55+ Best Computer Puns

Computers are devices which were designed for the ease and accuracy on can achieve by working efficiently on the.

These are the ones which have made the things simpler and less complex at the same time. Nowadays anything is incomplete without the fun elements; puns are the ones which add an element of fun. Below mentioned are some puns related to computers.  

Computer Puns

  • In the era of invention, one invention makes money for the other invention; one makes virus other antivirus to combat them.
  • What do programmers do prevent their houses from fire ? They design firewalls and inbuilt them in their houses.
  • Can you identify the thing that makes the most and quick mistakes ?  Yes you are right it’s our very own computers ironic right.
  • Guess what did I keep my hard disc name, I kept the name as dat dick, unfortunately it crashed and I said “ dat dick crashed ”.
Computer Puns
  • Intelligent people keep intelligent passwords, keep your password as incorrect anytime you enter a wrong password, the system will pop your password is incorrect.

_ These days human heart are made of stones they have a capability of converting a software to a hardware.

_ A person asked a programmer do you know where the most beautiful place on earth is, the programmer replied I only know two wheres one is the software the other is the hardware.

_ What is the favorite snack of a programmer, it’s undoubtedly Cadbury bytes.

_ What does a computer does when its girlfriend ditches it; it becomes drunk because it has a lot of screen-shots.

_ Do not keep your windows open during the winter season your computer may suffer from cold.

_ There are 1024 byte in my system, I think the reason is there are a lot number of bugs in the system. 

_ One day my servant caught hold of all the mouse of the house, I went to my computer for some work, my mouse was missing.

_ What did a murderer do to hide his crime; he threw the body on the second page of Google search.

_ One day there was news on social media that an IT personnel was admitted In the hospital and the reason for his sickness was that he mistakenly touched a FIRE WALL.

_ These day’s people admit crimes due to social media influence through instagram, Facebook and twitter etc., studies stated that the reason for this is that they do not follow.

Computer Puns

_ The best place where spiders knit their webs, it’s the websites on internet.

_ What happens when a computer goes for a vacation on a beach, all the time it surfs the internet.

_ There is one way in which a person who works on computer can become rich, if the person uses in or puts in a lot of SHIFT he can definitely be rich.

_ The only reason that the car of computer cannot last for a long time as the computer has a habit of encountering s a lot of hard drives.

_ The police asked the hacker what is your hobby and what is the thing that interest you the most, the hacker replied PHISHING.

_ Why do you think most of the programmers have high insurance rates the whole sole reason is that they are the ones who are most prone to crashing.

_ Once the teacher asked a kid how did you make yourself so efficient in computer studies, the kid replied I learned it thoroughly i.e. BIT by BIT.

_ Studies state that there are real less AC in a programmer’s house, the analysis declared that most of the programmers prefer using WINDOWS.

_ Where do usually computers go for gigs ? The prefer going to      DISC – O.

_ Why do computers don’t of girlfriends ? There are a lot of reasons, they can turn off and turn on anytime and they are more capable of crashing at anytime and anywhere.

_ Once a boss said his employee you lack inputs in work, next day the employee brought a lot of input devices to impress him.

_ The oldest apple computer i.e. a MacBook was with Adam and Eve, they just had one byte in that apple and the whole system worldwide crashed forever.

_ The only reason that the Wi-Fi and the computer got married was, they got connected and built a great connection.

_ The smell of the F5 key is quite nice I really adore it, the reason for this is that the smell is quite refreshing.

_ Why are old computers dumb than the new computer ? The only reason is the memory difference; new computers have memory greater than the old computers.

_ Can you identify the alien’s favorite key on the keyboard, it’s the SPACEBAR.

_ Identify one similarity between the shark and the computer? Both of them have MEGA BYTES.

Computer Puns

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