96+ Concrete Puns to Make You Chuckle Hard

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Funny Concrete Puns

Here is our collection of amusing jokes about concrete. There are some unheard-of jokes about concrete rebar that will make you laugh aloud. 

Take your time reading any puns or riddles where the setup or punchline is a question with answers. We hope you’ll find these jokes about concrete slabs amusing enough to share with others.

  • When hundreds of thousands of Mexicans surged at them at the Alamo, what did Daniel Boone tell Davy Crocket? Are we putting concrete today, Davey? 
  • How can an egg be dropped onto a concrete floor without it breaking? Concrete floors are notoriously difficult to crack, whichever you choose to look at them. 
  • Have you heard the story of the woman who had concrete put into her buttocks? Talk about your bottom dropping out. A hard-ass, that person.  
  • How to drop an egg on a concrete floor without breaking it, as told by a 7-year-old boy. Cracking a concrete floor is quite difficult. “you were thinking about the egg, weren’t you!” he continued. 
  • When a fish strikes concrete, what does he say? Damn!  
  • I recently fell on my face onto recently laid concrete. My mother constantly assured me that I would leave a good impression, so I wasn’t concerned. 
  • On a masonry truck, for example, Police detectives discover no conclusive evidence of the burglary of a cement shop. Suppose George W. Bush is pushed into a concrete vat. The result would be a terrible presidency.
  • What do you name a muddy puddle in the dark on a slab of chilly concrete? Sunny in Seattle today. 
  • George Bush became imprisoned in concrete. That creates a poor standard. 
  • Where do Chinese dogs dig their holes if American dogs do it to China? The flooring of slaughterhouses is never made of concrete. 
  • My icebreaker, “Are you a fallen angel, girl? Because it appears that concrete struck your face.” 
  • Why couldn’t the asphalt business be held accountable for fraud in my pick-up line? Because there was no verifiable concrete proof.
  • What’s the name of a cement foundation? A cement foundation.
  • Have you heard the story of the truck that spewed concrete all over the street? It wasn’t inevitable to occur.  
  • What was the concrete told by steel? Don’t let yourself get tense! 
  • What do you call someone who connives to defraud you on the street? CON-crete.
  • I had the idea that it could be wise to bury Donald Trump under a few tonnes of concrete, but it might elect a bad leader. 
  • I was considering burying Donald Trump under a couple of tonnes of concrete. 
  • When I passed the state jail yesterday, I noticed a dwarf in an orange jumpsuit climbing down from the concrete wall and cursing at the guards.
  • On the street today, I overheard some individuals discussing the idea of drying George W. Bush in concrete. But I believe that is a poor example of a president. 
  • What is the name of a steel stick that can be extracted from concrete? Excalibur!  
  • Two concrete blocks enter a busy bar… When one of them spots several seats close to a patch of tarmac, the other grabs him and says: Do not sit next to him, man; he is a cycle path. 
  • To build concrete, what do you put in the water? 400 or so ft.
  • I learned on the radio as I was driving home that prisoners had escaped from a prisoner transport after colliding with a concrete truck. Authorities advise keeping an eye out for seasoned criminals. 
  • A cinder brick was used to murder a man. The proof was tangible. 
  • My employment as a concrete worker ended. Simply put, it appeared to get harder and harder. 
  • Do you know what the gift-giving motif is on the 27th wedding anniversary? Concrete. 
  • The kids next door may have stepped through my freshly laid sidewalk, I believe. However, I lack any hard evidence. 
  • What tools does a criminal use? Con-crete. 
  • My friend confuses the terms asphalt and concrete. He claims that cementics is all that is needed. 
  • What is the name of a pistol built entirely of concrete? A mortar and pestle.
  • According to archaeologists, Roman cement was more durable than it is now. I need to see some hard proof. 
  • I want to be buried in wet concrete when I pass away. Thus, as time goes on, the mystery deepens. 
  • Authorities believe “Mafia” concrete was used in the construction of the Genoa bridge, which collapsed. They have discovered six more dead than were reported missing.

Concrete Puns

This result may not come as a surprise to many of us, as humor is a significant factor. If you ask your coworkers what qualities they look for in a friend or a love partner, they’ll probably mention “a sense of humor,” “someone who makes me laugh,” or “someone who laughs at my jokes,” among other things. So, let’s dig straight into it.

  • I attempted to expose the cement company’s use of subpar materials, but I was unable to gather any conclusive evidence. 
  • To the individual who took my invisibility cloak and my five-tonne concrete boots: Although you can’t run, you can hide. 
  • A man hears the residents inside a mental hospital chanting “FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN! FOURTEEN!” as he passes by. He cannot see inside the asylum yard due to the 9-foot concrete wall, but he does spot a small, waist-high hole in the wall. 
  • What aspect of skating is the most difficult? Cement. 
  • Have you heard about the man who wished to be interred beneath a slab of concrete? He was adamant.  
  • Some people have minds like concrete. Thoroughly blended and placed in place. I got this from a newspaper in Georgia.
  • A man murdered someone and made the error of carrying the body across a recently laid concrete sidewalk. He was swiftly found guilty. There was actual proof. 
  • Did you know that last week, the nearby concrete plant flooded? They are now experiencing trouble moving inventory. 
  • Here is a tale about what transpires when a grave is lined with concrete. The mystery deepens! 
  • A healthy human thigh bone is more durable than concrete, my wife informed me. Yes, I do believe you, so please put the drill away, I answered. 
  • After his wife changed her last name, an irate husband covered her car with concrete. She might drag him into court. She possessed solid proof. 
  • Please don’t wish Putin falls into a concrete vat, given the recent political unrest. A very dangerous president would result from that. 
  • A delivery truck for concrete then passed in the fast lane, followed by a contractor in his regular truck. I then explained it to the children in the backseat. Kids enquired as to their destination. I retorted, “I don’t know, but I’ll bet they’ll have a specific plan when they get there.” 
  • The moans resembled a symphony. A person plunged into wet cement. There is currently no proof as to who fell. 
  • What do you name an apple that has cement inside of it? Hardcore. 
  • What finally develops from a mobster buried in cement? A tough criminal. 
  • I ate plenty. The flavor was cement-like. 
  • The cement shop was looted, as seen on a masonry truck, but police detectives have found no hard evidence.  
  • What eats cement, yells at the moon, has four legs, and is grey? A wolf. To make it harder, I added to cement. 
  • What do you get when you cross a cement mixer with a chicken? Laying bricks.
  • My power drill company’s manager was performing so well that I gave him a promotion to the position of head of the cement mixer.
Concrete Puns

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