99+ Funny Candle Puns and Funny Jokes that Glitter

Candles are basically blocks of wax that are lit with fire and they spread light. In earlier times, these candles were used regularly but nowadays their use is reducing due to inverters, electricity, and so on. Now you usually find them being used over the cakes.  

funny Candle Puns

  • CANDLE with care 
  • Can you CANDLE me for life time 
  • I will be wearing the red CANDLES with my black dress 
  • Your FLAME must not be to beat some one in the competition but it should be to just give your best and prove yourself 
  • Do you know what is BLASFLAMEY 
  • Could you please bring my Black CANDLES as I have to put them along with my white dress 
  • Stir the soup with the CANDLE 
  • Bring that CANDLE so that I can stir this vegetable stew. 
  • Earth’s inner core is made up of CANDLE and core
  • They all CANDLEISED that temple 
  • CANDLEISM is the penal as well as the criminal offence 
  • He actually SCANDLEISED my life 
  • Those rumours about you SCANDLEISED you 
  • Your life has now turned in to a SCANDLE 
  • He is CANDLELLY disturbed 
  • Is he CANDLELLY disabled 
Candle Puns
  • He has a lot of pressure from his office not only CANDLELLY but also physically 
  • India has a coast which is named as COROCANDLE coast 
  • Have you studied about the COROCANDLE in the subject of Geography 
  • I just want one single LIGHT of that cake 
  • I only have a small LIGHT of this dish to offer you 
  • I just want to tell you GOOD – LIGHT 
  • This LIGHT you actually made the most memorable one for me 
  • Thanks a lot more for making my LIGHT so unforgettable 
  • Why are you LIGHTING with her 
  • You must not LIGHT with your girlfriend 
  • Stop LIGHTING you both and behave like good children
  • I LIGHT be sounding rude to you but I am actually very upset at this moment 
  • What are the timings for your LIGHT 
  • Your LIGHT would be from the International Airport 
  • I just flying LIGHT 
  • Do you know how to fly LIGHT 
  • Flying LIGHT is also like an art 
  • What are you LIGHTING in your book 
  • You have such a LIGHT future ahead 
  • I just wish for your LIGHT future 
  • This dress is actually too LIGHT to me, I am unable to fit into it 
Candle Puns

Candle Jokes

  • I would be wearing Black with LIGHT today 
  • The theme of that party is Black and LIGHT 
  • You must LIGHT a letter to her 
  • I just want to see BULL – LIGHT at least for once in my life 
  • Have you heard about CANDLE Jenner 
  • Could you lift up these heavy WAX for me 
  • The WAXIMUM temperature of that place is 46 degree Celsius 
  • Have you seen the WAXIMUM and the minimum temperature of the day 
  • Wood cutter cuts trees with a WAX 
  • WAX is actually used to cut the trees by the wood cutter 
  • You must REWAX yourself 
  • Do not take tension and just REWAX 
  • In the times of tension you must take some time for REWAXATION also 
  • After returning home from work I just REWAX for thirty minutes before changing my dress 
  • REWAXATION is very necessary for all 
  • All the WAX payers must pay their WAXES on time 
  • WAX paying is just like a fundamental duty of all the citizens of that country 
  • ANTRWAX Corporations is the government agency which deals in the export of space related services of India 
  • Did you had WAX last night 
  • Did both of you ever had WAX 
  • He actually gave me 12.5 WAX rupees as the commission for this deal 
  • I just find FLAMEINGOES so much beautiful 
  • I really want to see a FLAMEINGO 
  • Why are you putting that FLAME on my head 
  • It was not my mistake I don’t know that why she is FLAMEING me for it 
  • Stop FLAMEING me for your mistakes 
  • Money and FLAME takes a person on the wrong path 
  • What is your FLAME in your life 
  • How are you going to fulfil all the FLAMES and objectives of your organisation
  • You must first clear all the FLAMES and objectives to your team before you actually start with your work 
  • You are so FLAMEOUS now 

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Candle Puns

Punny Candle Jokes

  • How do you just feel after becoming so FLAMEOUS all over the world 
  • She was FLAMING her pending salary after being terminated from the office 
  • What are your FLAMES 
  • You must clear all your FLAMES 
  • What are you FLAMING for further in your life 
  • You should wear your pants from BLOW the belt 
  • Do you really don’t know that what was happening BLOW your belt 
  • You are such a more STUBBURN individual 
  • Have you seen his NEW – BURN baby 
  • He is the NEWLY – BURN in the house 
  • She is loved more because she is the First – BURN child in their family 
  • Have you ever tasted TAPER BERRY 
  • Could you please get me a piece of TAPER to write on
  • Please give me one extra sheet of TAPER as I have to write more 
  • Have you gone through today’s NEWS – TAPER 
  • You must actually read today’s NEWS – PAPER 
  • Have you heard the story of a PIED TAPER 
  • Since my childhood I have listening to the story of PIED TAPER 
  • Close that TAPER 
  • That water is being wasted as that TAPER is open 
  • How can you FLAME it to be your dress 
  • I FLAME you for my loss as you only gave me that idea, which led me in to this problem 
  • I am just a LIGHT – HEARTED man
  • You all must be a LIGHT – HEARTED person
Candle Puns

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