95+ Funny Bird Puns that Are Super Fly

Bird puns can be very enjoyable. They are often easy to make because of the huge number of words that can be used. They provide us with a sense of comic relief if used wisely. Bird puns are often used to improve the quality of any text.

Bird Puns

  • Which is the best time to buy a bird? When it is coming at a cheap price.
  • Why did the crow pickup the telephone? Because he wanted to make a caw.
  • How does a bird manage to make a safe landing if one of its wings is injured? With the help of a sparrow-chute.
  • Why did the teacher punish the little bird? Because it was tweeting in an examination.
  • How do crows always manage to stay together in a flock? They use a vel-crow.
  • What should the name of a parrot that flew away be? A Polly-gone.
  • What do you call a bird which has got its heart broken? A blue-bird.
  • What does a snowy owl like to practice? Owl-gebra.
  • Why did everyone think that my pet bird was rude? Because it was a mockingbird.
Bird Puns
  • What type of birds are always found locked up in a cage? Jail Birds.
  • How did the bird manage to break-in the house? It used a crow bar.
  • Of what nationality was the goose? It was Portu-geese.
  • Which bird was put I charge of the church? The cardinal.
  • Why did the Pelican run out of money at the restaurant? Because it had a long bill.
  • Why should you never kiss a bird with any disease? Because if you do, you might get cherpies.
  • What should you add in a soup for your pet bird? Crow-tons.
  • Which movie does a bird like to watch the most? Lord of the Wings.
  • What does a duck light during Diwali? Fire-quakers.
Bird Puns
  • What game does a parrot play? It plays Hide and Speak.
  • What did the stupid bird tell its owner? It said, “I will finish it before you Dodo.”
  • Why was Mozart angry with his chickens? Because they kept going Bach Bach.
  • Which bird never visits the barber? A bald eagle.
  • Where does the queen of birds live? In the Duckingham Palace.
  • Which bird can carry the heaviest loads? A Crane.
  • Why was the owl fond of the detective novel? It was a hoot dunnit mystery.
  • Which bird can rob you while you are bathing in the bath tub? A robber ducky.
  • Which bird is sold at the grocery store? A kiwi.
  • Which bird do you require while taking your meals? A swallow.
  • What do you call a duck which is very smart? A wise quacker.
  • Which bird is always panting for breath? A puffin.
  • Which is the most popular bathing bar among birds? Dove.
  • From where do birds buy their shares? From the stock market.
  • What is the name given to a duck which does drugs? A quackhead.
  • With how many cans can you turn out a bird? Two-cans.
Bird Puns
  • Why is it illegal for chickens to play among themselves? It is fowl play.
  • What do you call an eagle when it is sick? Illegal.
  • What did the wife of the canary call him? Tweety-Pie.
  • Why are eagles always on their knees? Because they are birds of pray.
  • What should you serve a duck with its soup? Quackers.
  • Which comic is the most popular among birds? Jay Leno.
  • What name is given to a crate full of ducks? A box of quackers.
  • What does a chicken do in order to get a good physique? It egg-cersizes.
  • Which bird can never the lyrics of a song? Hummingbirds.
  • How do you attend to a sick bird? Give him tweetment.
  • I was quacked up by these bird puns.
  • I hope the responsibility of making bird puns will not be a birden on you.
  • Listening to so many bird puns at once is both unpheasant and hawkward.
  • Why was the chicken jumping? Because it was egg-cited.
  • The police department quacked the case of the stolen duck eggs.
  • The founding feathers of the sanctuary are highly respected.
  • Which is the favourite game of birds? Sneak Beak.
  • Why are birds politically neutral? They have both a left and a right wing.
Bird Puns

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