210+ Cloud Puns To Make You Laugh Out Cloud!

You must be aware of the proverb- every cloud has a silver lining. Well, the silver lining is these hilarious cloud puns. On a rainy day, a cup of tea and some of these cloud puns are all you need to have a great time by yourself or with others.

Funny Cloud Jokes

Is it cloudy outside because it’s raining cloud puns here. The fun never stops when you have amazing cloud puns that will always make you laugh. The rain will cease, but the joy of these cloud puns will not!

  • The teacher punished the cloud for talking so cloudly in class.
  • I could hear the phone speaking cloudly and clearly over the phone.
  • They called in the police for cloud control.
  • The cloud could not get into the room because it was clouded.
  • The clouds arranged for a loudspeaker so that everyone in the hall could hear them.
  • That cloud has been talking constantly for the past hour. That’s one cloudmouth!
  • I don’t even have the foggiest idea regarding where the cloud is.
  • When clouds use their laptops in a group, it’s called cloud computing.
  • The cloud lost all his data because he forgot to store it in iCloud.
  • I think the cloud needs to go to the doctor. He’s been feeling quite cloudsy recently.
  • The clouds are getting married tomorrow. They are on cloud nine right now.
  • The clouds were shocked because there was a cloud explosion nearby.
  • The cloud shouted at his wife. He later apologized to her by saying,” Sorry for my cloudburst!”
  • I don’t think the cloud’s political clout will help her gain a reputation among people.
  • I have been waiting for the cloud for about an hour now. Oh, for crying out cloud!
  • The cloud had only two friends. Two’s company and three’s a cloud.
  • I said to the cloud,” Do you think I am kidding?
I am cirrus.”
  • The cloud was ill. So, the doctor suggested he eat more cirrus fruits.
  • The cloud is cirrus-ly considering leaving his job.
  • The cloud boss asked his employee,” What’s the stratus of the project?”
  • The cloud had to walk to school because he mist the bus.
  • There were 3 mist calls from my cloud friend.
Cloud Puns
  • When the cloud came back from his vacation, I said to him,” Welcome back. I mist you a lot.”
  • His cloud puns were funny but the audience didn’t like them. They mist the mark.
  • The cloud king died. He had been raining on his kingdom for a long time.
  • The cloud met with an accident. It was a rainful experience.
  • The cloud gave me a present wrapped with a rainbow.
  • The cloud was very confused regarding what to do. Then he had a rainwave.
  • The clouds took a trip down memory rain at the reunion party.
  • The clouds were blocking the rain entrance.
  • The cloud’s flight was canceled at the last moment. He said,” What the hail!”
  • The cloud came back home. It was a hail of a vacation.
  • Everyone bowed down before the cloud king and said,” All hail the King!”
  • Everyone was clueless as to who stole the bag. The cloud said,” Maybe I could shed some lightning.”
  • I thanked my cloud friend for picking me up from the airport. He replied,” Snow problem. Happy to help you.”
  • The cloud was present during the meeting but he didn’t snow anything about the robbery.
  • My cloud friends are getting married at City Hail tomorrow.
  •  I asked my cloud friend,” Do you know I won a lottery?”
Snow way!”
  • The cloud was going to school when his mother said,” Are you wearing clean thunderwear?”
  • The cloud received thunderous applause for his speech.
  • Why is the cloud not coming to work?
Because it just thunderwent a critical surgery.
  • The clouds have a thunderground cabinet in their house.
  • The cloud’s views on the matter are truly enlightning.
  • He told cloud puns so that everyone could relax for a bit. I said to him,” Thank you for lightning the mood. “
  • The cloud noticed that the robbers were not following him anymore. He heaved a sky of relief.
  • One of my cloud’s favorite hobbies is sky-ing.
  • The police arrested the cloud because it was a sky.
  • “Have you spoken to the cloud?”
We Skyped last night.”
  • The cloud father said to his son,” Never give up. The sky’s the limit.”
  • Clouds’ favorite character in Star Wars is Luke Skywalker.
  • The cloud didn’t come to work because he was feeling a bit under the weather.
Cloud Puns

Cloud Jokes

Are you eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive? Well, with these cloud puns, you can feel the rainy season anytime. We guarantee you unlimited fun and laughter when you are reading these cloud puns and sharing them with others.

  • The cloud is not picking up my calls. I don’t know weather he’s home yet or not.
  • He is a rich cloud. No wonder he makes it rain at parties.
  • That cloud is my best friend. He thunderstands me better than anyone else.
  • They found a dinosaur dancing in the rain. It’s a driplodocus.
  • Before it rains candy, it sprinkles.
  • There are chickens in the clouds today. Such fowl weather!
  • The cloud went to a skyscraper nearby because he was getting an itch.
  • My cloud friend had a baby that looks like a mermaid. They named him Aerial.
  • The cloud felt like a forainer in his country.
  • They are planning to store rainwater in cloud storage.
  • That sheep has no legs. Maybe it’s a cloud.
  • My cloud friend has pet blizzards at his home.
  • The atmospheric pressure forced the cloud to leave home.
  • The bear sat under a cloud. He’s a drizzly bear.
  • The cloud hunter went into the forest and shot four raindeers.
  • Monkeys hate clouds because of the April showers.
  • The clouds got married last night. It was a mystical evening.
  • I hate my cloud friend for always throwing shade at everyone.
Cloud Puns
  • His cloud puns went over everyone’s head.
  • The cloud was confused regarding how lightning works. Then it struck him.
  • When you mix the ocean with a cloud that’s upset, you get tropical depression.
  • The cloud said,” I need some cash. I’m going to the fog bank.”
  • The cloud won the competition. His planets said,” We are so cloud of you.”
  • The cloud asked me,” Why are you listening to such cloud music?”
  • A cloud has many relatives but he loves the anticyclone.
  • The cloud went to the restaurant and said,” Can I have a glass of Mountain Dew?”
  • The cloud boss said,” Okay. We need a stratusgy for our upcoming venture. “
  • When a cloud with high pressure goes on a trip, it’s called Hiatus.
  • It was the cloud’s dream to become a stormtrooper someday.
  • The cloud didn’t get my cloud puns because it was sunny and he had a very dry sense of humor.
  • When the smog lifts over Los Angeles, UCLA happens.
  • The best part about being a toilet is that you can pee wherever you want.
  • The cloud was restless because his mind was clouded with thoughts.
  • The cloud was refused entry into the bar because he was thunderaged.
  • The cloud thought he was very cool. But everyone else thought he was smog.
  • The cloud is working hard because his bills are dew.
  • Clouds love listening to the song ‘Get Off My Cloud’ by The Rolling Stones.
  • If you want to have chicken in Cloud City, you go to Lando’s.
  • The cloud built a silver border around him because every cloud has a silver lining.
  • You think clouds are made of water. But, they are mostly made of Linux servers.
  • The cloud never thought he would have to condensate for his negligence in this way.
  • It was a cloudy day. The Asian man said,” Sun, I’m disappoint.”
  • It’s not very bright of you to wear sunglasses on a cloudy day.
  • It’s a cloudy day and it has been raining since morning. It’s irrigating.
  • Nobody knows anything about that cloud. His life is hidden in a cloud of secrecy
  • The cloud said to the cowboy,” Cloudy, partner!”
  • I gave some money to my cloud servant and said,” This inclouds your monthly wages as well.”
  • The cloud singing at the restaurant made the atmosphere so pleasant and calm.
  • The cloud asked me,” Have you seen my Airpods?”
Cloud Puns

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