98+ Funny Cat Puns and Jokes for Any Cat Lover

Cats are interesting beings. You will never know what they are up to. This makes them all the more attractive as pets. People who love cats will definitely like puns about them. Cat puns can be hilarious as they relate to these cute little things in a funny way.

Funny Cat Puns

  • What did the cat say when no one was believing him?
It said that it was not a kitten around.
  • What did the cat say when its friend thought it was a dream?
It said that it was fur real.
  • What kind of an artist was the cat?
It was a fur-realist.
  • Which is the favourite sportscar of a cat?
A fur-rari.
  • Why are my cat puns not appreciated?
Because they are claw-ful.
  • What is the one word that is used by millennial cats over and over again?
  • What did the cat like to do in its free time?
It liked to play meow-sic.
  • What is a cat which has been taken into custody by the police called?
A purr-petrator.
  • Why did the cat think that it will lose the game?
Because it had to face a fur-midable opponent.
  • Describe how the cat is feeling?
It is feline pretty good.
  • Why does a cat manage to get each and every thing that it wants?
Because it is very purr-suasive.
  • Why did none of the cats which sat for the test manage to pass?
Because all of them were copycats.
  • How are your cat puns coming up?
It has been good so fur.
  • How do you like my cat puns?
They are pawful.
  • Why was the cat staring at the man on the road?
Because h looked very fur-miliar.
  • What do you call a dog show in which a cat manages to secure first place?
A cat-has-trophy.
  • How did the cat respond to an event it was not sure about attending?
It is definitely a paw-sibility.
  • How did the cat apologise for a mistake it had committed?
I beg your paw-don.
  • What can you say about a cat which can solve mathematical problems?
It is im-paw-sible.
  • What do you tell a cat which is hesitant about doing something?
You have to do it meow or you will never be able to do it.
  • How much did the cat take as luggage on a vacation?
The mew-nimum luggage possible.
  • How did the cat and the dog manage to play together?
They became the best of fur-ends.
  • Would your cat like these puns about it?
Purr-haps it will.
  • Which subject did the cat love to study in school?
It liked hiss-tory.
  • What did the adult cat say to its younger one?
That it was in-fur-ior to it.
  • What do cats wear as a night dress?

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Funny Cat Jokes

  • Which is the most important part of a cat’s character?
Its purr-sonality.
  • Which book does the cat love to read?
The Great Cat-by.
  • How did the cat propose marriage to his lover?
He said, “Let us be together fur-ever.”
  • What does a cat draw best?
A self paw-trait.
  • Why did everyone laugh so much at my cat puns?
Because they were hiss-terical.
  • Why did everyone avoid listening to cat puns?
Because everyone felt that they were a-paw-lling.
  • What is the blood group of a cat?
A paw-sitive.
  • How do you wish a cat on its birth anniversary?
You say, “Happy Purr-thday!”
  • How did the cat couple manage to stay together forever?
By getting meow-rried.
  • Why did the cat buy a chest?
To store its fur-tunes.
  • What does a cat do as leisure?
Read furry tails.
  • Why can you never depend on a cat?
It is fur-getful.
  • Where does a cat go for its vacation?
To the meow-ntains.
  • What do you call a cat that reads and writes?
  • Which colour does a cat like the most?
The colour purr-ple.
  • Who do you call for a rogue cat?
The claw enforcement.
  • Which drink does a cat like the most?
  • How are the cat puns?
They are paw-some.
  • What does a cat say when it wants something?
  • What does a cat say when it wants to be pampered?
It says, “Take meowt to eat.”
  • How much do you love your cat?
I love it the meowst.
  • What does the experienced cat say everytime?
“I have done that be-fur”
  • What do you call a fit cat?
Cat Puns

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