150+ Funny Bowling Puns and Jokes That’ll Strike Laugh

Bowling is basically a sport or a game for recreation as we all know. In this game, there are pins that are arranged and then you have to throw a ball and make all those pins fall down. Also, bowling is the game of skittles. And apart from this, it is also the game of ten-pin bowling. Mentioned below are some best bowling puns and quotes. 

Bowling Puns

  • Can you pass me that BOWLING pin as I have to make the Pizza base 
  • Do you know how to use BOWLING pin 
  • Was the BOWL of my phone ringing 
  • I rang the BOWL of your house 
  • We all must have some aims as well as some BOWLS in our life and then we must focus on them completely 
  • This is the BOWL room where the party of the king would be organised 
  • His anniversary party is being planned to be organised in this big and huge BOWL ROOM 
  • Could you pass me that CRICKET BOWL 
  • Lets play FOOT BOWL 
  • I am going to play FOOT BOWL 
  • I want to be a famous basket BOWL player 
  • I want to become a foot BOWLER just like Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • Kaka is my most favourite FOOT BOWL player 
  • He is BOWLING down the page 
Bowling Puns
  • Just BOWL down the page then you will see what I am asking you to see in this presentation 
  • What are the BOWLS of your organisation 
  • You must actually be A – GAMED of you acts
  • You are just such a GAME – LESS human being 
  • Why are you just behaving so so GAME – LESSLY
  • I have never ever seen a GAME – LESS person like you are
  • He gifted me that Photo GAME on my birth day
  • I still remember that day when he gave me this PHOTO – GAME with a picture of both of us fitted in to it
  • Could you please turn off the GAME
  • I guess you have started being so arrogant after you got all that GAME
  • Congratulations for you have now become so GAME – OUS in the country
  • I feel so happy to see that you are so GAME – OUS now and also the entire nation is so proud of you
  • All these deodorant as well as all of these perfumes are in – GAMEABLE
  • Do you know all these perfumes which we use are actually in – GAMEABLE
  • This would be my BALL in this flat
Bowling Puns

funny bowling quotes

  • I bought a flat which is one bedroom BALL and kitchen
  • I studied about the Great BOWL of China in my history books
  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a BOWL
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great BOWL
  • Her hands are so so BALL and thus they seem to be more cute
  • You are BOWLER than her
  • I just like BALL as well as hand some guys
  • He BOWLED you to ask you that what flavour of ice cream would you like to eat 
  • We must not trust any one blindly in this BOWL world 
  • In this BOWL world no one can ever love you like the way I do 
  • We all must have a BOWLANCE diet in our daily life 
  • All of us actually need to maintain a BOWLANCE between our personal and our professional life 
  • Always remember to maintain that BOWLANCE between your personal as well as your professional life 
  • The perfect BOWLANCE of nutrients is very necessary for us to be healthy 
  • Use PIN to make that omelette 
  • She is preparing the pancake on your PIN 
  • She used your PIN to make the omelette for her break fast 
  • Put all the trash in the dust PIN 
  • I guess you must throw all those waste papers in your dust PIN
  • You must have a dust PIN in your room for throwing all those waste papers and wrappers in to it
Bowling Puns
  • God always punishes you for all the PINS that you may do 
  • Before doing any thing wrong we must keep in our minds that there is God who will punish us for our PINS 
  • She is using your PIN for writing that letter 
  • She took away my Reynolds PIN with her 
  • My head is PINNING 
  • Is your head PIN ok now 
  • My leg was hurt last night and now it is PINNING so badly that I can not even tell you 
  • She was suffering from PIN cancer 
  • All of us must take care of our PIN 
  • You must consult a PIN specialist 
  • Why are you get so PIN 
  • You are reducing your weight day by day, how come you are getting so PIN 
  • This GLO – BOWL economic slow down is all because of the Coronavirus 
  • The economic slow down is now GLO – BOWL and all this is just because of this pandemic of Coronavirus 
  • All of us must always fulfil our RESPONSI – BALLITIES 
  • I think these days you are forgetting your RESPONSI – BALLITIES which you must actually fulfil
  • You must actually not under estimate my CAPA – BALLITIES 
  • Why are you trying to under estimate her CAPA – BALLITIES 
  • Her husband is a BALL business man 
  • His father is a BALL business man 
  • This scheme launched by the government would cover all the BALL and marginal farmers in our country 
  • Do you know the scheme which government just launched would be very beneficial for all the BALL and marginal farmers of our country 
  • I use only HER BALL mehndi on my hair 
  • All of us must actually use only and only HERBALL colours and must resist those chemicals colours from applying on our hair
  • Gandhi promoted the Khadi cloth as well as the PINNING wheel in the entire country during the Swadeshi and boycott movement 
  • This was the PIN – PIN situation for both of us 
  • You are the PINNER in this game 
  • And the PINNER of this game is my closest friend Harry 
Bowling Puns

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