78+ Best Cheese Puns and Funny Quotes

Cheese is a solid dairy product made from the curd of milk. Cheese can be sweet, soft or firm and it is generally white or yellow in color. Cheese puns are the best type of joke for someone who loves cheese. Given below is a list of some cheese puns you can send to your cheese lover friends to share a good laugh.

Cheese Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What is a nice way to start a chat with a cheese plate on a dating app? Hi, this is brie you are searching for.
  • What did the matured cheese say when his mom doesn’t let him watch an R rated film? I am mature enough.
  • What would you name it if a cheese becomes #2? Fondue-due.
  • How did a grilled cheese sandwich complement its partner on their date? I am melted by you.
  • What did one cheese whisper to another in the middle of philosophy class? I dis a brie.
  • What does an individual who loves cheese say when a person keeps causing trouble for him? You gouda be joking.
  • What is track and field celebration a cheese lover likes the most? The curdles.
  • What did the mother cheese say when her son cheese got wounded while riding his bicycle? You have to accept the gouda with the unfortunate.
Cheese Puns
  • What type of music a cheese lover likes the most? R n’ Brie.
  • Why the parmesan didn’t swipe right on the cheddar? Because his planned effort to start the chat was cheesy.
  • How do you have clues about getting kind of serious with an individual who loves cheese? You will be informed by them that they are pretty fondue you.
  • What would a cheese say after looking at himself in the reflector in the AM? Halloumi.
  • What beverage would a cheese love to have after a boring day? Mortimer.
  • What type of cheese is eaten by beavers? Adam.
  • What kind of philosophy does cheese like the most? Fetaphysics and epistemology.
  • What movement you should do when you are taking care of a little cheese? Create a Roquefort.
  • By which name a cheese will call himself after getting ditched? Permanently provolone.
  • How did a cheese lecturer start his lecture every day? Oh queso…
Cheese Puns
  • What village people song a cheese lover likes the most? Nacho Man.
  • How would a cheese inform you that they don’t want to exist without you? I guess we look gouda with each other.
  • How did a cheddar cheese compliment another cheddar cheese at prom? Looking sharp.
  • What did a true cheese lover say when they appear at your gate? I want to converse with you about Cheesus.
  • What cheese lions like the most? Roarquefort.
  • What cheese shed tears the most? Babybel.
  • Why does cheese have so many issues? Because it isn’t occupied with any gouda.
  • Have you heard about the individual who opens up a shop where he doesn’t sell anything except swiss cheese? It’s a hole policy of the business.
  • What is the strategy of cheese if it moved for President? Make our country great again.
  • What is the reason no one likes to spend time with crackers? Somebody perpetually slices the cheese.
Cheese Puns
  • The best music made of what type of cheese? Brieoncé.
  • Where do you need to contact if there is a terrible cheese store? The feta company bureau.
  • How does a piece of cheese be shared by you with a bear? Caerphilly.
  • Have you heard about the person who is addicted to cheddar cheese? It was just mild.
  • What knowledge the father cheese passed down to his little boy cheese? A curd is valued of two in the bush.
  • How do they say goodbye when you leave a cheese shop? Wish you a gouda day.
  • Why did I doubt the cheese salesman? Because the cheese salesman was too gouda to be genuine.
  • What do you name a cheese that is referential? Feta.
  • What type of cheese gives protection to a castle? Moat-zarella.
  • What rap artist a cheese lover likes the most? Feta wap.
  • What cheese pirate loves the most? Ched-arrrrgh.
  • What would a cheese that visits craft openings be called? Cultured.
  • What do you say to a cheese who is dealing with tough times? Ricotta deals with it.
  • What would a male cheese say to another female cheese on the day of love? Brie mine.
Cheese Puns

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