56+ Best China Puns and Funny Quotes

China happens to be a nation situated in East Asia and happens to be the most populous country in the world having a population of approximately 1.5 billion in 2017. China is likewise the 3rd biggest country by area covering around 9,500,000 square kilometers. Incidentally China is one of the first civilizations on the planet. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some interesting China puns.

China Puns and Funny Quotes

  • How am I able to know that China has got Free Speech?

None tells otherwise.

  • For what reason is suicide not legal in China?

Because it destroys government property.

  • For what reason are people getting arrested in China because of spreading wrong information?
China Puns

Since it is the job of the government to spread wrong information.

_I am of the notion that China is not telling the truth regarding the number of people that have expired because of corona virus.

They always depict the same individual when there is a new case.

_I asked my Chinese buddy regarding how it feels residing in China.

He told that he would not be able to complain.

_They come with a look-alike competition in China.

Everyone ended up winning.

_In Hong Kong, the protests have been going on for 160 days which aptly helps to prove that the nation doesn’t belong to China.

Since no item manufactured in China has lasted for more than 7 days.

_Break ups happen to be the worst in China. 

You are able to see her visage at all places.

_Why is it not possible for the dyslexic individuals to make use of the Internet in China?

Since while opening a bat they end up getting a virus.

_Even though coronavirus had its origin in Wuhan it is not the sole ailment that has come from China.

There is likewise the Wu Ping cough.

_For what reason was Chinese New Years canceled by China?

Because all were fighting kung-flu.

_What is an elephant dancing in a shop in China called?

Break dancing.

_Pooches are K19 in America.

In China, pups happen to be E10.

_What is Coronavirus called in China?

One Grandparent Policy.

China Puns

_What happens to be the most well-known band in China?

Wuhan Clan.

_For what reason is the Great Wall of China considered being amongst the 7 wonders of the world?

Since it has been built in China and is going to last for quite some time.

_Have you heard of the lethal virus in China?

It is known as communism.

_Which fruit is the most well-known in China?

 Mandarin oranges.

_I like to view the Great Wall of China at all times.

Therefore, I reserved a Wuhan way ticket.

_It is appropriate that Coronavirus began in communist China.

Since everybody will be getting it.

_Coronavirus – manufactured in China.

Same goes with the hand sanitizer used by you.

_A music video was made by me regarding a pandemic in China.

It became viral all of a sudden.

_It is imperative for the film makers to appease the Chinese censors in China; however, individuals in America tend to forget that we do have the identical thing …

We likewise need to pacify the Chinese censors. 

_For what reason is gambling not legal in China?

Since they do not like Tibet.

_What was taken by Matthew McConaughey in China for brunch, lunch, and dinner?

All rice, all rice, all rice.

_There is an innovative diet which is getting well-known in China.

Gesun diet.

_I right now got back to China from a cruise.

It had been sick.

_In China, what happens to be the average temperature?

451° F.

_The nephew of mine proudly showed me the “telephone” just made by him from a couple of tin cans and a string.

After pulling out my iPhone, I said that “although this is nice, just see what the children of your age are making in China”.

_What happens to be the sole thing which is not manufactured in China?


_For what reason are there a greater number of physicians in China right now?

They are all fighting Kung Flu.

_Even though the manufacturing has been halted in China, at least they will go on making the News.

_Do you have any idea that it is not legal to water plants in China?

It makes the microphones rust.

_I wished to visit China this very week.

However, I am of the notion that it is better to allow it to die down somewhat.

_My mom and dad had been to China for spending their holidays.

And I just got this hopeless cough, cough, cough …

_Are videos emerging from China regarding coronavirus …

Viral videos?

_China has turned out to be the most significant nation for the American educational institutions.

Since both gunpowder and paper were invented by them.

_I might have been affected by the flu in China.

Well, WHO does care?

_This year, the Lunar Festival did not commence with a bang in China.

However, with a cough.

_All people in China ought to make certain to put on a mask.

Otherwise, you will be catching the Kung-Flu.

China Puns

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