70+ Best Christmas Puns

Christmas, as soon as you encounter this word a spark of happiness hits your mind and soul. Anything is very plain and simple without puns therefore Christmas is incomplete without the puns, it brings that element of being funny and happiness at the same time. Below mentioned are some Christmas puns you can use while you wish your loved ones. 

Christmas Puns

  • You are invited for the Christmas Eve at our house, but yes do not forget to bring gifts and shower some blessings on us.
  • Wines are the most important element of Christmas please bring some along with you; excuse me I said wine not you’re dreadful whining.
  • Today at Christmas Eve you are invited in a dress theme please bring pints of beers, good alcohol and Christmas trees, no needle pine trees allowed.
  • Jingle bells Jingle bells jingle all the way, hey you dressed up like a real Jungle. Christmas Eve is jingle bell not a silly jungle bell dugh.
  • No Gifts no food this Christmas eve this is the policy we opted this Christmas, still we need to be good this Christmas hence no gift good food permitted.
  • Why did you forgot your fur jacket it’s so cold this Christmas, I guess you have started being fur-getful these days, May god help you.
Christmas Puns
  • I agree it’s a theme Christmas this time at my house, you were invited as a mountaineer don’t tell me you became a fearsome snow ghost, you got me really scared.
  • Santa gifts you present on Christmas, he does not give you capital for your business, wish less word harder. Merry Christmas.
  • I know you are very eager for your wedding this wedding season, but I would like to tell you its merry Christmas not Marry Christmas that you mentioned on my card.
  • I am totally done this Christmas, excuse me done with weird selfish people ,and more intrigued to do with happiness and food. Merry Christmas.
  • May god bless you deer Anna this Christmas, while all the deer come on a one horse open sleigh.
  • This was a peaceful and perfect Christmas Eve, Full of ice cool and nice men around.
  • Everyone will be presented only one gift at a time big or small, all kids are advised not to be elfish, I mean selfish, as god is watching.
Christmas Puns
  • The boys this Christmas were so cool and nice; it felt to say it was ice meeting you man.
  • This kid looks so adorable dressed like a Santa clause; I would request a big round of Santa –plause for him.
  • The house looks very beautiful this evening, full of fairy lights, heaps and heaps of people and plenty of Christmas trees around, I should really appreciate that the house looks tree-mendouse this Christmas.
  • Christmas is about Santa coming riding on one horse open sleigh, it is not about slay people coming your way.
  • You should be grateful to Santa clause for his gifts, and not represent clauses to the gifts, be elf less this Christmas i mean be selfless this Christmas.
  • I hope this Christmas Jesus showers a lot of blessings on you, so that you need not take a shower till the next Christmas.
Christmas Puns
  • This time the Christmas carol was so peaceful and pleasant, that even the coral seems to be unpleasing.
  • May god bless you with all the fortune and happiness this Christmas, that you don’t need any new fortune oil to cook food.
  • This time Christmas was so sweet and fun at my friend’s house, I fear of taking precautions against any sugar sickness.
  • Christmas is always fun with friends, unless that friend doesn’t make fun of you, some Christmas trees have needles instead of roses.
  • I waited for this Christmas very eagerly; when it arrived I ate so many sweets that I became weighted than required.
  • Christmas is all about good food and delicious cakes, once Christmas arrived my wait for cakes was over, but my weight started increasing.
  • People wished me a lot on social media on Christmas my account got flooded with wishes people said to marry Christmas instead of merry Christmas.
  • I would love to have pints of beer this Christmas from people but would request to avoid needle pine this Christmas.
Christmas Puns

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