51+ Best Celebrity Puns and Funny Quotes

Celebrities are the most crucial part of the entertainment industry and they play an important role when it comes to giving the world a whole new level of excitement in the midst of their chaotic life.  However, it is even more fun watching to have them included in puns. Here are a few puns on celebrities that will add spark in your life. 

Celebrity Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What was the reaction that came around when Keanu Reeves did his last film on John Wick? The fan went sad and asked Keanu Reeves to Keanu comeback 
  • What is the one thing that people noticed at the dinner when they invited Reese Wither spoon? They realized that there was dinner but also Reese Withoutaspoon 
  • When did the scenario look like after the Gillian Anderson left her son at the school and came back to the gathering? After dropping the son to school, she arrived as Gillian Withoutherson
  • What change did the crowd noticed after watching Rain Wilson on the corn field?Rainn Wilson was a changed person when he came to the field ,he was Sunn Wilson 
  • Blake lively was so tired frim the work and shooting that she turned into Blake Dreary by the end of the day 
  • Lena Dunham challenged her friends she would complete the whole dinner meal or they could change he name 
  • The dinner was so heavy that her friends ended up keeping her name Lena Stillworkingonham
  • A certain movies worked so much in favor of the actor that people started calling him Tom Cruise but later when the box office managed to fail he was just tom Bus Ride !
  • Beyonce got married and she became Beytwice !
  • How did Kanye change his direction in life? Kanye was Kanye West when he knew he was going right, and later he turned into Kanye East
  • The career was slope hill for Neil but with time Neil Young aged and he turned into Neil Old!
  • Gene Wilder was a game changer in that movie, but the next movie was so subtle, he acted more like Gene Calmer 
  • Morgan was so locked up in the projects coming up that Morgran freeman turned into Morgan not so free man
  • Woody Harrelson faced aging too very soon and all the looks slowly faded away and then he became Woody Baldeslson 
  • Ana wore hat but later was asked to ana hath away 
  • Bear Grylls took Nat geo by storm and guess what he did with animal he hunted? Bear Grills those animals!
  • How did people figure that things went fine with Olivia Wilde? Well, Olivia Calmed down after that 
  • What did Elijah wood said when you offered him the role ? Well, Elijah Wouldn’t
  • Tom hardy looked all raw and rough through his workout at the gym, but when he played with the girls all day, he was Tom Softy !
  • Jay Z sneaked through the snooze button and went all Jay Zzzzzz!
  • John Goodman played such tough role in that movie he looked more of a John Badman!
  • What did people say about matt LeBlance monochrome outfit at the Oscar? He was a such charmer people called him Matt LeNoir!
  • The liquor took no time from turning Rob Lowe to Rob High in the party 
  • If 50 cents had a doppelgänger, his due would be called One dollar!
  • Stephan performed that stunt in so much heat that he was literally turned in to Stephan Warmbert 
  • Thor was such a geek at the moment that he turned into Hipsthor 
  • Gerard was a very good host and that is the reason his last name was Gerard Butler!
  • After splitting up from Brad Pitt , Angelina Jolie changed her name to Angelina Sad 
  • Christopher had such major change in his role he was Christopher Walken at one moment the other he was Christopher Sittin and the third he was Christopher Flying 
  • Selena Gomez was not that well of a driver, people got so confused at her driving skills that they started calling her Selena Stopmez
Celebrity Puns

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