90+ Funny Camel Puns and Jokes that Kids Will Loving

Camels are perhaps the most important animal in the desert. It is used as a means of transport, for carrying goods, and for dairy. Puns about camels also tend to be very popular among people. They are also very easy to make and understand

Camel Puns

  • What would be the name of a camel which does not have a hump? Hump-free.
  • Why was the camel tired of his partner? Because she was always giving him the hump.
  • Why is the camel able to hide easily in its natural habitat? Because it has great ability to camel-flauge in the desert.
  • Which day of the week do camels from the east always look forward to? Wednesday. Because it is Hump Day.
  • Which nursery rhyme is the most popular among young camels? Hump-ty Dumpty.
  • What would you call a camel that is crying? A humpback wail.
  • Which is the favourite drink of a camel? A camelmile drink.
  • What would you call it when a camel is being carried away by a crane? A camel tow.
  • What do you use to record videos of camels? A camel-corder.
  • What did the camel which was fond of taking photographs grow up to become? A camelra-man.
  • Why was the camel upset after it had bought some items from the black market? Because it found out that it was scamelled.
  • What was the camel who wanted to be the president doing the whole day? He was planning his election camel-paign.
  • What was the camel for in an university to pursue higher studies? A well equipped camelpus.
  • Which Hollywood actress is the most popular among camels? Camelron Diaz.
  • Which African country did the camel want to go to for his vacation? Camelroon.
  • Why could nobody believe that the sauce was a non dairy product? Because it was a be-camel sauce.
  • Which car from the Japanese manufacturer did the camel dream of buying? Toyota Camelry.
  • Which Asian country did the camel go to for an exotic vacation? Camel-bodia.
  • Where did the young camels go for a date? At the roadside calf-e.
  • What kind of coffee is the best for young camels? Decalfinated coffee.
  • Which is the best part of a three course meal for a camel? The desert.
  • What did the surprised camel ask his classmates? He asked, “Hoof-inished my homework?”

Camel Jokes

  • What did the pessimistic camel see? He saw a glass hoof empty instead of seeing it as hoof full.
  • Why did the camel start eavesdropping on his friends? Because he overherd them making interesting plans.
  • What did the camel say on seeing his date for the first time? He said, “I have never seen herbivore.”
  • What did the other camels say to the wrestler who defeated everyone else? They said, “Manure really strong!”
  • Why were the herd of camels not stopped? Because no one cud gather the courage to come in front of them.
  • What is the latest fashion trend among camels? Wearing a s-calf.
  • How did the camel feel after it was insulted by his friends? It felt like a chump.
  • Which is the favourite romantic movie of a camel? Camelie.
  • Where did the camel get positioned in the army? In the camelry.
  • How do you take a camel under arrest? You put a handcalf on him.
  • Why could the camel not perform his duties in the middle of the night? Because calf asleep.
  • Why did no one take the camel seriously? Because whatever it said was hoofey.
  • What did the master of the camel say when it was caught eating in the middle of the night? He said, “Hoof-eels hungry at this time of the night?”
  • Why did the camel get angry with his friends? Because he had made a below the pelt remark.
  • Where did the camel go to get medicines for his family? He went to the fur-macy.
Camel Puns

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