94+ Hilarious Bun Puns to Laugh out Loud

Nothing brings out the giggles quite like a freshly baked bun pun, and kids love them too. There are a surprising number of bun puns out there since bread and baking have so many opportunities for brilliant wordplay. We hope you really like our oven-baked bun-dle of bun puns.

Funny Bun puns

We’ve compiled a selection of bun puns to entertain you and your family amused, whether you’ve previously heard the quip about getting crumby, you always buck the trend, or believe you deserve more butter. In fact, we believe you should check out our amusing bundle of the funniest bun puns.

  • What caused the Big Mac’s top and bottom buns to clash? They had a hostile disagreement.
  • The loaf of bread’s girlfriend split up with him for what reason? The connection was breaking down.
  • Why does bread detest summer in the South? Too much heat is present.
  • How does the bread approach his love interest? Abundant in flours.
  • What was the psychic’s response to the toast? You have mystified me!
  • After a long day, what did one piece of bread say to another? It will be butter tomorrow, so don’t worry.
  • What TV program does the baker enjoy watching? Bread that walks!
  • What does a loaf of bread tell a friend who has helped them? I was only able to do the yeast.
  • Before the race, what did one piece of bread say to the other? You’re toasted!
  • What does a loaf of bread say to his lover when they break up? You merit some butter.
  • How can you tell whether a baker is radical? Always defying convention, they.
  • What did mother bread tell her children? Your breadtime has long since passed!
  • Why was the baker’s credit card rejected? He lacked enough dough!
  • How come hamburgers visit the gym? A: To obtain superior buns!
  • The dog spoke to the hot dog bun, but what? Are you of pure blood?
  • I took my pet snake to a hot dog stand. “May I have a hot dog for my snake, please?” I asked. We’re sorry, but we’re all out of buns, the waitress retorted. “My anaconda won’t eat you unless you have buns,” I said.
  • Have you heard the story of Dwayne Johnson and the cinnamon roll? It’s rock and roll, they claim.
  • Did you hear about the baker who won the pastry competition thanks to the grit and high sugar content? He entered wearing a bun glazing.
  • How can a hot dog be made appealing to a hipster? Place it inside a man bun.
  • What type of bread is the most sophisticated? The aristocracy.
  • Why did the old loaf stop baking? His career was over.
  • What made the bread loaf upset? His ideas continued to go awry.
  • When he finished brushing his teeth, what would a slice of bread say? I want to go to bed.
  • What did the cheese say to the slice of bread? Since I was last, you have been the greatest!
  • What distinguishes Pacman from sausage in a bun? The first is a hotdog, while the second is a dot hog.
  • Before sitting down, a dyslexic placed a dinner roll on a chair. A pad bun, that is.
  • When I brutally choked a customer, I was fired from my position as a baker. My manager should not have instructed me to put my hair up in a bun.
  • What follows a baker making a wordplay joke? Bun intended.
  • On a beach full of naked people, where is Ronald McDonald? You are searching for sesame seed buns!
  • What’s the name of a furious bunny in the desert? A fresh cross bun.
  • Did you hear that Michael Jackson would be getting a McJackson burger? The meat is 50 years old, and the bun is 12 years old.
  • Have you heard the story of the last week’s electrocution of a baker? A currant shot up his leg as he stood on a bun.
  • What caused the baker to be unhappy? On the incorrect side of the bed, he awoke.
  • Before the race, what did one piece of bread say to the other? You’re finished.
  • When she brushed against the loaf of bread, what did the flour bag say? I saw you yesterday, didn’t I?
  • While they were playing hide and seek, what exchange did the bread have with the roll? Here I crumb, bready or not!
  • When I was a Wendy’s employee, the business mandated that whoever made the burgers draw a “W” in mustard on the bread. But nobody ever caught me putting mustard on hamburgers as an “M.”
  • What separates Sun and Bun? Both the sun and the bun rise in the east and set in the west, respectively.

Bun puns

You’ll laugh out loud at these humorous bun puns and puns whether you’re a novice bun baker, an expert chef, or simply a carb lover. You’re guaranteed to get a rise out of these punny bun puns if you share them with a baker in your life. What makes a bun pun the best? Mold never forms on it.

  • Why escaped from bakery did the two pieces of bread? Together, they wished to grow mold.
  • How do you address a piece of toast that has fallen on the ground face down? Good luck moving forward.
  • To his girlfriend, what did the piece of bread say? I slack you.
  • A man entered the doctor’s office. He had an ice cream cone on his foot, a sausage behind his ear, pickles in his shirt, and half a bun on his head. “I’m worried you’re not eating correctly,” the doctor said after taking one look at the patient.
  • My hair is currently in a bun. It wasn’t very good; I’ll probably try it again with a croissant.
  • What sort of bun goes to hell every time? a cinnamon bun, aka Cinnabun.
  • Why wasn’t the hot dog able to suffuse the bun? There was a surplus of condiments.
  • I had just slid my wiener into some toasted buns when I remembered I had forgotten a condiment.
  • The bread saw a doctor for what reason? Because it felt sluggish.
  • What distinguishes an elephant perched on a bun from a riddle? The conundrum is one, while bununderhim is the other.
  • How would you describe two hotdog buns made by the same bakery? Breadthren.
  • What do elves use for their sandwiches? Short-bread.
  • Why did the retired loaf of aging bread? Since his career was over,
  • How can you greet a loaf of German bread? Gluten label.
  • How does bread retain information? It employs Notes on a toast.
  • When the bread is done baking, how does it relax? It lazes about.
  • When you sandwich your meat between two pieces of bread, what do you call it? An entrée.
  • You might spread the joke about the butter on the piece of bread that I was about to tell you.
  • I have no idea why, but every time I photograph my loaf of bread, the image is grainy.
  • Have you heard the story about the sad loaf of bread? After a breakdown and some rye, he recovered quickly.
  • What was causing the baker’s anxiety? Considering that it was life or death for him!
  • How can one best increase their pay? Request more money!
  • What do you name a rabbit that has been out in the sun for too long? A tasty cross bun.
  • Guy Bun? Maybe Douche Knot? It’s a fairy tale, so neither.
  • There was no bun included with my German sausage. There was only the wurst.
  • What distinguishes Pacman from sausage in a bun? The first is a hotdog, while the second is a dot hog.
  • I’m referred to as The Sandwich. since I prefer to have meat between my buns.
  • A chef sought to make fresh Filipino buns but was unsuccessful. I suppose he wasn’t sia pao enough to create them.
  • To keep my Chihuahua warm, I wrapped it in a hot dog bun. A chili dog that was.
  • My sister recently made some delicious buns, she said. “You mean, just like the one’s grammar used to create,” I retorted.
  • What is a man in a hotdog bun called? A bread.
  • What do you call two hamburger buns that are still glued together after they have been out of the oven? The Sesamese twins.
  • Why does Princess Leia continue to wear her hair in buns? It, therefore, doesn’t Hang Solow.
  • I stumbled into a bun while I was at work in a bakery. You could say that I’m having a good time.
  • I once got into a brawl at Bunnings. Although it was close, I prevailed by 10%.

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