99+ Funny Car Puns and Jokes that Will Keep Your Laugh

Car is something that actually does not require any introduction; we all know that it is the four-wheeler vehicle that is made by so many different companies around the world in so many countries. They are nowadays the favorite mode of transportation for all people.

Best Car puns

  • Do you actually CAR for me 
  • I really actually doubt you sometimes that you even CAR for me or not 
  • I actually did not like that very movie as it was so very CARY 
  • I just hate all the horror movies as they are actually so very CARY 
  • You are actually the rising CAR and one day you will actually be a famous personality 
  • What is actually the very CAR of this project which you just proposed 
  • I am actually going to the CAR to have some drinks 
  • Could you please get me a glass of Champagne from the CAR 
  • Lets go to the CAR and celebrate your promotion with some drinks 
  • You can actually consult a doctor if you actually want to get rid of this CAR from your very face 
  • You actually stay so very CAR away from the very house that I find it so very difficult to reach your place 
  • The very place where you were actually standing was so very CAR away from this very place 
  • I actually saw a shooting CAR in the sky last night 
  • CAR you there inside the room 
  • Just have a look at yourself how CARFUL you had actually started being these days 
  • To be really very very honest, I was actually a born CAR 
  • CAR you all joining us for lunch today 
  • You are actually no one to CARTROL me 
  • Please just stop CARTROLLING me 
  • The military troops are actually PETROLLING that side 
  • All our friends are actually STEERING us 
  • Would you please just stop STEERING at us 
  • Why are you actually STEERING at both of us 
  • I would really actually DRIVING in the sea at least once 
Car Puns
  • I am actually so very scared of DRIVING into the sea 
  • Which number comes after four?
  • How many books do you actually have in your bag?
I am carrying a total of DRIVE books. 
  • I really consume only real as well as natural honey directly extracted from the DRIVE 
  • I was DRIVEN with total of twenty chocolates for distribution among all the children. 
  • I would actually love to eat WHEEL today in dinner 
  • I actually use WHEEL oil which is so very expensive 
  • WHEELS are actually killed, hunted as well as poached for their skin, oil and other products. 
  • Are you WHEEL now?
Take CAR of yourself as you are not WHEEL today. 
  • Get WHEEL soon 
  • WHEEL I am cooking food go and wash your clothes 
  • WHEEL, you come with me to the hospital 
  • The Great WHEEL of China 
  • I just wish that the WHEEL with those clients should be cracked 
  • I am actually WHEELING in packaging materials with those clients 
  • DRIVE you life your way 
  • DRIVE. Long. Life.  
  • Are you DRIVING him money 
  • DRIVE me some money for shopping 
  • I just wish you to WHEEL soon from the very wounds of your accident 
  • I just actually love to eat Mc. Donald WHEEL 
Car Puns

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Funny Car Jokes

  • What would you like to have in your WHEEL today 
  • Is this all actually WHEEL 
  • Could you actually WHEEL what I actually want to tell you 
  • Someone actually tried to WHEEL my purse from my car 
  • Please check the WHEEL of the packed item. 
  • Were you actually able to crack WHEEL 
  • I actually can’t eat more as I am FUEL now 
  • I am actually so very GRATE – FUEL to you for all the help that you actually provided me when I was all alone 
  • I actually have FUEL SIM mobile phone 
  • My cell phone is actually FUEL SIM
  • He is so very rude as well as FUEL 
  • In past most of the rulers were actually so very FUEL in their nature 
Car Puns
  • One must actually always follow all the FUELS as well as regulations 
  • FUEL do my work or not?  
Please let me know this straight forward
  • I am actually so very FORD today 
  • Oh my FORD! We all wish you to have your hand on us all the time as your children. 
  • I would actually like to have three mugs of GEAR today 
  • I actually went to the pub and there I had six cans of GEAR 
  • I actually some times also use rose PEDALS for garnishing my sweet dishes 
  • The PEDALS of this flower are actually so very beautiful 
  • Come down here else you can actually FUEL down from there 
  • I really really like you because you are so very chill as well as FUEL each and every single time 
  • Always remember that you can actually never FUEL me as I am so very smart 
  • Will some one here can actually tell that what is the MOTOR 
  • We all are actually made up of MOTOR which is actually the basic unit 
  • Humpty Dumpty sat on the WHEEL! 
  • Today I actually had boiled vegetables in my WHEEL 
Car Puns

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