100+ Clock Puns that Will Help You to Pass Some Time

There’s always Time for one or two amusing clock puns, especially if your jokes center on clocks, watches, hours, or minutes. Although that may be true, there are better ways for every one of us to occupy our Time. Also, allow yourself a minute to go through these puns and jokes about making Time fly. Your sense of humor will be grateful!

Funny clock puns

Do you know the exact Time it is now? It is the Time to relax a bit and laugh out loud reading our timely clock puns for you. So do not be guilty and make Time in your schedule to add some laughter to your day’s routine.

In what way did the tower clock respond to the street clock?

It told high there!

In my area, very few individuals try to beat the clock to pass the Time.

The watchdog was perched on a pin. For him, it was undoubtedly spring.

Do you want to play catch with a clock?

Maybe at least we can pass some time that way.

“Hands up,” the burglar cried as he turned to face the watch store watchdog.

I stood in front of the mirror holding the wristwatch in one hand because Nana had told me it was Time for me to think.

My sister purchased many watches because she was running out of Time. She has a lot of leisure time currently now.

As she sat on her watch, my sister felt tense. She said, “Mommy wanted me to be on time,” when I questioned her.

Discussing secrets around a watch is never a smart idea since the future will reveal them.

Clock Puns

Here’s what I believe about purchasing a clock online. Simply taking the Time to consider it is time-consuming.

Do you know that the duck awakens at the first crack of dawn?

Why would a man who was running late decide to buy a watch?

Because he wanted to buy some time.

The young man held his watch in front of the mirror, but why?

because it was a time for reflection.

If an elephant were to sit on the watch, what Time would it be?

It would be a prodigious moment to get a new watch.

Why should you never go to a fancy dress party outfitted as an alarm clock?

You can end yourself being infuriated by people.

The alarm clock is in my shoe for what purpose?

My foot shouldn’t be dozing off, please.

What caused the cuckoo to emerge from its tiny clock door?

As a result, it was destined to shine.

Why wasn’t the alarm clock allowed to stay in prison?

Because the supply keeps running out.

The clock was being measured by one of my students. He said, “The history instructor had requested him to verify the beginning and finish of the time,” when I questioned him about why he was doing it.

A clock told another clock the tale of his fellow clock. It was heard about secondhand.

The clock was thrown out the window as my little brother, who was rushing, entered the room. He desired a quickening of Time.

The pendulum of my grandfather suddenly stopped swinging. I believe the swing was lost.

A buddy of mine used to have an alarm clock whose tone would occasionally change. I’m inquisitive as to what he’s doing presently now.

My favorite Time of day is 11:59:59 am, regardless of the clock. It is the Second before noon.

I set my clocks ahead when I learned that the British Horological Society was searching for recommendations for new members.

Why was the clock thrown out the window by the boy?

He desired a quickening of Time.

“My beloved, it will be six o’clock at the third stroke.” My new clock from Tolkien.

A buddy of mine used to have an alarm clock whose tone would occasionally change. I’m interested as to what he’s doing currently.

It’s interesting to learn that the Leaning Tower of Pisa will get a clock face installed. It will have the Time and the desire.

I just received a brand-new 24-hour clock, and it’s already broken. It was just a day long.

The greatest timepiece in the nation is up for grabs in a competition. My clock is now ahead.

A clock was depicted on a billboard that I noticed. That is probably a sign of the times.

I attended a costume party as an alarm clock. I became quite frustrated since everyone was making me angry by winding me up.

How do you know when your clock needs food?

It is where there is a four-second delay.

Have you ever attempted to swallow a clock?

Because it takes a lot of Time.

I attempted to create a belt out of timepieces, and although it may be true, the effort was a waist of Time.

I was going to search for my lost watch, although it might have been true, I was never able to determine the Time.

Without a doubt, 6:30 is the finest Time of the day, hands down.

Finally, a movie titled clocks is in production. It’s past due.

What do you name an interlocking clock’s tale?

It is called as second-hand knowledge.

What transpires if you irritate a clock?

It becomes irritated.

I bought six watches yesterday. I suppose you could say that I have a lot of leisure time.

After working so many additional hours in the watch factory, I can’t believe I was dismissed.

I just bought a new 24-hour clock, and it’s already broken. It was just a day long.

I would work in a clock store if I wanted to live the Time of my life.

Big Ben’s repairs are expected to take three years to complete. Given that they are around the clock, that is an extensive quantity of Time.

An inebriated man is showing his pal his new residence. The bedroom is the final destination, and next to the bed is a large brass gong. The companion inquires, “What’s that gong for?

The inebriated responds, “It’s not a gong. “It is a talking clock” How does it operate? The man takes up a hammer, pounds the gong loudly, then backs away. For God’s own good, it’s 3:30 in the morning, someone cries from the other side of the wall.

Why is telling a clock your secrets bad advice?

It is because only Time will tell.
Clock Puns

Clock jokes

The idea of time, which is supported by the object known as the clock, is at the center of our whole scheduling and life. Here are a few clock puns so you can produce the best puns in the future without wasting your time.

I was recalling an old vehicle I once owned that became stuck in reverse. That sent me reeling.

Sound moves more slowly than light. That explains why some people seem clever until you hear them talk, it turns out.

The neighbor across the street is constantly waiting for his turn. He said he wanted to arrive promptly.

The watch didn’t accept the narrative that the clock was informing it. It was heard about secondhand.

