51+ Best Criminal Puns and Funny Quotes

Criminal is an individual who commits a violation or breaks the law. Share some hilarious and funny jokes about criminals with your family and buddies to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some humorous criminal puns.

Criminal Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Where is the skeleton imprisoned by you? In the bony frame designed by the ribs.
  • How was the grave robber caught by the cops?

The grave robber made an underground burial chamber.

Criminal Puns
  • How did the criminal get away from lockup? 

By the wall of prison.

_What would inmates in jail be called who start to be friendly?

Pen pals.

_The short individual who can predict the future, fled from jail was a tiny medium at large.

_What is the best advantage of a criminal?

 His lie ability.

 _The two individuals accused for drinking battery acid will be arrested quickly.

 _ A criminal arrested for the theft of a calendar got twelve months.

_Why do newcomer criminals always make bad musicians?

Because newcomer pirates don’t have the ability to hit the high seas.

_A nut known as Hazel threatened a bank saying, 

Give me all the cashew you have.”

Criminal Puns

_What would an aggressive criminal falling from a construction be called?? Condescending.

_ The walls of jail are never constructed to scale.   

_A man took a bar of soap without any permission from the corner shop. The cops said a clean getaway was made by him.

_Two criminals with the team went golfing. But the fairway wasn’t played by them.

_Police officer: Have you any idea that your car was reported taken without any permission?

Criminal: It wasn’t when I stole the car.

_Who is the greatest criminal in the sea?

Al Caprawn.

_When the criminal stepped in with a gun, the store turned into a flee shop by him.

_They made an effort to keep a locksmith in jail, but the nut bolted.   

_The only thing ancient times and the 1970’s have in common is full of individuals getting stoned.   

_Some criminals are often waiting for windows of chances.   

_Aged criminals never expire, they just take away without permission.

_While taken from a blood bank without permission, the criminal was arrested red-handed. 

_ A criminal lost his balance and collapsed and broke his arm in wet cement. He starts to be a strengthened culprit.

_What you steal is what you achieve. 

_Fruit-flavoured gelatin dessert was thrown by him at his spouse, who had him charged for keeping a congealed weapon with him.

_A clean criminal often makes an unmarked steal.   

 _Why was the snake aggressive at the gold thief? Because the snake needed his diamond which was stolen.  

_Criminals who take corn without any permission from a lawn could be accused of stalking.   

_In jail those who declared to be guilty of a criminal offense use cell phones.

_The individual was a criminal with deceitful thinking and found it difficult to think rationally.

_Those who lose their balance and collapse into the dirt have to show up and clean their crime eventually. 

_Do you know about the drug dealers being inspected by the cops? 

The drug dealers do crack.

_Being mates with criminals is a terrible idea. All of them are backstabbers.

_Name a humorous criminal?


_The third degree is a certificate for prosperous criminals.

Criminal Puns

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