74+ Hilarious Book Puns to Make You Laugh

Books are, as we all very well know, which provide us with all the very information and knowledge and tell us all we want to know about any place, thing or maybe about any person. Everyone ensures that they must always read books to actually be learned as well as also to be successful in life. 

Mentioned below are some book puns and quotes which you can always use. 

Funny Book Puns

  • Open only for Hook ups with all my books up in that shelf !
  • These books are actually boozing me out ! 
  • What would that book be called which you can only hold in your hands ? It would be called β€œ HAND – BOOK ” ! 
  • The markets where books would actually go to shop ! It would only and only be β€œ BOOK MARKET ” ! 
  • What would be actually be the nature of all the books ? It would just be β€œ BOOKISH ” ! 
  • People actually usually just say don’t talk rubbish, but I tell others not to talk β€œ BOOKISH ” to me !
  • A perfect book actually helps you to be a perfect cook ! 
  • This cookie is actually only and only for a bookie ! 
  • What would be the King of books actually called ? It would just be called as β€œ BOO – KINGS ” ! 
  • What would that book be called which would actually have too much of money ? It would actually then be called as β€œ NOTE – BOOK ” ! 
Book Puns
  • If football has goal keeper then what would books have ? They would actually have a β€œ BOOK – KEEPER ” !
  • Where the books would actually go to get their dresses stitched ? They would just go to β€œ BOOK – TIQUE ” !
  • What best mode of payment books would actually use ? It would actually be β€œ CHEQUE – BOOK ” !
  • What would it be called if the book will message some one ? It would actually be called β€œ TEXT – BOOK ” !
  • What would actually be the language of books ? It would just be β€œ BOOKISH ” !
  • Which insect actually scares the books the most ? It is only and only β€œ BOOK – WORMS ” ! 
  • What are books actually scared of ? β€œ SPOOK ” !
  • Tighten up your hooks and just read your books !
  • How do these books actually socialise ? They do it just with β€œ FACE – BOOK ” !
  • Just like others every book has its own β€œ STORY – BOOK ” ! 
Book Puns
  • What do books actually wear ? They wear β€œ BOOK – COVERS ” !
  • Cookie made by a cook, bookie makes a book ! 
  • Police arrests you ! But book actually β€œ BOOK ” you for crimes ! 
  • Of whom would books be actually jealous ! They would actually be jealous of copy ! 
  • Read this very book and you will flow in to like that in the babbling brook ! 
  • A book can actually always be the best help to each and every cook ! 
  • This book was actually so very deep that it just shook me from inside ! 
  • Book are so very knowledgeable as well as also they are so very β€œ SHELF – LESS ” !
  • What would we actually call to all those homeless books ? They would be known as β€œ SHELF – LESS ” !
  • Who said that books do not have voice of their own ! They also have β€œ VOLUMES ” ! 
  • What would those books be called who regularly work out ? They would just be called β€œ EXERCISE – BOOK ” ! 
Book Puns
  • Where do all the books actually maintain their regulations? Of course they do it in their β€œ RULES – BOOK ” ! 
  • What would actually be the very favorite place of all the very book? It would actually be β€œ BOOK – LYN ” ! 
  • What would be the meeting place of all the books? Undoubtedly it could only be a β€œ LIBRARY ” ! 
  • Do books also have periods? Yes they too have β€œPERIODICALS” ! 
  • Do books also use pads ! Yes they actually use β€œ NOTE – PADS ” ! 
  • The books are actually not only so generous but they are also so very β€œ NOVEL ” ! 
  • Can books also be horny ! Yes as they also have a β€œ DIC – TIONARY ” ! 
  • Can we also control the sound of books ! Yes we actually can as they have different volumes ! Volume 1, 2, 3,…..
  • For what would all these books go shopping ? They go shopping for β€œ BOOK – MARKERS ” and β€œ BOOK – COVERS ” ! 
  • The books are actually nothing less than the drugs for all the very readers ! 
  • What are the most learned books called? They are actually called β€œENCYCLOPAEDIA”
Book Puns

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