75+ Best Corny Music Puns and Quotes

No one can deny that music happens to be a part of our lives since a long time. Although music puns might not be your specialty, you cannot ignore their greatness. Here we have mentioned the top corny music puns that will make you burst in laughter.

Corny Music Puns and Quotes

  • I was left by my girlfriend because I was obsessed with Linkin Park.
  • Children must not be allowed to watch big band performances on television since there are lots of sax and violins.
  • Right now Beethoven has been de-composing.
  • The music composer that committed suicide did not care to leave any note.
  • The pianist went on banging his head on the keys since he had been playing by ear.
  • The favorite type of music of a golf club happens to be Swing.
  • What is common between a lawsuit and a viola? Once the case gets closed everybody becomes happy.
  • The guitar instructor got arrested for he fingered a minor.
  • Prior to getting married Jay-Z called his wife Feyonce.
  • The favorite fruit of Beethoven happened to be BA-NA-NA-NAAAAA.
  • A musician having problems is known as a trebled person.
  • The difference that exists between a bull and an orchestra is that the horns happen to be at the front of the bull while the asshole is positioned at the rear.
  • A cow capable of playing a musical instrument is called a moo-sician.
  • While dropping a piano down the mineshaft you are going to get a-flat minor.
Corny Music Puns
  • The preferred music of an avocado is Guac ‘n’ roll.
  • G, E-Flat, and C enter a bar.
  • The bartender asks them to leave by saying they don’t serve the minors.
  • The turkey was capable of winning the talent show by using his drum-sticks.
  • Chai-kovsky happens to be the composer who prefers tea the most.
  • The difference between a 14-inch pizza and a musician is the fact that the pizza will be able to feed a 4-member family.
  • The bagpipe players are known to walk while playing since they want to avoid the noise.
  • The music instructor left the keys in the piano.
  • The scales happen to be the only musical part of a snake.
  • The favorite band of a Jehovah’s Witness is The Doors.
  • The favorite game to play for a composer happens to be Haydn go seek.
Corny Music Puns
  • The burglars took the decision to rob the music store because of the lute.
  • A guitar player with no girlfriend is called homeless.
  • The difference that exists between a piano and a fish is the fact that you will not be able to tuna fish.
  • When the teacher of the guitarist told him to switch on the amplifier he gently caressed it and said that he adored it.
  • It is feasible to repair a broken tuba using a tuba glue.
  • The first thing that a musician says while working is whether you would like to have fries with that.
  • What concert is going to cost 45 cents? 50 Cent that features Nickelback.
  • It is feasible to prepare a bandstand by taking away their chairs.
  • The athlete was not able to listen to the music since the record was broken by him.
Corny Music Puns
  • An attractive woman on the arm of a  trombonist is called a tattoo.
  • A pianist who is in the habit of throwing trash everywhere is known as Litterachi.
  • A gingerbeard man whose one leg has been bitten off is called Limp Bizkit.
  • My neighbors are hearing some fantastic music irrespective of whether they love it or not.
  • A singing laptop is called a Dell.
  • Skeletons will not be able to play church music since they do not have any organ.
  • The guitarist got fired being a carpenter since he had been shredding the floor.
  • The main difference that exists between a dog and a violinist is that the dog is aware of when to pause scratching.
  • How can you prevent your violin from getting stolen? By putting it within a viola case.
  • The skeleton wished to join the band because he desired to have a trom-bone.
  • Do you like to hear a joke regarding a staccato? It is too short, never mind.
Corny Music Puns

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