78+ Best Bunny Puns and Quotes

Bunnies happen to be adorable creatures. Apart from being quiet, they are simple to clean up and come with a comparatively long lifespan. Moreover, they are cuddly and cute. In case you are not fortunate enough to own a rabbit, go through these funny bunny puns mentioned below.

Bunny Puns and Quotes 

  • You will be able to know that a possessed rabbit has visited you once he leaves behind deviled eggs.
  • A rabbit housekeeper is called a dust bunny.
  • Where did the rabbits go following their marriage? On the bunnymoon.
  • A bunny that has been raised in a hotel is known as a hare that has been inn-grown.
  • In case there is a line of 200 rabbits in a single row and the majority of them go back one step, what are you going to have? A hare line which is receding.
  • The rabbit ended up consuming the wedding ring since he had heard that the ring had been 20 carrots.
  • A rabbit suffering from fleas is known as a bugs bunny.
  • The preferred dance style of a rabbit happens to be hip-hop.
  • How is it possible to assert which bunnies are becoming old? Look out for the grey hares.
  • Rabbits happen to be so fortunate because they possess 4 rabbit’s feet.
Bunny Puns
  • Rabbits are used to put in hoppy disks in their computers.
  • The preferred game of any rabbit happens to be hopscotch.
  • The rabbit ended up constructing a new home since he was flabbergasted with the hole stuff.
  • What are you going to do in case it habit goes on pooping within your yard?
  • I will be taking him to the pellet court.
  • Have you heard of the egg laden bunny that is known to jump off bridges?
  • He happens to be the Easter Bungee!
  • Have you heard of the rich rabbit?
  • He happens to be 1 millionhare.
  • I’m going to place an official prohibition on the rabbit puns. They aren’t bunny whatsoever.
Bunny Puns
  • Despite the fact that I purchased a fancy hutch to my bunny, he does not appear to carrot whatsoever.
  • The Easter Bunny told the carrot that it had been great gnawing it.
  • Before consuming anything the rabbits say this: lettuce pray.
  • The difference between an odd bunny and a healthy bunny is the fact that one of them is somewhat funny while the other happens to be a fit bunny.
  • What did happen to the Easter Bunny while he was at school? He had been eggspelled.
  • The Easter Bunny receives his eggs from the eggplant.
  • Regarding the Easter parade, the Easter Bunny asserted that it had been eggs-cellent.
  • Do not wait for me and get on with the meeting since there is a possibility for me to be a hare late.
  • Rabbits are known to go through books that come with Hoppy Endings.
  • A bunny is capable of becoming a wrestling champion since he has got plenty of hare pins.
  • Have you heard of the lady who complained regarding the rabbit stew?
Bunny Puns
  • She claimed that there had been a hare in the soup.
  • The race between the tortoise and the rabbit came to an end and it had been won by a hare.
  • Do you know what exactly happened to the Energizer Bunny? In fact, he got detained for Battery.
  • The rabbit ended up banging his head on his piano since he had been playing by ear.
  • The bunny crossed the road to prove that he was able to hip hop.
  • How is it possible to understand that carrots are useful for the eyes? This is because you will not be seeing a bunny putting on glasses.
  • Rabbits will not become hot during summer because they have got hare conditioning.
  • It is possible for the Easter Bunny to remain healthy by eggsercising. 
  • The bald person painted bunnies on his head since they appeared like hares from the distance.
  • Rabbits are known to work at IHOP eateries.
  • A happy rabbit is known as an hop-timist.
  • The favorite film actor of Easter Bunny happens to be Rabbit De Niro.
  • The rabbit told the duck to quack him up.
  • The bunnies learned flying in the hare force.
Bunny Puns

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