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Eye was looking for some senior member of the staff but all eye could find was the receptionist in the entire building. 
  • She told me that she liked me a proton but that is all she said and went away that day in the park. 
  • The students were told to come ear as soon as they have any information about the lost keys that day. 
  • There is a thing ear, you have to maintain discipline, no matter what happens. 
  • The biologist was very particular about his culture. No matter what, he would always take care of it with all his affection. 
  • Culture is made with a lot of effort and needs the right kind of conditions to grow and reach a particular stage. 
  • I told him to cell the car at whatever price he is getting. His expectations should hardly be highly.
  • The sea cell were scattered all over the place and it was not safe for any one to walk bare foot in that area. 
  • I bought a few pair of genes before the exams because I would stay busy for a long time to go for shopping. 
  • I loved her genes. If they would fit me, I would have borrowed them for some time to wear but we have different size. 
  • They could not control the group from doing what they wanted to do and hence the experiment was ruined. 
  • The male stamens talked among themselves about the style of the female pistil. But still none of them could make a move. 
  • He told me that like adenine, he wishes to pair with U. 
  • The climate was getting so hot and humid that I could feel my proteins getting denature. We need to switch to a better place. 
  • The students repeated Gregor Mendel’s experiment in their lab and when it was successful, they screamed- woo-pea. 
  • The biologists were confused about what decision to make in proceeding the experiment so they called but their nucleus of the group. ‘
  • The model intended to show the cleavage in the cover magazine but photographer had different frames planned. 
  • The model that they had presented in front of the boss was very impressive but the real work was a real mess. 
  • The cleavage was deep and we were suggested not to go down there as coming up may turn out to be difficult. 
  • She has a very selectively permeable membrane when it comes to making friends. They all are rare and different. 
  • The selection procedure for the exam was very selectively permeable. Not many people could get through that easily. 
  • The leukocyte was beautiful from the balcony of his apartment. We could stand there for hours and sip in coffee which he made perfectly. 
  • We went to hike because we knew that leukocyte from that top will be very beautiful and we were right. 
  • He was so annoying that he got on my nerve within a few second of meeting me. I try keeping the distance.
  • When I met him for the first time, I had no idea that he was so humerus. Whenever we met, I would be rolling on the floor and laughing. 
  • I am not sure who is carbon dating but I will find it out soon and let you know. 
  • The rumour about carbon dating oxygen was filled in the lab. But no one knew that they were just friends. 
  • The teenagers stood in the corner and took a lot of cellfies. Then they posted all of the on their social media accounts. 
  • We sat in the park and then I very calmly asker her that what was the stomata with her. She did not tell much about it. 
Biology Puns

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