100+ Construction Puns That Are Out of The Roof

Would you like to construct a smile? Perhaps a few giggles if it’s a hot and sunny day that makes us all squint? You will love this set of construction puns articulated just for you at times like such. What are you waiting for? The deal is under the hammer; get it!

Funny Construction Puns

Never take construction puns for granite because although they might be boring, on the one hand, they might just be a delight for the construction workers who spend days and nights risking their lives to construct the beautiful homes we stay in. Let us all appreciate the unappreciated and construct a better day?

My boyfriend is an assistant to a construction worker and drives a steamroller. He is such a flatterer; it melts my heart.

I want to tell you this great construction pun that came to my mind the other day, but I’m still working on it.

I was taking the construction worker for granite but I feel the need to call him again because the roof might fall and cause a disaster.

I thought a lighthouse is the least of the heaviest buildings out there. 

Drills do not have any friends and are loners because they are constantly boring.

Dogs are my best companions at the construction site. They are amazing at roofing.

The construction worker needed a blueprint before starting the work, so he dipped his thumb in blue ink.

It scares me how construction workers keep saying safety comes first. Doesn’t that mean we come last?

The construction workers are tricky because they simply wood knot give us a discount on renovating our house.

It is funny how a library is supposed to be a silent place, but the construction workers were not during its construction.

“Guys, this is not a drill, you cannot screw it up,” said our boss at the construction site.

No, it’s not a drill, it’s a hammer that I’m holding, stupid.

When the construction workers were told to lighten the mood, they started digging deep enough to find a few construction puns.

I was writing a book on construction puns a while back but I’m still working on it.

No one trusts the step ladder because it totally cannot be in any way related to you, can it?

I wanted to wish my ladder a happy ladder’s day, but he escaped with another construction worker and there’s a step ladder at our home.

My step ladder isn’t really my real ladder, is he?

I was reading Stephen Cole’s novel about The Art of Construction, and I think I can build on that.

The construction workers formed a band and named themselves ‘Weapons of Mass Construction.’

He was responsible for the boring drill.

Drilling is boring.

Harish visited the murder site where the construction was happening previously to look for concrete evidence.

Construction Puns

Funny Construction Worker Puns

They constructed the Drill of Rights just in time for the construction workers.

I started working in a blanket factory after I got fired from the construction site, but it too folded.

Sarah was board at the construction site while waiting for her boyfriend.

She was board but she never touched the drilling machine.

The hammer was nailed in China.

I was offered a job at a construction site at Egypt, but it turned out to be a pyramid scheme.

The construction workers were trying really hard to make construction puns. They just needed to lay it all out.

The construction workers invested their blood, sweat, and tiers towards their work.

Ever since we buried the discarded concrete slabs deep in the ground, we call the place a cementary.

A boy got seriously injured when a stack of wood fell on top of him. I guess he only had his shelf to blame.

Harish finally used his carpentry skills to make something for himself. He was proud of himshelf.

I was an expert at stacking up cards to build a house of cards, but I figured out building a house of cards isn’t a tad good skill in construction sites.

Harish had to choose between two representatives at one time and found himself stuck. “It is my way or the highway, Harish!” said one of the instructors. Harish chose the other instructor because constructing a highway would be more beneficial for the public.

I brought a bag of hammers on my first day as a worker at the construction site, but I ended up not doing much.

Harish went to a party and decided to have fun, so he started hammering the walls loudly, causing cracks. I guess he was bringing the house down.

Harish the construction worker got his foot stuck in the door, but he was still fired from the job.

He got an odd a-drilling rush when he joined the construction site again with all his tools in his backpack.

I came up with this amazing construction pun that woodwork. I nailed it, but unfortunately no one saw it.

After working 12 hours a day at the construction site, Harish realised he lost some nuts and bolts from his company provided toolkit and feared termination.

When I refused to go to my boss’ party, he pulled the wires of my drilling machine and forced me to go.

The construction worker was given a heavy scolding for not being apt at his job. I guess they tightened his screws.

He came in front of me like a bolt out of blue and I screamed.

