99+ Funny Chicken Puns and Jokes for Comedy Hens

Chicken, as we all know, is actually a domestic fowl that is actually kept for all its eggs as well as for its meat. There is a large variety of dishes that we actually prepare with these chickens and they are also consumed everywhere around the world. 

Funny Chicken Puns

  • Could you please CHICK up that phone 
  • I really want that you CHICK me up from my house for the party 
  • Always remember that you can actually never ever CHICK me with your cleverness 
  • You are so very clever that you actually just try to CHICK everybody around you 
  • HEN what you decided about your relationship
chicken puns
  • She is actually better to HEN you in studies 
  • This soup is actually so very CHICK 
  • You must actually learn all the very CHICKS of trading with people 
  • What is the actual CHICKNESS of your table 
  • The CHICKEN the sauce the better it is 
  • I actually initially thought to be a COMEDY – HEN 
  • I always actually wanted to attend some live show of any famous COMEDI – HEN 
  • Could you actually please COMPRE – HEN – END what you were just telling me 
  • I actually find the DOLP – HENS so very cute 
  • I really wish it I could ever had a DOLP – HEN  as my very pet 
  • You can actually work here with out any HEN – DRANCES 
chicken puns
  • Work here freely with out any HEN – DRANCES in your very work
  • Could you please that very last CHENCE 
  • Life does not give you CHENCES again and again in your life 
  • It is actually the CHICK by chance 
  • Never loose your CHENCES 
  • Please CHICK if you have some money in your wallet 
  • Could you please CHICK the details of that person who actually came here last night 
  • Could you please give me a HENT of how to just tackle with such kind of problems 
  • All that very pain which you are actually holding WITHEN you; you must release it 
  • It is actually so very our HENOUR that you came as the very chief guest in our event 
  • It is actually such a great HENOUR to serve you 
  • You must always be HENEST to all those who are actually HENEST to you all the time 
  • I just believe that HENESTY is actually the best policy 
  • I am actually left with only HENDRED rupees
  • Could you please lend me with five HENDRED dollars as I am actually in urgent need 
  • Are you really HENGRY?
  • Lets eat some thing to kill our HENGER 
  • Lets just order some thing to eat as this HENGER is actually going to kill me 
  • We should actually consume HENEY than sugar as HENEY is actually natural and also a much better option 
  • Could you please get me a cup of coffee with HENEY on side 
  • We must actually come together to fight against this HENTING as well as poaching 
  • We must actually not HENT animals for they are also the very part of our environment 
  • We must actually ban this HENTING as well as poaching 
  • Could you please take one PECKTURE of mine 
  • I want you to send me all those PECKTURES that you actually clicked last week 
  • I am so very eager to show you all the PECKTURES of my trip 
  • Could you please help me in PECKAGING of these very items 

chicken jokes

  • Could you please pass that PECKET to me 
  • Hey! Get me a PECKET of chips to eat as I am so very hungry 
  • I just want you to think about this very problem from my PERSPECKTIVE 
  • SPECKTRUM actually gives seven colours 
  • Take all the very ASPECKTS Of this problem in to account 
  • Have you ever actually tried to understand my PERSPECKTIVE 
  • Have you actually taken in to account all the very ASPECKTS of this very problem 
  • Now a days people just help you actually in order to actually serve their own very PROSPECKTIVE interests 

I guess I actually never told you this but I am actually MYOPECK 

chicken puns
  • I actually loved this very movie so very much and it was such an EPECK 
    • Did you actually thought of the very IMPECKT which your decision could actually have on all of those related to you 
    • I would only suggest that before taking any of the decisions think of its IMPECKT 
    • I just bought such a COMPECKT car for my daily use 
    • We all are actually planning to shoot a BIOPECK on any of the world famous personalities 
    • We must actually draw an inspiration from this very BIOPECK 
    • Did you actually decided your TOPECK for your presentation 
    • Please share your very TOPECK of presentation with all of us 
    • Could you please give all of us some ideas or some TOPECKS which we can suggest them for extempore 
    • My brother is actually such handsome PECKHELOR 
    • Please stay on the TOPECK 
    • PECKHON is actually made from the pork belly 
    • Just look at the PECKK of you, some one is standing there 
    • Hen what is your problem when she is actually ready to get married 
    • She actually decided to take part in the MARATHEN as she actually has a good speed as well as consistency. 
    Chicken Puns

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