20+ Hilarious Bow Puns that Are Simply Fabowlous!

Be it related to archery or what we tie in our heads; bows can be pretty. So are these bow puns. If you are looking for something that shoots right through your humor needs, bow puns are the answer. We look forward to you reading and liking these bow puns as much as we do!

Funny Bow Puns

Do you have a friend who’s a professional archer? Are you interested in archery? These bow puns will pierce your heart and make you want to read more. We promise you, the bow puns never stop getting funnier! Happy reading!

  • The kid protesting against violins being played in schools stood up after an energetic speech, took a bow, and left the room.
  • A rainbow is the only bow that you cannot tie.
  • A bow wakes up every morning and bows before the Almighty.
  • I have decided to buy a bow and arrow because I guess it’s worth a shot.
  • The bow of a Beneteau yacht is the start of a magnificent French ship.
  • I tried to shoot an oar out of a bow but missed because it was an air-row.
  • He suddenly stood up in the middle of the river and said very sternly,” I don’t think that’s the boat’s bow.”
  • Two archers who are also good friends call themselves ‘Best Bows.’
  • The butter knife wore a bow tie to the party to make a sharp appearance.
  • The archer was killed by a sudden bow to his head.
  • You are making a bolt decision if you choose a crossbow instead of a bow.
  • In Spanish, a bow is called El-Bow.
  •  I didn’t Habanero. No wonder I couldn’t go bow hunting in Mexico.
  •  An archer’s favorite song is Bowhemian Rhapsody.
  •  After the date, the Italian archer said to his girlfriend,” Bella bow!”
  •  If you have a bow that shoots water, you have a rainbow.
  •  A bow-legged cowboy was fired for not being able to keep his calves together.

Bow Puns

You can use these bow puns if you want to share a good laugh with your friends. Try having a hilarious party where you say these bow puns to everyone, and they just burst out laughing. We wait for you to realize how cool and witty these bow puns are!

  • A crazy hunter traded in his bow for a sword. I think he was de-ranged.
  •  Orion fired a bow into the local coffee shop because he was hunting Starbucks,
  •  The archer performed so splendidly at the competition that everyone said,” Take a bow!”
  •  A penguin with a golden oak leaf wearing a bow tie is a Major Party Fowl.
  •  If you don’t put bows on a gazebo, that makes it a gaze.
  • Boromir used a longbow because they took the little ones.
  •  An archer who can use both hands equally is ambowdextrious.
  • If you want to buy a bow and arrow, you can always go shopping at Target.
  •  Someone was telling terrible bow puns, and he is my arch-enemy now.
  • The archer had some skin issues. So he decided to get a Bowtox treatment.
  •  An archer’s favorite musician is David Bow-ie.
  • The bow can’t meet you because it is a bit tied up.
  • The bow tie and the necktie had a competition. The result was a tie.
  • An archer’s favorite hobby is bow-ling.
  •  There was a traffic jam on the street. Behind me, I saw a bow in a car, constantly bowing the horn.
  •  The archer had a pet dog that shouted ‘Bow-wow’ whenever he came home.
  • The archer was telling us bowring bow puns.

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