50+ Best Clear Puns and Funny Quotes

Everybody can go through tough times in their lives and it is very important for us to get rid of the situation at the earliest. Getting clear will help us on what to do and where to focus our creative talent. Here, we have mentioned some interesting clear puns for your interest.

Clear Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Karma implies that I can become mean to individuals having a very clear conscience; in all probabilities they really deserved it. 
  • Each time I share this joke with someone, I need to confront with something bad the next day.
  • After clearing his throat, the pony said that he was somewhat hoarse.
  • When a man sees the cleavage of any woman, his ability of thinking clearly reduces by 50%. 
  • Every boob.
  • Recently my grief counselor expired.
  • Did a fantastic job clearly since I simply did not care.
  • My wife is quite upset regarding the extramarital affairs of mine; however, she will not be able to blame me since I had made it clear several times prior to our marriage. 
  • I love you as well.
  • Jack: Frankly speaking Edith, the excuses shown by you are lame, and it is evident that you are actually attempting to make the folks think that you’re special. 
  • Edith: Jack, that’s somewhat stupid. The H was removed by me from my name since it helps to save ink in the printer.
  • What was told by the snow plougher to the vehicle drivers prior to clearing the snow?Snow issue.
  • According to them it will be a good idea for you to stay away from a  hippopotamus in labor.
  • A wide berth will be needed for a wide birth.
  • I purchased some toilet paper for my lady friend last day.
  • It is now evident that she has found her found her Prince Charming finally.
  • It has been announced by the World Health organization that it is not possible for the pooches to contract Covid-19 and those which have been held previously in quarantine can be released now.
  • Clearly speaking, WHO let the dogs out.
  • Attorney: a client of mine has been trapped in a penny clearly.
  • When the judge expressed surprise, the attorney said that he has been in a cent.
  • A casket firm has begun to market clear glass coffins.
  • Have no idea whether they are going to be received properly … we need to be patient and watch.
  • I am going to divorce my better half.  First it had been the poolboy, followed by the mailman, the ex-boyfriend of my wife, and finally my closest buddy. It is pretty obvious right now …
  • I just simply adore dick.
  • While I had been walking with my wife, someone told her that she has got a nice ass. She was clearly angry and wanted me to say something for this.
  • Therefore, I simply turned around telling that thanks and I had been performing squats.
  • The ball is shanked by the golfer off the course out into the road where it eventually strikes the car of a passing police officer. The cop ran into the golf course and wrote the man a ticket for driving recklessly. 
  • A man visits a psychiatrist while putting on shorts made from clear plastic wrap.
  • The psychiatrist told that he was able to see the nuts of the man quite clearly.
  • It is not very clear to me why my mother makes a lot of dad jokes.
  • She has been transparent.
  • Nintendo did not like to have a repeat of their unsatisfactory sales from the Wii U.
  • It was obviously clear that they wanted to make a switch.
  • Just for making things clear, I am about to wear my glasses.
  • In case someone begins a conversation that you do not want to listen to, simply start coughing.
  • They are going to clear out quickly.
  • ”Con” happens to be the reverse of “pro”; the fact is seen clearly.
  • In case “progress” implies “moving forward”, then what is meant by “Congress”?
  • Once I went to a job interview and was asked a question regarding punctuality. 
  • I continued to assert that it was nice to speak politely and clearly, and it was likewise good to make use of proper grammar in speech as well as writing.
  • A man enters the office of a psychiatrist wearing only a saran wrap undergarment.
  • After taking a look at him, the doctor told that he was able to see his nuts clearly.
  • What happens to be the quickest way to clear a room packed with Anti-Vaxers …?Sneezing.
  • We are about to have a whole year of poor puns regarding vision in 2010.
  • I am able to see it clearly.
  • I found it difficult to leave the building since the exit routes were not marked clearly.
  • It had been a genuine exit stencil catastrophe.
  • Would you like to know the way to clear out a bingo parlor in Iran? B … 52.
Clear Puns

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