100+ Cockroach Puns that Will Make Someone Laugh 

Cockroaches can be frightening and annoying to everyone. Though cockroaches are dangerous, they all play a significant role in our ecosystem. They play important roles in maintaining the perfect balance. So, these cockroaches require a lot of love, and if you’re afraid of them, we’re sure such pest puns or one-liners will help.

Funny Cockroach Puns

The following are some of our favorite Roach jokes. Nobody knows about a few roach tropics jokes (and will make you giggle out loud). 

Take your time when reading wordplay and puzzles that pose an inquiry and then provide answers, and where the structure is the zinger. We hope you enjoy these wasp pest puns enough to share them and make them smile.

  • A baby roach inquires of his father about what will happen if they are sprayed with Raid. Suffocation, no breathing, said Papa cockroach.
  • I just used axe body spray to kill a cockroach……his name is Brett, and he won’t stop talking about cross-fit.
  • What if the residing creatures spray the Raid all over us? Says Baby Roach.

Papa Roach: “Suffocation. There is no breathing.”

  • What did the highly qualified diving roach tell his captain before he was lost at sea? This is my final report of suffocation and lack of breathing.
  • While I was planning to visit my boyfriend the other night, I asked for a newspaper. I never waste money on newspapers. Utilize my MacBook Pro.” I can assure you that the cockroach had no idea what hit him.
  • If Papa Roach takes their last vacation, It’s their last resort.
  • How many roaches are required to alter a light bulb? Nobody is aware. They all scatter when it turns on.
  • Two cockroaches collide in a week-old baguette.

‘Hey, I assumed I would be the only roach around here,’ one has said to the other. ‘Where are you from?’

‘Who, me?’ says the other. I was born right here in bread.’

  • A female cockroach with a Weiner is known as what? It is a transpestite.
  • What did the cockroach have to say after a string of lousy hotel experiences? This will be my last option.
  • What is a marijuana user’s favorite bug? The Roach.
  • That’s a giant cockroach, teacher! Roach: That’s what I’ve been told, miss.
  • For the past two days, I’ve been enjoying hide and seek with just a roach. He hasn’t found me yet since this morning—what a jerk.
  • Why is something which keeps your fingers from burning on a chain called a cockroach clip? Because the potholder had already been taken.
  • Why are cockroach clips referred to as roach clips? Because potholders are already in use.
  • Everyone is courageous until The roach takes to the air.
  • As I handed Dave the doobie, I pondered, “Why is a roach clip named a cockroach clip?”Because the potholder had already been taken,” Dave gasped as he inhaled.
  • Is the elf just on the shelf? In my neighborhood, we get cockroaches on the coach.
  • What could be worse than discovering a cockroach in your food? Finding a half-roach in your food.
  • What were the cockroaches’ reactions to nuclear bombings? They had a great time.
  • Why do cockroaches fly in India and Japan? It’s a feature, not a bug, because they’re insects.
  • Cockroaches can hear through their legs, did you know? If you grab it and yell, “RUN. Before putting it down, it will flee. However, if you take its legs off and start shouting “RUN!” it’ll just sit there.
  • My mother thought she had seen a cockroach in the restaurant yesterday, so she spritzed everything down and washed it properly. I’m placing a cockroach inside the restroom today.
  • “Did you haze up the lavatory mirror again?” My wife was curious. “I don’t see myself alone doing that,” I said.
  • My boyfriend just used a shoe to kill a cockroach…He only missed it by about a foot.
  • My youngest child was starting to play in the garden the other day.

When I saw her behead a butterfly, I told her, “Just for that, you don’t get any cheese for a month.” She killed a roach in the kitchen today. “Nice try,” I said.

  • This is not a challenge to find a cockroach in your sandwich, but Showing a half roach in your half sandwich is a significant issue.
  • What do you name a cockroach who lodges a formal complaint? A report of a bug.
  • What do you name a homosexual cockroach? You still refer to it as a cockroach, but for different reasons.
  • Why does the cockroach end his relationship with his mosquito fiancée? He saw her trying to suck someone else.
  • What made the man squash the cockroach? Because he told a man, “Go ahead and kill me, coward.” You’re just jealous that when I climb her, I make her scream louder than you do.
  • When you strike a cockroach nest, what do you call it? A Raid.
  • The kitchen has three cockroaches. How do you tell which of them is the cowboy? The top of the line.
  • At an open mic night, a Hungarian roach was trying to tell terrible jokes. What are you going to do? Budapest.
  • Today, I discovered half a grub in the sandwich…… But don’t worry, half a cockroach actually ate it.
  • I recently acquired a new pet cockroach…..I hailed my pet as Comey the Homey.
  • Two cockroaches collide in a week-old baguette. ‘Hey, I assumed I would be the only roach around here,’ one has said to the other. What country are you from? ‘Who, you?’ asks the other. What did the roach say to the man who was about to murder him?
  • Please, waiter…My soup contains a cockroach. Oh no, I’m sorry, I have no clue how that one got out of the kitchen.
  • What caused the cockroach to fall off the ceiling? He had an erection.
  • It does not matter how big the roach is in their room; chicks will always scream at the top of their lungs.
  • What did the roach have to say to the man about to murder him? You’re simply envious that I can end up making your girlfriend scream louder than you.
  • Cockroaches are similar to my dreams. Everyone wants to suffocate them.
  • Have you heard the story about Bill Gates discovering a roach in his opiates? His codeine contained bugs.
  • Cockroaches have been discovered to be capable of living a nuclear death, but if swatted with a newspaper, they will die instantly. This demonstrates how toxic the press is.
  • What did the expert diving roach tell his captain before he was lost at sea? This is my final report on suffocation and lack of breathing.
  • In a story about a Father cockroach and a Mother Roach, the Mother Roach starts asking, “What happens if you start splashing with Raid Roach Spray?”SUFFOCATION. THERE IS NO BREATHING.

Cockroach Puns

Even though cockroaches can be an annoyance at this time of year, we assumed we’d have had some good times and share some of our favorite cockroach puns.

  • Yo, mum’s so poor that two different cockroaches stepped on me, and one rat attempted to rob my wallet when I came to visit her trailer.
  • I recently returned from a film carnival where we spent approximately 70 minutes observing a cockroach crawl across the screen…I couldn’t tell whether it was a cockroach or a feature.
  • I had no idea why my computer had stopped functioning until I actually opened it up and discovered some cockroaches inside…However, after some thorough debugging, I was able to get it working again.
  • What did the restaurant manager say to the guest who complained about cockroaches? “It’s a feature, not a bug.”
  • If beetles are discovered in beds, then who invented cockroaches?
  • I used to be afraid of creepy crawlies because I felt they were insects that crawled inside your ears. Imagine my surprise when I found out about cockroaches.
  • My girlfriend is such a lousy cook…Even the cockroaches place their orders.
  • After seeing a cockroach, my girlfriend sanitized the entire kitchen. I merely put one of these in the bathroom now.
  • “What did the roaches say after the nuclear attacks?”It was a blast.
  • A child notices a massive cockroach. He informs his father that a giant cockroach is in the shower room. “So wait until he finishes,” his father responds.
  • Seeing a roach on one’s bed is nothing to be alarmed about. The real issue arises when it vanishes.
  • My niece requested some cockroach puns. I hope they don’t fly right over her head.
  • I went to a cockroach restaurant; however, the service was appalling. Fly-tipping appears to be prohibited.
  • Where are roaches found if sand mites are discovered in sand and bedbugs are discovered in beds?
  • All of us are brave until we realize that cockroaches have wings.

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