85+ Funny Cookie Puns that Are Sweet as Sugar

How often do cookies change your mood? It is hard to find someone who does not like cookies. Remember when the milk tasted so better with the cookies? Here are some cookie puns to make you feel better.

Cookie Puns

  • What will we get when we use a deer shaped cookie cutter? ‘Cookie doe’.
  • How to make the baby computer sad? Delete his ‘cookies’.
  • What is the name of the most preferred cookies of rich people? ‘Fortune cookies!’
  • What is the most favorite cookies of the vampires called as? ‘No-stake cookies’ 
  • Name the favorite cookies of the red head people? ‘Ginger snaps!’
  • How did the chocolate chips cookies lost all his ‘chips’? Because he fumbled a lot and that is how the cookies fumble.
  • What is the name of the love story that happens between two cookies that fell in love with the same sheet? A ‘batch’ made in heaven. 
  • Robin is one my ‘smart’ cookie, without whom I would crumble in my business.
  • The ‘nutty’ cookies are just like my father.
  • Hard to eat but easy to digest.
  • The couple always stay together like ‘cookies’ and milk. 
Cookie Puns
  • A tough ‘cookie’ like friend just like you after my father’s death has helped me a lot to be tough in the rough situations.
  • Chocolate chip cookies are on my ‘chip’ list always.
  • What stopped the ‘cookie-monster’ to make his bed at night? He was unable to find his cookie sheet!
  • Do you know why the chip cookies visit his dentist monthly? To get his ‘filling’ replaced 
  • What do you call a cookie baked with marijuana? A ‘Crook-ie’
  • ‘Frost’ cookies are my all time favorite!  
  • The winning of the cricket match was as easy as it is to take out the ‘cooky’ from the jar.
  • My expression of ‘love’ for the cookies is more than a feeling.
  • The ‘jar’ is not going to believe who stole all the cookies.
  • There are a  lot of ‘vegan’ cookie recipes for making us happy during the lockdown.
  • What is the favorite sheet of gingerbread man sleep under? A ‘cookie sheet’.
Cookie Puns
  • What is the ‘relationship’ between the cookie and waflle? The relationship of ‘mother and son’.
  • Guess what common thing both a computer and cookie share? Both have ‘chips’ inside them. 
  • What is the perfect symptom for a cookie to go to doctors? The symptom of being ‘crummy’ .
  • Do you know why Simmons got selected for the highly paid sales job? Because he was a ‘smart’ cookie , knows where to say what besides he is a great manipulator .
  • You have to be a ‘tough’ cookie to get selected for the Indian Army. 
  • The negative test for diabetes gave the old a man a feeling of cookie ‘retrieval’.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies have similar appearance of chocolate chip cookies and that is the main appearance I have ‘trust’ issues. 
  • The little child was a cute ‘cooky’.
  • Do you know why my computer is so slow nowadays? Because it has stuffed itself with ‘cookies’.
  • The graceful girl was a ‘smart’ cookie, an’
  • intelligent cheese cake an inspiring doughnut .
  • What is the favorite snacks of the little monkeys along with the milk? ‘Chocolate chimp cookies’.
Cookie Puns
  • It is really interesting that we ‘cook bacon’ and we ‘bake cookies’.
  • I brought some cookie gifts for my ‘kooky’ friend on his birthday.
  • The raisin cookies are the ‘raisin’ I still smile .
  • I brought some raisin cookies for my mother as she did a great job by ‘raisin’ me.
  • Ravi answered every questions with brilliant sharpness , this shows that he is the ‘smartest cookie’ in the jar.
  • He started his day in the office with the ‘cookie’ who had no idea of what was going on.
  • Do you know what is the name of the key that is carried by the kid skeleton at the Halloween party? ‘Coo-key’
  • The chocolate cookie felt the feeling of being ‘drunk’ in love when he was dipped in the dark melted chocolate.
  • The cookie. 
  • Guess who ate all the cookies from the jar? The ‘cookie monster’.
  • My students are the ‘chocolate chips’ to my cookies. 
  • In the ‘cookie’ of life,friends are my ‘chocolate chips’.
  • When do you need to call the repairman for your computer? When your computer does not accept anymore ‘cookies’.
Cookie Puns

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