100+ Biscuit Puns that Will Make You Laugh

We all like puns, but when it comes to biscuit puns, people can’t stop laughing. Biscuit puns might bring you a lot of joy. If you use the right biscuit puns, your stomach will start aching from laughter. Here’s a list of biscuit puns for you to enjoy. Telling a biscuit pun while sipping hot tea is a great way to have some fun while eating breakfast in the morning.

Funny Biscuit Puns

You should try these brilliant biscuit puns; they are sure to brighten anyone’s day. The puns are extremely funny, and these marvelous lines are guaranteed to please children. The puns are absolutely hilarious. Each of these puns is indeed an absolute cracker that is sure to make everybody laugh!

  • I’m missing school today because I’m sick; I ate a lot of biscuits, and now I’m having digestive issues.
  • I dropped my biscuit, crumbs!
  • I asked for one helicopter biscuit for my coffee, but they didn’t have had any, so I had to compromise for a plane biscuit.
  • The magician might have several twix in his sleeve, so be cautious!
  • The biscuit visited a doctor as he was feeling under the weather.
  • Jaffar cakes are one of Aladdin’s favorite cookies.
  • Since his mom was indeed a wafer for so long, the baby biscuit was unable to quit sobbing.
  • I ate a lot of biscuits. I may have had an overdose, but I was ill.
  • The ability to dunk biscuits makes them a favorite of basketball players.
  • A snickerdoodle is a biscuit that creates amusing images.
  • A scone is the fastest thing to roll down a hill.
  • Lady fingers are indeed a cannibal’s favorite biscuit.
  • S’mores code is allowed to discuss with a biscuit.
  • I’m on the hunt again for the biscuit robber: when I showed up at the crime spot, he was scone!
  • Is Oreo a fan of biscuits?
  • I have some terrible news regarding shortbread: they no longer make it.
  • Make sure to put out shortbread for Santa’s elves because once you hold out biscuits for him.
  • Some biscuits are sassy: they can ginger snap.
  • All you have to do is fig roll with that as well!
  • The biscuits all flocked to witness Lionel Rich Tea’s live performance.
  • Good things come to all those who know how to wait.
  • Two cookies met, fell in love, and wedded. It was a portion from heaven.
  • I’ve always wanted to make chocolate cookies.
  • If you do not even how to actually cook, you can just have to fake until you bake it right.
  • The biscuit burglar strikes once more. This is the newest in a sequence of baking and breaking-ins.
  • I recently started working at a biscuit factory, where I kneaded the dough.
  • The baker works extremely hard. With one scone, he may murder two birds with one stone.
  • Three months later, the baker finally delivered my birthday gift. I suppose it’s better late than never!
  • A cookie burglar is the one who comes every night and takes away my biscuits. 
  • As they always remove their cookie settings, it’s hard to find out how a guy that works in IT’s preferred biscuit is.
  • Why are cookies and bacon called cookies and bacon, respectively, once you have to prepare biscuits and cook bacon?
  • It was a cookie blunder.
  • Cookies are used by websites to enhance efficiency, and to be truthful, I do the same.
  • That’s exactly how the cookie crumbles!
  • A friend was laid off from his work just at Rich Tea production plant. They claimed he ate the biscuit.
  • I’d like an almond-flavored biscuit. Amaretti? Sure, I am.
  • What’s crunchy and meows? A two-cat.
  • They took my blood, but rather than a biscuit, people gave me pita bread and salad. I believe this was an organ and tissue kebab.
  • I recently opened up a new carton of animal crackers. “Do not eat if the seal is broken,” it was on the package. I double-checked the shapes, and they were correct.
  • I have a friend who has a talking biscuit, but I never understand it. That’s how the cookie speaks.
  • The Wagon Wheels distribution drivers’ reunion was the best of all the gatherings I’ve attended. That ended up taking the biscuit.
  • I requested a helicopter biscuit. They didn’t have any, even Though I had to make do with a plane.
  • My friend found work in a biscuit production plant. He worked the dough.
  • Tennis is so close to defeating a chocolate bar. It was only a splinter.
  • I enjoy digestives. I’ll skip lunch and eat a small packet of them instead. It is why they are known as whole meals.
  • “Man, it’s hot in here,” one biscuit says to the other. “AHHH, a talking biscuit!!!” exclaimed the other biscuit.
  • Amazon has been forwarding me recommendations for random biscuits for weeks. Finally, I registered in and changed my cookie settings.
  • Two biscuits are baking… “Man, it’s hot in here,” one biscuit says to the other. “AHHH, a talking biscuit!!!” exclaimed the other biscuit.
  • “Choke me, daddy!” she exclaimed. As a result, I managed to give her 2 Popeye’s biscuits but no drink.
  • What’s worse than a drowning biscuit? The 2nd biscuit sent there to help drowns as well.
  • When a giraffe bites into a biscuit, what does it say? A small quantity of almost anything can go a long way.
  • A table is occupied by a dog, a pig, and a sheep. A plate of twenty biscuits is served. “Watch out, that sheep wishes to take your biscuit,” the pig warns the dog.”
  • Have you been baking cookies? Because you decided to make this ginger nut just now.
  • My 7-year-joke… old’s What do users name a person who dips his biscuits in his tea? Duncan.
  • I purchased a bundle of those animal-shaped biscuits but had to return them because the seal has been broken.
  • Which cookie does Aladdin despise the most? Jaffarcakes.
  • So when I got home today, there was a homeless man munching on biscuits over my computer cabinet. When confronted, he stated that he would clear the cookies afterward.
  • What do you name a biscuit who can’t play the guitar? A shady jammer.
  • What are the universe’s most potent biscuits? The Scones of Infinity.

