59+ Best Cricket Puns and Funny Quotes

The game of cricket has become extremely popular in many parts of the world at present. It fosters team spirit and also helps to enhance stamina plus endurance. Cricket likewise improves physical fitness amongst the players, and here we have mentioned some interesting cricket puns.   

Cricket Puns and Funny Quotes

  • My buddy happens to be a cricket umpire who has retired. No finger is lifted by him right now.
  • What birds are hopeless when it comes to cricket? Ducks.
  • I was thinking the reason why the cricket ball was becoming larger and larger. Following that, it struck me.
  • For what reason do cricket grounds come with floodlights? Since bats happen to be nocturnal.
  • For what reason are cricket grounds quite cool? They are packed with fans.
  • For what reason did the cricket team quit smoking? They failed to win any of their matches.
  • My buddy was told that her new boyfriend had been a fantastic catch. Did not realize that indicated he had been the most effective fielder in the entire team.
  • How can you differentiate Cinderella and a poor cricketer? Cinderella knew when the ball ought to be left.
  • A man once visits a physician. He told that he thought that he was a cricket ball and the doctor ought to help him. The doctor said, “How’s that?” The chap answers, “Don’t you begin …”
  • The regional cricket team did not require any jab from the physician in spite of going on an unusual tour. They do not catch anything.
  • I watched a series of bugs who had been dancing on a cricket field. It had been a cricket ball.
  • Once a student was asked by his teacher regarding the number of runs which a ball can get one in cricket …? The student answered Six-Sir.
  • What are you going to get by mixing a sheep and a cricket? A sleepless night.
  • Which animal happens to be at a game of cricket at all times? A bat.
Cricket Puns
  • What is the favorite music of the crickets? Hip hop.
  • Who happens to be the most effective cricket player? Batman.
  • For what reason was their cricket game canceled by the Vampires? Since they were not able to locate their Bats!
  • I was watching the cricket while sitting in the park.
  • Following this, the cricket jumped into the eye.
  • The majority of the last evening was spent by me viewing cricket highlights.
  • Even though my eyes are somewhat sore right now, I always loved pitch illuminations.
  • Cricket players who have been involved in fixing matches will definitely give you a tough time.
  • What happens to Root when the cricket team of England loses a match? Square root.
  • What was told by the cricket captain to the apiarist?
  • Would you like to beekeeper?
  • What are you going to have when you have got a cricket bat in one of your hands and ball in the other? A fantastic game of cricket.
  • I had been playing cricket in the park in the morning with body parts. 
  • None batted a single eye lid!
  • Although a cricket team was put together by me, they did not fare very well.
  • The ball continued to squish them at all times.
  • My father texted me regarding the condition of African cricket …
  • “It was just announced that the Zimbabwe Cricket Board made an announcement that ebola has been discovered in their cricket team, although it did not cause much concern since they likewise found efielda and ebatsman …”
Cricket Puns
  • Which animal is always playing the game of cricket? A bat.
  • $80 was spent by me for taking my son to watch the cricket match today.
  • Eighty quid and it simply hopped about.
  • According to my wife, I am quite obsessed with cricket and so she is going to leave me.
  • To be honest, it has knocked me for a six.
  • What are you going to call a cricket rule enforcer without any reflection? A Vumpire.
  • I do not like to screen movies for the Grasshopper Film Ceremony.
  • Everyone’s a cricket.
  • Try to imagine you happen to be in a room packed with crickets.
  • Cricket noises.
  • In case I am holding 2 cricket balls in 2 of my hands, then what am I going to have? A genuinely fucking large cricket.
  • Have you ever heard a cricket’s sound on the last leg? … None has.
  • I am about to make an application as the subsequent cricket captain of Australia.
  • Although I have been in the habit of ball tampering for many years, I have never been caught.
  • What happens to be the sole stuff that can be heard in a hushed stadium in India? Cricket.
  • A New Zealander, a South African, a Barbadian, and an Irish person enter a pub
  • And win England’s Cricket World Cup.
  • Today in cricket …
  • The Indians depicted their connection to 7-11.
  • I drive my vehicle just like I play the game of cricket.
  • I simply hit and run.  
Cricket Puns

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