He came to visit me like a bolt out of blue and surprised me.

We had finally started to break the ground but came to a halt when we found out it might be dangerous to proceed in an unclaimed land.

It was difficult to burn the bridges I built, but I still cannot move on and go to the other side. Guess I shouldn’t have burnt the bridge, eh?

The nail hit the ceiling for not being able to punch anyone in the stub of the thumb lately.

The dogs in our colony have recently launched a construction service specializing in woof tops.

I had a friend who worked at the construction site and was a drill operator, but he quit just after a week because it was boring.

I accidentally screwed one piece of furniture but nailed the second one. I might be on my way to becoming a carpenter. 

When I was asked to attach the pieces of wood together, I nailed it.

The foreman yelled, “Quit plane a round!” as the carpenter was neglecting his work.

I saw a piece of wood, and it fell apart without me even touching it.

I prefer to make my own sandwich, but the subcontractor at the construction site would do just fine at the job.

I had a few construction puns up my sleeve, but they aren’t built for really good laughs.

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Construction Jokes

Aren’t these construction puns bulldozing their way into your heart already? We guessed that might be the case. But unfortunately, we cannot ensure that because of a lack of concrete evidence. Here is a funnier list of construction puns; hoping we nailed it!

There wasn’t enough concrete evidence against him.

What music do construction workers like to listen to while working?

Songs by The Carpenters.

Who is the construction worker’s favorite singer?

Sabrina Carpenter.

What did Harish say when he finally got the job as a construction worker?

“I will not screw this up.”

What did Harish say after he came back from his interview for becoming a construction worker?

“I nailed it!”

Why didn’t Harish crack the interview for becoming a construction worker?

Because he took it for granite.

Which country has the most brilliant construction?


What is the tallest building in the city?

The library for having so many stories.

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“You bulldozed your way into my heart.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“I don’t think anyone will ever be able to measure up to you.”

What did the construction worker say when he got in trouble?

“I think I screwed things up.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

I dig you.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“Wood you be my girlfriend.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“I love you loads.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“You are loads of fun.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“You alone woodwork.”

What did the construction worker say to his crush?

“You bring me a-drilling rush.”

What did the ladder say to the step ladder?

“I don’t think you are my real father.”

What are construction workers known for doing at most parties?

Raising the roof.

What are construction workers known for doing at most parties?

Bringing the house down.

Who is the richest construction worker amongst all of us?

Drill Gates.

What was the owner of Microsoft advised to implement in his offices?

To Build Gates.

What was the name of the famous construction worker who also raps?

Drill Carroll Smith.

What was the name of the famous construction worker who became the president of America?

Drill Clinton.

What was the name of the famous construction worker who was a brilliant writer?

Drilliam Shakespeare.
Construction Puns

What did the construction worker say to the newcomer on the construction site?

“These are the big machines, and this is where you will work. You know the drill.”

What is it called if a construction worker does not like someone?

An arch enemy.

What are shelfed crocodiles called?

Crocodile tiers.

Why was the construction worker fired from his workplace?

He kept straddling the fence and skipped the actual work.

What is a river under a walkway known as?

Water under the bridge.

Where does a construction worker offer his services?

Under the hammer.

Why was the construction worker fired from his workplace?

He put a house on fire and expected to be praised.

Why was the construction worker fired from his workplace?

Because he failed to strike the iron when it was hot.

Why was the construction worker fired from his workplace?

Because he failed to mend the fence.

Why was the construction worker so bored?

Because he was drilling.

Why was the construction worker excited?

Because he got an a-drilling rush.

What is an example of a terrible construction at Louisiana?

Any skyscraper that is new or anything that leans.

What is a construction worker called if he works at Subway?

A sub contractor.

What do construction workers yell after getting a job done?

“Nailed it!”

Why should dogs be considered for vacancies at the construction site?

Because they are very good at roofing.

How did Harish cut the piece of wood without using his tools?

He saw it and it fell apart.

Why was the comedian at the construction site?

He was constructing jokes and writing construction puns for his next set.

Why was the comedian at the construction site?

He was constructing some concrete construction puns.
Construction Puns

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