Biscuit Puns

This page contains a wonderful collection of corny, flavorsome, and funny biscuit puns for all food lovers, food lovers, and anyone else who enjoys biscuits. This amusing collection of biscuit jokes, riddles, and puns is clean and suitable for all ages. Share such biscuit puns with your allies to make everyone laugh!

  • What kind of biscuits does Bob Marley prefer? What about jam?
  • I enjoy pizza and pomodoro, and I’m a sucker for dessert. Cassata, cheesecake, and biscuits are all favorites of mine.
  • When the biscuit fell off the shelf, what did he say? Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs.
  • What does the biscuit really say after being run over? Nothing. Biscuits are mute.
  • What does the biscuit say when two of its friends fall? Crumbs.
  • When two different skeletons start dancing in a biscuit tin, what do you get? Noise.
  • What makes a biscuit different from a monster? A biscuit can be dipped in tea, but a creature is just too big to accommodate in the cup.
  • What caused the biscuit to cry? His mother became a wafer for far too long.
  • What made your brother quit his job at the biscuit factory? Because he went nuts.
  • What makes a lazy marmalade cat resemble a biscuit? They’re both ginger freaks!
  • “Come forward and obtain eternal life,” the Lord said to John…But because John finished fifth, he would have to taste the biscuit.
  • What do you name a one-legged gingerbread man? Biscuit with Limp.
  • What else do you call a one-legged gingerbread man? Biscuit with Limp.
  • I was worried. I’d have no idea how to prepare the buns for dinner tonight. But then I recognized: to get the biscuit, you have had to whisk it.
  • What really do the tropical flowers have to say to the cookie tin? “Hibiscus!”
  • Two men observe a dog licking its own…

“I hoped I could do that,” says one.

            Another: “If you offer it a biscuit, it will almost certainly let you.”

  • At the zoo, I noticed a biscuit inside a cage. In confinement, it was bread.
  • A man steps into a bar. A duck tap dances on a biscuit tin in the night club.

He is astounded and wishes to purchase the duck. The man initially refuses but eventually agrees. As the guy steps out of the bar, the duck’s new owner yells. Please explain how I can restrict goose tap dancing. Lift it up the tin as well as blow out the lamp, says a man……

  • Bonnie Tyler’s new biscuit line has received positive feedback.

They’re great dunkers, but they occasionally fall apart.

  • What kind of biscuit does a small person prefer? Shortbread.
  • Do you understand exactly why the travelers ate biscuits on the first Thanksgiving, son? Because they had an abundance of May-flour.
  • What does the biscuit say after being run over? Oh, the crumbs.
  • DJ Steve Aoki had already retired from spinning records in favor of baking biscuits. DJSteve’s is the name he’s given to his new line.
  • What kind of children do biscuits have? They are obviously bread.
  • What are Thanos’ favorite cookies? Ginger bites.
  • I recently started working at a biscuit production plant. What else is there to say? I’m working on the dough.
  • My father told me a joke about biscuits. It was opulent.
  • What is a dwarf’s new favorite cookie? Shortbread.
  • Why was the magician dressed in an outfit made of biscuits? So that he could have just a few Twix on hand.
  • So two different biscuits are walking along the street when one of them asks the other, “Where do you live?”
  • “I can’t actually inform you; you’ll grab my clothes,” says the other.
  • Kindly inform me if you pick this up. Because I don’t have any.
  • Which are Aladdin’s favorite cookies? Cakes with Jaffar.
  • “Son of biscuit” is a phrase that just turns off the tongue.
  • “why did Teddy Bear biscuits dress up long pants? Because they have bad legs!
  • A healthy diet is like having a biscuit for each hand.
  • I’m not essentially a muffin top… rather than a busted jar biscuits.
  • So what would biscuits do when they’re done with the computer? Clear the cookies asap.
  • What else do biscuits eat as a snack? Chocolate chips and snacks.
  • What is delicious and meows? A Bis-cat.
  • Bob was dismissed from the McVities production plant for what reason? He really took the biscuit.
  • So why is the biscuit so indulgent? It earned a packet.
  • Why was it that no one wanted to marry the digestive? Because it’s so smooth and plain.
  • What else do biscuits used to make things right? Jaffa tape!
  • Why are cookies crueler than cakes? Because they are twice as hard.
  • Which biscuit is invariably making fun of people? A disscuit.
  • Which biscuit is able to float? Obviously, a water biscuit. 
  • What is the world’s oldest biscuit? A jammy codger.
  • Which biscuit is by far the most welcoming? A nice biscuit. 
  • What occurs when a biscuit falls asleep? It’s got custard dreams!
  • Which biscuit is prone to stomach upset? A digestive one. 
  • What’s the distinction between being a giraffe and a biscuit? You can never dip a giraffe in your coffee.

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