56+ Best Carrier Puns and Funny Quotes

By the term “carrier”, we actually refer to a legal entity or individual that is involved in the activity of transporting commuters or items for hire. In fact, airlines, shipping lines, railroad companies, and trucking companies are al considered to be carriers. Here, we have thrown light on some captivating carrier puns that ought to attract your attention.

Carrier Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I am quite fed up with my phone carrier; the Wi-Fi hotspot was on, I had been connected from the laptop, the signal had been horrible, and I ran out of information. 

I better say that I am at the concluding part of the tether…

  • What is the Soviet flag carrier airplane called?


_How is it possible to get an elephant within a Safeway carrier container?

Carrier Puns

The “F” has to be taken out of the “way”.

_The Net Neutrality having gone, I am eventually prepared to commence my brand new business named Carrier Pigeons.

Even though you might laugh right now, you will not once nudes are delivered by my pigeons quicker as compared to your service provider.

_I was once told by a wise person that the mobile carrier selected by you tells a lot regarding your life.

It is not surprising that I make use of Virgin Mobile.

_Statistically, older folks happen to be the most typical AIDs carriers.

Walking Aids, Hearing Aids, Seeing Aids …

_What was told by the Spanish photon once it had eventually had enough of becoming the carrier of electromagnetic force.

No mas.

_Somebody ought to take the responsibility of switching the carrier of Trump to Sprint.

Cannot tweet with awful covfefe. 

Carrier Puns

_My penis is called “aircraft carrier” by me.

Since you will always find seamen in it.

_My buddy is in love with aircraft carriers.

He simply warships them.

_Informing my in-laws that I am making an attempt to make a baby …

Sounds much better than “I have been filling your daughter with such an amount of semen that you might mistake her to be a Nimitz-class airline carrier”.

_Right now discovered a carrier bag containing a British rugby shirt in the trash can.

I find it hard to believe that somebody could throw that stuff away worth 5p!

_I booked several  Star Wars impersonators for the birthday of my son, however I just now has a phone call informing that the carrier of their people has broken down. 

I simply know that they happen to be in a Galaxy which is quite far away.

_For what reason do they prefer watching Star Wars on the airline carriers on the giant screen?

All of them are concerned about force projection.

_What cell carrier is used by Mormons?

Virgin Mobile.

_I do not have any issue with 5p carrier containers, I have got a container for life ever since I tied the knot the previous year.

_My spouse has visited the block several times in case you know what I want to say.

She is actually a mail carrier.

_I visited a liquor store last day on a bicycle and purchased a Jack Daniels bottle and tied it to the bicycle carrier of mine. When I was going to depart it appeared to me that the bottle would break in case it accidentally fell off. As a result, I ended up consuming the entire JD before riding back. It was actually a very smart decision since I actually fell off my bike several times on my way home. 

_When a brown paper container visited the physician he gave them some awful news. 

I am extremely sorry to inform you this that you have got a genetic ailment. 

However, the brown paper container became horrified and told that that it was an impossible thing for he is simply a brown paper container.

The physician replied that one of his parents ought to be a carrier. 

Carrier Puns

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