As it moved by the hour hand, what did the second hand say to it?

It told I’ll be back in a moment, see you soon.

What happens when a wall clock stops ticking?

It starts hanging out.

What Time was your appointment with the dentist?

It is at tooth-hurty!

Why couldn’t the timepiece be maintained in the prison?

It is because the clock was always ticking and the Time is always running out.

The principal told a new youngster, “I hope you’re not one of those lads that sits and monitors the school clock.” No, Sir. My digital watch beeps at three minutes to fifteen.

The man has a clock under his desk for what purpose?

It is because he is desired to progress gradually and gradually.

The scientist dropped a wristwatch into his flask for what reason?

It is because he was trying to find a timely fix.

I walked inside the store and informed the employee that I needed a battery in order to tell the Time. “Is it for a clock?”

he inquired. I responded with “I’m not sure! I need the batteries because of this!”
Clock Puns

If you want to read something to get over the Monday Puns, do not miss out

I’ve spent a lot of Time examining this clock. Why in the world did I purchase a timepiece that only shows minutes?

As he was departing, what did the young kid say to the clock?

See you the next Time!

You must turn on an alarm clock for it to sound. I operate myself in the same way.

Why don’t irate clocks just tock?

It is mostly because they are already ticked off.

The clock I tried to include into the belt that I tried to create broke because the belt was too large. All in all, it was a complete waste of Time.

What did the grandfather clock say in response to the digital clock?

Grandpa, see! No hands!

Before I go to bed tonight, “The Government” wants me to change my clocks back, although it may be true I’m going to conduct my own research instead, thank you very much. My pick of clocks.

Why was the clock eaten by the shark? .

He was only killing Time

After breaking every clock in his area, a guy was taken into custody. The man said, “I just wanted to kill some time very badly” when questioned why he did such a thing.

When the first digital clock is being set up, a guy exclaims, “Honey, come look at this!” as soon as he plugs it in. This technology is unquestionably cutting edge. It claims it is already 12:00, although it may be true I could have sworn it was only 5:30.

A woman grumbles, “Today, my mother almost died due to our wall clock. Only a few seconds after she stood up from the couch, it collapsed.” “Damn clock always been sluggish,” he murmurs.

What occurs when Red Bull is poured upon a clock?

It is an absolute time and energy waster.

I recently started working as a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock… Although it’s not the finest work in the world, it does get me outside.

What was the land’s message from the communist clock?

It was Hours.

What distinguishes a boy clock from a girl clock?

A girl’s clock merely keeps tocking whereas a boy’s clock goes “tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.”

I just came saw a huge sign promoting many clocks. It must just be a symptom of the times.

I gave my son a swearing alarm clock for his birthday instead of a beeping one. He’s going to have a nasty surprise.

What caused the clock to be expelled from the library?

It tocked excessively.

I’ve got the ideal name for your clock/watch repair business, if you’re launching one. Name it as the Speculative Times.

Workers who maintain clock towers are on strike! The union representative said, “It’s about Time.

My hero is the person who created the alarm clock. I just wake up every day for him. I sincerely hope that this hasn’t already been done.

How do you know that people like to eat watches?

It is because they frequently order seconds.

I purchased a belt with a timepiece buckle. I couldn’t read it when I first put it on. Such a waste of Time!

My day was going well until 12 o’clock. I awoke at that Time.

I built the clock. The clock face is a sharpening stone, the tiny hand is a paring knife, and the giant hand is a butcher’s knife. Never a boring moment, it seems.

I’m really slothful. Instead of changing my clocks when Daylight Saving Time comes around, I just do math for the next eight months. And a lot of other individuals, I believe, also engage in it.

What causes Covid in clocks?

It is because they have their hands on their faces.

I just spent the previous 43 minutes attempting to fix a malfunctioning clock. I believe it to have been 43 minutes.

My cell phone serves as my alarm clock. I refer to it as Veriz’n shine.

I just got my friend a huge clock for his birthday after spending two hours shopping. It’s Time to end this.

Clocks sneeze in what way?


What transpires if you irritate a clock?

You could just get ticked off by someone!

The other day, when I asked if I might leave work early, my employer said, “Sure, as long as you make up the Time. “It’s 20 past 14 now, so no issue, I said.

A man didn’t want to be late since he was starting a new job. He then requested to purchase a potato clock from the clockmakers. The perplexed clockmaker inquired, “What’s a potato clock?” I’m not sure, the man said in answer. My wife advised me to get a potato clock after I told her I didn’t want to be late for work.

How can you tell whether a witch is carrying a time bomb?

It is when their brooms are audible ticking.

Why do affluent people purchase so many clocks?

It is when their brooms are audible ticking.

Why did Bob Dylan change the Time on every clock?

For the times they are a-changin’, he remarked.

What do you call it when a store offers discounted half-faced clocks?

It is called as a time-limited offer.

Why should you wait until you’re late to buy a clock?

It is by doing so, you buy Time!

Do you know the cause of pendulum pauses?

It is because they stop swinging!

What results from the union of a chicken and a clock?

We get a cluck.

What is the name of the timepiece on the moon?

We call it a lunar tick!

What kind of insects inhabit clocks?

It is the Ticks!

What has a hick-hock sound?

A ticking timepiece with hiccups!

What tells the Time and has eight arms?

It is a clocktopus!
Clock Puns

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