131+ Tasty Cooking Puns and Jokes

Cooking is the skill of making food by mixing, heating, and combining ingredients in a particular way. Send some hilarious and humorous cooking jokes to your culinary expert friends to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some cooking puns.

Cooking Puns

  • What is done by an inquisitive pepper?

Get jalapeño business.

  • What is said by the pickle to his lovers?

I am sort of a big dill.

  • Why did the cops take the flavor to prison?

Because it is a salt with a harmful weapon.

  • Which actor dessert likes the most?

Robert Brownie, Jr.

  • Which country a foodie likes the most?


  • What would a flirty macaroni be called?

Mackin’ cheese.

cooking puns
  • What was said by the fruit to the vegetable?

Bitch, peas.

  • What pick up line a fruit likes the most?

 Probably it sounds bananas, but I guess you are appealing.

  • Which dessert Adele likes the most?

Jello from the other side.

  • What was said by the DJ at the feast gathering?

Lettuce turnip the beat.

  • Which book a foodie likes the most?

The lunch-back of Notre Dame.

  • What was said by the piggy to his partner?

Never go bacon my soul.

  • Which song pepper likes the most?

Spice spice baby.

  • What would a cheese be called that doesn’t belong to you?

Nacho cheese.

  • What was said by the infant corn to its mother?

Where did my pop corn go?

  • Why wasn’t it possible for the sesame seed to go away from the casino?

Because the sesame seed was on a roll.

  • What would a fake noodle be called?

An im-pasta.

cooking puns
  • Why are eggs not humorous?

Because They would crack each other up.

  • What was said by the mushroom when they didn’t allow him in the pub?

“Why not? I’m a fun-gi!” The reason why the tomato was flushing is because It noticed the salad dressing.

  • Which day of the week an egg likes the least?


  • Why are snails eaten by the French people?

Because French people hate fast food.

  • What type of nut often gets a cold?


  • How can someone make a walnut giggle?

Crack it up.

  • Why was the egg be remorseful for being an omelet?

Because the egg was not all it cracked up to be.

Cooking Jokes

  • Why shouldn’t you be involved in an offense on a farm?

Because the potatoes can see and the corn can hear.

  • Why don’t peppers like winter?

Because peppers get a little chili.

  • How can someone prepare a milkshake?

By giving it a fair scare.

  • What type of lettuce has ended the life of the most people?


  • How is goodbyes said by Italians?

Pasta la vista, dear.

  • What takes place when fruits expire?

Fruits get berried.

  • What was said by the hotdog to the bread?

It was delightful meat-ing you.

  • What is the worst opponent of potatoes?

Darth Tater.

  • Which TV show a foodie likes the most?

Breaking Bread.

  • What was said by the mom when their hotdog was dropped by her child?

It could be wurst forever.

  • What would an insane cheese be called?

Out of its rind.

  • How is affection shown by an egg?

Eggs shower each other with quiches.

  • What a spacey beverage be called?


  • How can you make lettuce so unique?

Lettuce is  just arugula vegetable.

  • What was the reason of the girl to resign from her employment at the doughnut company?

She was annoyed with the hole industry.

  • What would a group of companions you meet at a cooking academy be called?

Taste buds.

  • Which celebrity a fruit likes the most?

Melon Degeneres.

  • What was said by Taylor Swift to the melon?

Look what you made me dew.

  • What was said by the bun to the butter?

You are the butter half of me.

  • What is said by you to a herb that is never on time?

It is all about thyme.

  • What would a nice corn production be called?

Polenta to go around.

Cooking Puns

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